Battle Pando interactions


Quick question. Can a full health Battle Pando kill on its own a Taygete by simply attacking her? It should if you think about it: 2/4 health detracted by the base attack value, 1/4 with the AOE effect triggered by Taygete’s counterattack and 1/4 with the second proc of the AOE triggered by Taygete’s recoil effect. All of this while dealing 2 damage to the rest of the enemy board. Does this actually happen?
I’d be glad to know if you found other niche applications for this card that needs, in my opinion, a tad more love.
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I think you got it right👍


I don’t think it does because Duelyst has a failsafe for infinite loops. It is why you can’t use sunriser and Kelaino for near infinite damage and healing.


I don’t think the failsafe kicks in yet. The Battle Panddo receives Taygete’s counterattack damage and effect damage more or less simultaneously, and I think Panddo triggers twice because of that. Taygete’s effect will trigger only once tho.


I think panddo receives counter attack damage first and then the effect damage. I am 99% sure it would kill Taygete.


Gogogo Sandbox Mode, test it !
(sorry, don’t have Taygete, can’t do it myself)


I’m pretty sure it does. Actually, I wonder if Panddo has to be full health. Even though he dies during the counterattack, I don’t think his death resolves immediately. So when Taygete’s effect goes off, he may still be taking damage, even when dead.


I dont think it works like that. If he dies from counter attack he doesn’t take the effect damage, does he? I think taygete would survive with1 HP.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure. You’re probably right.


He does, Lantern fox gives 2 phoenix fires too.


Thanks everyone for the Support!


I’ve heard that things don’t necessarily happen in actual play the way they do in sandbox.