BAT : Badass Argeon Tank


Hello everyone ! :grinning:
After making my Argeon Bond list i wanted to try something a bit different.
(And a bit more experimental)

So i looked at my collection and saw the potential of Dawn’s Eye.
I mean, + 4 attack and repairs all the artifacts + Arclyte Regalia.
It has to be cool, right ?
It’s a really cool card but i almost never see it on the ladder :pensive:

So i made THIS :

Secure the early game with powerfull minions then use the best minion in the game : ARGEON
Holy immolations and Dioltas are huge early game threats to take control of the board.
Then put on your artifacts to remove small minions and hit the ennemy general.
Then hit the ennemy general again and again and again and again.
Put on more artifacts, drop more Holy Immolations.
And win :sunglasses: (If you’re still alive)

If you manage to have 2 arclytes or 1 arclyte + 1 Dawn’s Eye you’ll be almost invincible.
And with 2 arclytes + 1 Dawn’s Eye you’re a walking tank dealing 10 damages, ignoring 4 damages each turn and repairing all your artifacts. Trust me, it feels awesome.

Out of 10 games (Gold/Diamond) i lost only 2 of them and i managed to have 2x Arclyte + Dawn’s Eye on me 3 times (It’s basically an autowin).
You just have to use them at the right time and to carefully replace.

Tigers are here to end the game (With BBS it’s 5 damages out of hand and Lyonar lacks of finishers)
Solarius is great to refill your hand quickly if you want to find your artifacts and/or strong minions.

So of course the deck is not (really) competitive. But it’s fun to play and my winrate is pretty good.
I did pretty well with it (Going from rank 8 to 5 losing only 1 game)
Don’t forget to adjust your replaces depending on your opponent (Keep your dispells/Tempests against Reva but replace the tempests against Lyonar for example.)

I trully think that it has some potential. Not top tier at all but decent at least.
I’m not sure about a LOT of cards in this list ( L’Kian , Dioltas , Zi’r , Solarius )
And ofc i’m very weak against “things” dealing a lot of damages in a turn (Four Winds Magi / Bloodrage mask / Swarm / Shadowdancer / and everything removing my artifacts ofc)
So don’t forget to focus on these threats first if you try this list. That’s why i have 3 tempest, 3 sun bloom and 3 tigers.

So, what do you think about it ? It’s still very experimental and it could be wayyyy better.
But more importantly : How could i improve this list ?


If you want to go even more in on the Argeon tank theme, you could try Grove Lion. I’m not sure exactly its interaction with Arcelyte, but it would only make your artifacts even harder to ping away.


Yep, i thought about it.
I could remove L’Kian or the Ironcliffe Guardians (or Z’ir )

It could really improve my survivability so i’ll definitely try it :slight_smile:


IIRC, the Forcefield and -2 damage from Regalia are pinged off at the same time.


And the card doesn’t really fit in the curve.

And after some tests i can say that it’s not very good.


i don’t know how the deck works since i havn’t played it, but the curve seems a bit high for solarius and it could be the perfect spot to put in lions. I could be wrong though so correct me if so


If we want to make the general a badass killing machine, what about using Zir’An for her sunforge lancer?
It might be sub optimal, but that would make him even stronger :slight_smile:


If im not wrong, when shimzar came out mogwai made a video testing the regalia plus dawn’s eye combo. Iirc the results were kinda good, you could try to start from that list if you want to make it competitive


I think that Argeon’s BBS is more usefull here.
And having only one heal synergy isn’t that great imo


It’s true that i don’t really end up using Solarius.
But Lions are a bit too slow imo


Thanks for the info ! I’ll take a look at his list.

Currently rank 4. Almost 3
So it’s working pretty well.


I can’t help but think Ruby Rifter would be better than Solarius. Wait, i guess it doesn’t work with Zir does it?


Grove Lion is definitely something you should try. Someone above said that Arclyte Regalia and Grove Lion dont absorb 2 hits but they were wrong. Against classes without ranged removal you can drop him behind you and practically give all your artifacts 4 durability. Definitely worth trying out if you are still playing the deck. Works extremely well late game against gigantic threats that you don’t want to trade into normally.(Spectral Revenant, Abyssal Juggernaut, etc…) Also stop Obliterate. They need to ping you first to pop forcefield before they can damage you.

I am actually running something kinda similar right now:

It has a much stronger focus on healing to stall out for your win condition. Solarius lets you pump out tons of cheap cards lategame, and help you fish for the artifact combo. Grove Lion+ Artifacts is the win condition, and Pandora is kinda alternate. Beamshock and Rock Provoker are there to help protect artifacts while you are equiping them.


What rank are you with this list ?


Ruby Rifter isn’t that good since Arclyte Regalia protects you


This started out as an expiriment but I ended up straying from the original idea pretty heavily. I haven’t tried laddering with it extensively, but I keep it for my Lyonar Quests. I have played in in rank 8-6 a a decent amount and a few games in Diamon and it preforms decently. I keep telling myself I need to add in removal but I never seem to get around to it.

The deck itself isn’t all that great, just trying to get you to try out Grove Lion