Battle pets are weak; due to when they activate (not becuase you cant control them)


Battle Pets, everyone loves to hate on 'em, but they do so for the wrong reasons.

From a design perspective, the idea of having a unit which is not controlled by a player is an interesting one. By giving them predictable movements and attack targets, it allows for players with greater understanding of positioning to anticipate targets, and govern where the battle pet’s focus will be.

So while normal units have “attacker advantage”, in that the player who controls the unit can decide where they move and attack, Battle Pets have “defender advantage”. Given that you have limited control over these units, they are given a slight buff to their base attack and health.

Now, as I said in the title, this is not why battle pets are weak. Lack of controlling them, while perceived as a weakness, is not their biggest flaw.

Buff Spells & Battle Pets

All the factions have various spells which provide an increase in attack and health of a unit, in exchange for a card spent, and a few extra crystals. Here is where the battle pets fail miserably. You simply cannot effectively use these cards with a battle pet.

Because the battle pet attacks at the start of your turn, before you have a chance to make any plays, they require that you play the spell to increase their stat line the turn before. This leads to potential blowouts by your opponent.

When you are using spells that increase a minions attack, you generally play the minion on one turn, positioning it to be close enough to the battle, but safe enough to survive to a future turn. Then on the subsequent turn, you play your spell to increase its attack, so that it becomes more effective. If you were to play your buff spell on the same turn as you play the unit, it presents a scenario where you have spent two cards and a decent amount of crystals, and put them all into a single square on the board.

Your opponent then has the opportunity to respond. Playing a removal card that is of lower cost than your minion + spell combined, gaining him both tempo (since he spends fewer crystals to remove your minion, than you spent on the minion plus buff spell combined), and card advantage (his one removal spell card, to your two cards, minion plus spell). Alternatively, your opponent can just dispel your buff effect, which negates the spells bonus, and any innate abilities your minion might have had.

Because of this, Battle Pets can never compete with regular minions. Since they always attack at the start of your turn, creating an anti-synergy with Buff Spells, which are a core component of almost every deck. Thus, the reason they are inherently weak cards, compared to any alternative choice at the same crystal cost.

Hopefully this has helped illuminate your understanding of battle pets. Allowing you to better discern if you should pick them for inclusion in your gauntlet decks. (I.E. Lots of buff spells; don’t pick battle pets! No buff spell; get that battle pet stat bonus!)


I agree that being bad with buffs is one weakness of battlepets.

Going to disagree with the other point. Lack of control is a huge weakness.

  1. Can’t move onto a mana tile like with normal minions. So not good if deck depends on 4 drops.
  2. Inefficient trading. A battle pet may have more stats but they may waste some of said stats.
  3. Attacks automatically. So they may suicide themselves. Opponents may not need to waste time attacking a battle pet, while doing other stuff like clearing your other minions or going face. They don’t slow enemies. So battle pets are not good defenders.
  4. Attacking automatically, triggering enemy minion abilities. Minions include Nimbus, Taygete, Lantern Fox and Spectral Revenant.

The last point is personally why I don’t like battle pets. It feels awful when a ‘traitor’ battle pet helps an enemy Lantern Fox for the lethal Pheonix Fire or Revenant do 10 instead of 6 damage.


Yeah he’s missing the word ‘just’ in front of ‘becuase (sic)’ in the title.


The last point makes me sad. I have died once because both of my Gors suicided into the enemy Revenant dealing 8 Damage. He attacked me with the Revenant for 6+4+4 = 14 Dmg.


Your missing the rather huge advantage of the low cost and eas of spamming them. Yes they are weak if their all you have, but it you can spam a ton or drop one or two to burn up otherwise wasted mana then they really get the job done. You have to think of them less as a means to out strategize your opponent and more as a means to add extra pressure and spoil their strategy.


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