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BBS Arcanyst Kara - Alplod's (Stupid) Gimmicky Ideas


What’s that? A list with a main idea of utilising Kara’s BBS as much as possible. Lots of token producers with BBS reuses - and Arcanysts are the best of token producers, especially in Vanar.

I know, the idea isn’t new, I believe I’ve seen it somewhere long time ago, but not on forums. And it’s gimmicky enough for me to have fun.

We’ve got a decent draw power with all those Trinity Wings and Circuluses…Circuli…hmmm…C-guys, lots of token producing with C-guys again, Illusionists and Firestarters, and lots of BBS reuses with Cryptos and Alcuins.

With consecutive BBS uses any illusionist left alive can easily produce several 4/3 illusions, which are out of range for most AOEs. Firestarters 3/3 rush tokens are also nice to have.

I use Alcuin mostly for BBS copying, but he’s very flexible as always, and allows for some hillarious plays. His 3/1 body is nothing to write home about, but with Owlbeast and BBS reuses it’s not too hard to have, say 5/7 Alcuin.

With this deck Circulus’ illusions also become a force to reckon with, not a dead draw. Also, your gravity wells become really sturdy.

Polarity finishers are rather rare, I mostly win by outswarming opponents, but it’s nice to have this option.

I tried to put Kindred Hunter somewhere - another token producer - but it’s hard to fit.

Any suggestions or alternatives?


zyx may work as well


Have you tried cryptographer in this? How is this deck doing on the ladder, any bad matchups?

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Not sure where to fit it. Everything else has spell synergy, btw, but not zyx.

I have cryptographer, and it works well.

About the second question - it doesn’t work too well, any other swarm is usually faster and becomes a hard matchup, since we have no AOE. Actually, it either works or don’t - I mean if you managed to get several double-buffed tokens you usually win, if not - you lose. And this win or lose depends heavily on draw. So the deck has not so much competetive value, tbh.

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I ran this a lot a couple seasons ago (used it and a swarm Zirix into Diamond…3, I think) though my version is not quite as ham on getting to proc BBS. Firestarter plus multi BBS is fantastic.

You mentioned in a reply that it doesn’t really work and it’s sad- but true for the meta.


Haha sorry I completely missed good old crypto :smiley:

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Really like this deck. Gravity well seems the least necessary, so those could be taken out for 2 meltdown and a manaforger (since you stated issue responding to faster swarm)

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Meltdown? O_o

I think smth like frostburn could be better. And proc spell synergy.


Haha, yes. I get them mixed up

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Yeah, there’s definitely a possibility to run wall Kara with a similar idea. But I never tried it, cause I don’t have most of necessary cards.

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It’s a deck I’m running focused more on getting infiltrate based/related buffs. So far it’s done me well, but I’ve only been playing it at low silver (~16) so I’m not sure how it’d fare higher in the ladder.

Here’s a vid on it in play:


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