BattleFly Aestari Spark Tournament: Hosted by LeTigress


[ Aestari Spark Tournament, September 11th: Hosted by LeTigress]

Yo Guys. LeTigress (host of Duelyst Pro League) is hosting a Duelyst Tournament on September 11th. It is targeted towards new players. Anyone can join as long as you have NOT ever reached Diamond or S-Rank. However, if you have ever reached Diamond or S-Rank, you can sign up to be a coach of a team (please see the link above and below for more information) Players that are gold rank and below are allowed to play in the tournament. However, NO LEGENDARYS are allowed. As this is to help give the new players a good experience, without facing a Kohn of Horns.

Teams: Please join the Discord Channel here to join a team. There are channels set up there, so you can show yourself as a free agent or a coach. Please follow the instructions in her discord channel

Prizes and Other: Please view the tournament page, linked at the start of the post. Please share with others. :slight_smile:

Introducing... Maelrawn

Man this is gonna be awesome i cant enter hence i reach diamond every season but i cant wait to watch this its a warm welcome and a scene in which newer players can get valuable experience !! Props to the hosts awesome work.


Oh yeah. It’s a bit rare now if not rare fully to see tournaments aimed for new players. Gonna be a good watch


Awww, too bad school is starting, Id totally coach a bit, eh, Ill prob watch.


Yeah, my Duelyst time is ded cause school :frowning:


:slight_smile: All good. The wanting is good enough