Balance suggestions


OK i know there is gunna be alot of hate because obviously top tier decks are aggro n this hurts most classes win condition… i will love for duelyst to be a bit more creative and to see more unique games. i mean every month we get new cards to promote new design of play??? when was the last time u see someone played a flying deck??? ok here goes

  1. Nerf saberspine tiger - been saying this ever since i joined duelyst n now its even more annoying yea lots of ppl tech it at times for that win condition but to see an entire faction (vanar) devoted to use it as a win condition it gots to go either make it a 4 drop or remove rush n put another ability not grow -_-

  2. Lantern fox … yup i know im gunna get more hate on this post everyone screaming your an idiot… its 10 damage to face when combo to attack u and thats just after one lantern fox… i think bringing it to 4 mana is ok why?? turn 3 lantern fox turn 4 winds game is practically over they just heavens eclipe for spiral technique gg

  3. darkspine elemental ( well ive not really heard anything of a nerf but due to change in shadow creep i do hope yall see this to nerf nothing more said

  4. earth sister taygete - obviously most overpowered4 drop in the game that makes legendaries like red synja crylet her do 2 damage to enemies she damages around instead to make it balanced due to the fact the shimzar 5 drop summon 2 health minions i guess it can be a counter for that.

and that is my list for now…i know there will be alot of hate but let them hate i just want to see more creativity n less auto decks and for clarification maximum deck size yall can still make your 40 card decks but for control decks need a bit more room and if yall could just bump max mana to 10 that would be awesome for more combo plays but i know that aint gunna happen ppl will say its hs


No they’re not.

Neutral rush and spells that give rush need changing, not saber in particular.

It’s fine, it’s supposed to be a strong faction definining minion.[quote=“kevin2hard, post:1, topic:2750”]
darkspine elemental

You don’t even know all the cards from the expansion nor how will they affect the meta, making this suggestion at this point means nothing. Actually scratch that. The ENTIRE THREAD makes no sense considering everything is going to change, including the power levels of existing cards.[quote=“kevin2hard, post:1, topic:2750”]
earth sister taygete

Read under “Lantern Fox”


I made my points brief in case you are a troll (which you probably are, especially considering the other thread you made) so I don’t waste too much of my time in taking the bait. Whatever the case, for the love of god please learn how to make proper sentences as people will take you more seriously whether your goal is to troll or to make proper discussion. My head literally hurts from reading this thread.


Make Sunriser 3 mana 3/4 plz and thanks

1.As you said the problem lies in vanar (read Kara), it’s fine with the other factions.

2.You’re supposed to save removal for these, if you don’t or just use your sunblooms on the mana tiles you’re just asking to get rekt.

3.Please wait for the expansion, I’m pretty sure the devs have that covered.

4.Yes it is very strong, but like lantern fox, save removal for it.

Whatever you nerf there will always be decks better than others and therefore used/seen more often, also not everyone has the time nor the patience to build and play “creative decks”.


i really dont care about lantern fox to be honest its just there becuz a very good songhai deck that runs 3 of them will beat anyone with the greatest of ease. only card i care about is the tiger. as a lyonar player 90% of my losses are due to cheap tigers not talking about it being run in just vanar (obvious) and its when u have either an epic comeback board presence it appears ye u n other will always find something to criticize but the card is obviously too good i am a person who comes from yugioh just like yugioh will always have broken cards ppl predict for them to get banned and they usually doits all about balance and changing the game to make it more fun less repetitive n stale


The game is designed the way it is for a reason.

Deck - Increasing the maximum deck size would hinder the benefits of replacing cards.

Deck - Typically the game will finish well before you’ve even reached halfway through your deck.

1 - Saberspine Tigers are the bane of many players, but what you’re asking isn’t to nerf it but to create an entirely different card. The problem with them are buffing factors like Kara, not them themselves.

2 - Nothing is wrong with Lantern Fox atm, try dispel or removal cards.

3 - Darkspine elemental seems to be strong, but also seems to be meant for late game after careful prep and is useless early game. Not only that but the same dispel/removal tactic works here too.

4 - Yes, she is strong, I’ve lost games to her, but once more you should try to hold some dispel/removal cards to solve this. Barring that you can try to simply lay something with provoke down and walk your minions and General away. She isn’t any stronger than her sisters.

Finally, the most important tip I can give you is to reread your writing. If you read it over and there is a lack of flow, of grammar, people will definitely view any points you make in a negative light simply due to being frustrated with having to decipher your text. Making something easier on the eyes will allow for more levelheaded debates rather than people disregarding you.


i guess its becuz im jamaican got an accent in typing too but we all should pick sense out of nonsense nice points u made however sometimes just having removal n dispell wont cut it u wont have them all the time and even if u do u cant dispel or remove 3 other threats in and or create board presence viable to compete or avoid getting beat down light bender got 3-3 stats ok… a simple ghost lightning and attack removes it while they buff up other minions to deal face damage sets up for spiral techniques its just to slow the game a bit… with battle pets coming in we will see how things go… and as for the other guy i made this post irrespective of shimzar and changes coming into play just hoping these changes come into effect thats all


Sentences please. I honestly won’t even bother reading until you make them. It’s common courtesy.


That’s a bit funny because est. 90% of all games I lose to Lyonar is against a 3 Mana card which is way more powerful then Tiger.


“as a” isn’t the same as “against a”. DB also isn’t 3 mana.

Anyway, things you should be replying with is “tigers are pretty common in gold so it’s no wonder, it doesn’t mean they’re good, they’re just a part of all budget decks”.


I don’t get what you mean, but ok. Tiger is the only neutral Rush Minion with weak stats that dies to everything. For me he’s absolutely ok.