Balancing cards


I’ve been thinking long and hard about some popular and unpopular cards and thought of ways to balance them. First, buffing cards-

Mythron Wanderer

Simple buff, make it 5 mana so P1T2 Ragnora can flash it too. #Equality


A very weak card, i feel he should spawn a obelisk whenever he deals OR takes damage, also give him +1 dmg. To makes the obelisks stronger they should take no damage from enemy generals.


Make it more of a threat by changing the draw damage to 3 but keep it still balanced but make its damage -3 but its hp +2

Inner Focus

Change it back to 0 mana, it hardly sees any play anymore.

Swarmking Scarab

Give it rush, make hp -2 to balance it.

Makantor Warbeast

Because it has to deal with the more popular card, Lavaslasher, it hardly sees any play. I feel it could be brought back into the limelight by making its cost -1 and its damage +1


Due to the popularity of Makantor, lavaslaher hardly gets picked because it’s inferior. Give it +2 dmg and +1 hp and it should shine again. Maybe frenzy but i’m not too sure about that

Trinity Oath

Make it 3 mana.

Cataclysmic fault

Outshone by arid unmaking this cards deserves to be played more. If the wording was changed from centre column to centre row it would not only be better but mirror the blast keyword the Vets are all about.


You should gain 1 mana after playing him, cost changed to -1

Aymara healer

Remove dying wish and replace it with whenever this minion is removed from the board, meaning it will still trigger when transformed.

Malicious wisp

The dying wish part of the card is just bad, change it to steal another mana crystal. That way if fits the theme.

Cresent Spear

Not enough value for the mana cost, change cost to 0

All damaging Songhai spells

The damage/mana ratio for all these spells is appalling, either give each +1 dmg or make each cost 1 less.

Underlord Xor'thuul

Mhaev almost never get to play this before they lose the game because of it’s absurd requirement. Change it to 6 friendly minions dying and decrease its cost to 5.


Similar to underlord, change it to play 8 units (remove the attack limit) and make units promote by 2 mana.

Blood of Air

Competing with Vet’s large arsenal or removal such as siphon energy and entropic decay. BoA hardly sees any play. Change the mana cost to 4.

Sandswirl Reader

Same problem as BoA, can be fixed by returning ALL enemy minions to the action bar and creating sand tiles underneath.

Reaper of the 9 moons

Sick and tired of spawning alchemists and shrouds, make it only grab units that cost more then it;'s own cost


Decrease cost to 3, make it compete better with Sojourner and Mogwai, just superior cards right now.

Will add more later, now for the few nerfs i have in mind.


Should NOT have that much stat for that cost and effect, decrease health to 2.

Skyrock Golem

The most OP 2 drop around, used in every deck. I feel it could be balanced if its stats were 2/2


I am so tired of losing game after game to this poorly designed monster. So sick and tired of a Vaath flashing a serpenti right into my face and me having no counter for it. There is no counter to it! I feel the best thing to do would be to remove it entirely for now until it can be hard nerfed!.

Astral Crusader

By far the strongest legendary card, nerf it so it’s cost is the only thing to decrease when it is replaced.


Wait…thats some quality shitpost


Not sure if serious :thonk:

Wow nerfing Sirocco by nerfing Skyrock I can see where your head is at


Sirocco- Skyrock golems replaced with bloodshard golems. This will make sirocco less powerful by to removing skyrocks from summoning, which are the problem and make him overpowered.


Fighting broken with broken? I like it.


I think your buff to Aymara is not enough. I think it should be changed to “whenever an opponent plays the card”. I remind you, we have movement effects like repulsor and lure that can deal with her now.


I understand how you feel friend. I too am getting destroyed by Serpenti. :sob:

Unbeatable card.


I’d even make plasma storm 4 mana, destroy all ENEMY minion with 5 attack or less, since i feelmagmar is struggling with removal.

Lavaslasher and makantor change are ok.


I’ve got a nerf suggestion:

Ripper: Change Rebirth to Flying. It’s too opressive that you need to always kill them twice.

Also nerf Great Fortitude to 2 mana +4/+2, so it doesn’t come out as early.


Mali. Wisp steel should work like any other steal function:

Steal 1 mana crystal and another one until they got zero.
Steal their minions.
Steal their deck.
Steal their cloths.


But now P2T1 can flash it too! So let’s change it to 4 mana so P1T1 can flash it as well.


Let’s change Flash to Mythron rarity as well so it’s always in your opening hand. This is most fair to both p1 and p2.


but you cant play wanderer then !


Well obviously your hand size is extended to 9 then (Wanderer + 3 Flash), duh


And before someone points the fact that you can only have 1 Mythron card in your deck, that obviously wouldn’t apply to Flash since it would be unfair to Flash users who are already struggling


But flash doesnt stack. Make flash stack again?


hahaha you crazy?


No, I’m just Flash-y :dark_sunglasses:


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