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Basically a vanar deck help thread now


Post some vanar decks.

Matron is bad. She’s too expensive, doesn’t stop ability damage, has a weak body and requires obtuse positioning. For these reasons I must make a deck with her that can win. please help.



I never played Matron before, but if I were you, I would go for a maximum ramp list with Crystal Wisp, Malicious Wisp, MDG, and Shivers to get her out as fast as possible. Even the weakest minion will be a surprise when it comes out 3 turns earlier than it should.

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well if you wanted immunity, burn faie decks like yours usually go for concealing shroud. So if you’re sticking with a faie deck, run that AND matron.
and since you’re running concealing shroud, you might as well run artifacts like snowpiercer

and since matron does not prevent artifact breakage

something that gains value without your general attacking is a good idea.



Also this is mech wanderer Kara. Could use some tips on the non mech pieces

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my suggestion for this one is simple: delete this deck. mechs are super terrible when you don’t commit to them(which is what you’re doing by having only 1 copy of each).

and when i say terrible, i mean you wont achieve anything even on a meme level. just look at replicant: are you really going to put a 2 mana 2/2 vanilla on your deck or any deck for that matter?



Mech in Wanderer seems really weird. How about running them in a Zoo Kara deck with Echo Deliverant?



Bringing out me mechazor is just a l0l. This deck just spams midrange mechs. Zor + hailstone have resulted in mechazor once in 20ish matches.

It carried me through silver :clown_face:



okay let me make it simpler for you:
you only have 4 minions that give mechazor progress
you’d need to summon z0r and hope he dies with a mechazor related card.

your chances of dropping mechazor in less than 7 turns are only slightly above winning the lottery. If you have that much good luck, then good for you. you can have your

But if you don’t, consider this:
a lot of these mech minions have non-mech counterparts that have stats that are 50% to 300% better.

take a look at canon of mechazor’s counterpart
this can singlehandedly win you games in low-level play.

This adds so much in the way of

if you want another example, then take a loot at this

this is practically a 5/4 frenzy minion. make the enemy attack again and it scales to 8/4
,and again 11/4



Well, whatever. It carried him through silver. Git gud, @cloudfrog, you, noob. You know nothing of mechs :rofl:

And you forgot about Feralu. It’s like his deck has all its stats buffed by additional 1/1. Always.

And, btw, Chassis is nowhere to be found. I guess cause it’s too slow. The deck summons triple Mechaz0rs every game at 5 mana turn, I guess. It’s THAT powerful.

Yeah, I’m being an asshole today.



It has a chasis. I didn’t import it from in game. I was at work. @cloudfrog the whole point is to be a meme of absurd levels. Winning is secondary. That said, mech wanderer is perhaps the most absurd wanderer deck available. Kara bbs + wanderer just gives it enough stats to actually pull out some wins. Omega, silver rexx deliverant wanderer and lottery mechazor make some pretty beef bodies. Not exactly top decks, but decent enough with +2/+2 to deal decent damage. 4/4 2 mana isnt complete garbage. I was thinking 2-3 replecants might be good For omega, or like mirrorim.



ah I get it now. you need the rest of the deck for the complete garbage.

my bad. I was blind. I have so much to learn :joy:



Here is a more serious deck. I call it Icebender. Does okay. A littke clunky, but its made in the vein of Hideatsu (can you tell I mained Songhai yet?). Surprisingly, Ilena BBS comes in handy to stall, since minion presence is a priority and a stunned minion is effectively nullified.

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Just got to say ice bender is already taken with my first wall deck:)
Here are the tweaks

Provoke dude - not good, place locke instead.
Crab guy, mystic - put azure herald and mali. Wisp.
Drop the minion sentinal - place yggdra instead.
Drop basilisk - ice shatter instead.
I would plqce hailstone prisom insread of primus too.
Dust dragon is nice however aspect of the mountain is better.

Ilena needs the ability to eliminate minion, think of yourself as a broomstick but with spikes, you are going in real personal and remove minions while keeping your minions in good position and in attack range.

Plus - unlike faie and kara, ilena needs the little more aggresive gameplay (not aggresive deck) - meaning you move forward and yourbackline are moving with you.
For exemple - i drop embla, ilena at a position after removing a minion, enemy general bolts out of the ring, i want to be able to have a strong minion to hit face in my front lines before embla and when they remove the minion get embla in the ring and reflection for lethal.
The overall game is quite odd, the generql is the removal and stall while the minions are the active part.
That’s why your game is on the clock.

I would also cut emp for embla once you got your razorback.

This is a deck i use to run however dumped it when i found my new love, which is embla (don’t tell locke).
This is a fairly reasonable diamond deck not more then this, however it does show the key components well.



All three Sentinels. :sweat:




Been having nice success with this bad boy. Modified version of @tm25md’s tempo faie with an tahr provoke core on top of the burn package. EMP guts your one poor matchup: ziran



This is a completely different deck.

@halcyon98 Freeblade best, dowager good 3/3 to bit removal since the ‘always expect bassalisk’ rule



People always expect Basilisk is because it is the best Vanar Sentinel. It’s a nice fit in many decks, and I would assume it was of more use than the other two Sentinels.



Bassalisk never survives. Freeblade T1 is a silverguard. And puts a minion back.

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I’m not saying they are downright useless, I’m just suggesting that instead of cramming in every card you think is good in a deck, you should settle on building around actual archetypes. Believe me, many cards in your deck are not as good as you think they are.

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How to put it nicely - you don’t seem to actually understand what you’re going to do, how do you win? What’s the gameplan? Where’s ilena? Where’s your removal? How do you position and where’s ilena in all that? How do you remove backliners?

sorry for the bluntness but this is not good, believe me.

Putting every card you think having a good impact us not that good in the overall gameplay.

Yes it is a diffrent deck, i’m not trying to show you a similer deck to yours i’m trying to show you a proper minus ilena deck.

Second - drake might be nice however in a really narrow time frame where you got board and it is not early game between the point you still not in a wincon phase.
If not in nemeton - run something else an actualy ilena card like yggdra that you can manipulate well with your bbs.