Battle pet balance is pretty good ,thank you CP


Hi ladies,

Today I would like to make a positive post and thanks CP

The balance of Battle pets has been very good in Denizen of Shim’zar. Among the 19 battle pets 9 of them are played in competitive decks and 3 of them are potentially playable. Among the 11 cards related to battle pets 5 of them are played in competitive decks and 4 of them are potentially playable. Sure some are better that others but for the most part the power level is pretty flat and most importantly none of them are OP which is pretty amazing.

Why am I so surprised?

I am surprised because the battle pets mechanic is probably one of the most unique and original mechanic I have seen in a card game since a very long time. And of course anything that is new is very hard to balance, simply because you cannot compare it to anything else. How do you value the downside of not being able to control a minion? On top of that battle pets are very different from each other making them even harder to balance. I assume that CP has play tested a lot to find the right mix, and the fact that they manage to find it on their first try is very impressive.

The only flaws in the balance according to me are the ranged battle pets which are pretty bad but it concerns only 2 cards so that’s fine.

What can we learn from that?

This success is the proof that even the hardest balancing challenges can be dealt with simply by play testing a lot.

I thanks CP for investing enough time and resources to release a good quality product in terms of gameplay and balance.

Are battle pets a disappointment?

Yeah, it’s been pretty good and all but I don’t think we should that easily get over the fact how they made ranged pets so flawed. I’m sure the code could have been changed fairly easily so pets check are they in range for attacking first before they move (it would make them effectively stand still which is still better compared to what we have) and then adjust battle pets tooltip accordingly. Their design actually reminds me of Winterblade, you don’t want to use artifacts to stun enemies just as you don’t want to have your ranged minions go in to die.