Battle Pet overload yay


If there was a random category I’d post there all time but anyway, here’s the best thing thatever happened to me in my whole Duelyst time

This topic has no real point aside from me being overjoyed from gettingso many Battle Pet cards.
Please don’t sue me !

Off Topic but, do you think a deck made only out of Battle Pets be viable ? I don’t include spells.


No. Characters Characters


Well, I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to. Anyway, I guess I can still make one for the lolz.


Sure :smiley: You can also build heavily battle pet orientated decks that are viable (like Kujata + Rawr + Khymera+ Confluence + Razor Skirn).


Make the dream meme deck: Rampmar with battle pets and RNG or RBR deck.


Can anyone link me to a Duelyst dictionnary ? xD I never understand what people say when they use game vocab lol


No link but some rough def:
Meme deck = deck more fun focused than win focused.
Ramp deck, getting big minions earlier. For Magmar uses Kujata and Flash.
RNG = random number generation. Mentioned whenever someone mentions random effects.

No clue on RBR :sweat:. Would like to know too.

On topic, that is some amazing orb. :smile:


Thanks for the info ! <3


You like good boosters? How about my double Visionar, one being foil? yeah I knew you would


I’m jelly, I could use some more Starhorn support