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Balance in the game xd


its not as bad as you think. practice solves all problems. the meta changes pretty rapidly and what was once an OP strategy is now garbage. so long as you master the basic mechanics of the game and figure out whats popular right now (and play around it) you should do fine.

it should be noted you get faction exp even if you lose. so the fact hes level 50 doesnt mean much aside hes been around for a while. (there isnt much difference between level 20 and level 50 in faction levels besides familiarity with the cards).

im only level 22 in songhai (mostly from gauntlet plays) and ive been playing since release(mainly other facitons)


how is practice gonna help me against any dude that has 10 times better cards than me huh…?


it has been proven many times that budget lists can reach S-Rank IF the player is skilled. practice improves skill (and gets you the cards you want along the way)

and if you want to play with cards you dont have, play gauntlet


This comes up like every week and the answer is always the same, a legendary isn’t necessarily better than a common or even a basic card. It’s just more complex in the way it works. You can make decks that cost ~2k spirit and rival any 12k spirit deck. The spirit value of a deck has nothing to do with it’s strength and the number of badges has nothing to do with playskill. There are guys that make Diamond/S-rank within their first 2 weeks of playing while others have been playing this game since beta and never made it out of silver.

If you lose a game, watch the replay and try to find your mistakes, then learn from them. If you can’t find them, make a topic here and link the replay, now we have that function. Don’t focus on the cards you have/don’t have, focus on how to use what you have in the most efficient way because that matters a hell of lot more.


except variax cass. that’s a hard one to budget tech against especially in silver

or maybe that’s just me because I run cass and you wanna talk about answer or die :sweat:


Well abyssian is the exception to the rule. Almost all their important keycards are legendaries so its hard to play them on budget. All other factions however can produce very potent deck even with low budget.


Practice and knowledge will help you overcome some situations, if you are willing to learn and watch your own matches back through the replay system. A bad player with a powerful card, is still a bad player. They make mistakes and when they do you need to be able to know how to punish those mistakes or what cards will help you in that situation. Just because someone has been to a high rank before doesn’t make them outright impossible to beat.

Last year, when I entered a tournament I had never been outside of Silver at that time. But I managed to take a game off my S-rank opponent by capitalising on a misplay he made (still lost 2-1 overall but that win was an achievement for me). People are prone to mistakes and misplays. Being able to recognise them through practicing and your own experiences will help with that.


The ladder system makes it so you should be playing against people who are about as good as you. The exception is people coming back after a break, people making secondary accounts, and people who just don’t play much. As someone who’s been playing for around a year, card quality matters much less in duelyst than in other games so I don’t think there’s a lot of room to make it less important. The good news is the really bad losses affect your rank the same as the really close ones.


So they are two different things at work here.

  1. If a person start playing today and played against the OP why should the person playing today be better than OP who has been playing for a month? So on that same note why should the OP be better than someone who has been playing for ten months? The OP described a scenario where he should generally lose

  2. It isn’t impossible to climb against decks stack with legendary and rares.Good knowledge of the game and deck building you can defeat better decks. This game is very skill based game.

These types of post are common the first thing you need let people understand is the person playing and not the deck is better than you.Once you understand that then you can get better.

Step 1 “I am bad at Duelyst” how do I get better? "
Step 2 "Am I making good decks?“
Step 3 " Am I positioning good” "Am I making the correct trades"
Step 4 "Do I understand the meta"
Step 5 "What minions improve my decks "
Step 6 “repeat step 2 to 5”

I don’t know why we don’t say this enough you are new at skill base game you are bad.I have seen high skill Srank players mess up ordering or no clue about certain interactions Seriously “Git Gud” is sometimes a real thing


its really not as bad as it seems, you just have to get better at the game.

it actually interested me to see how far i can go while having people using decks that are “better” then my own, so i created a new account and i wanted to see how long it will take to get into gold division.

that took me 50 wins, from bronze to gold, while using only the basic cards.

it was a pretty good experience which proves that if you can outplay your opponent, know your matchups and what to expect, you can beat people even if they have the better cards.

with a well built budget deck you should be able to make it to gold without issues, the only thing to work on from there is just your plays


That’s exactly what make the charm of this game (at least for me). I remember the first time I have won, with my starter Lyonar(omfg Lyonar !) deck versus someone who had plenty of expensive cards, just because of my play choices, that feeling, it’s was so good, I knew I’ve been hooked :slight_smile:

Still happens again, from time to time ! :slight_smile: … when a starting player kick my ass and spank my goofy newbuild deck full of legendaries and epics *cough*


The others already said it, Duelyst is very skill based. Good decks are important but only secondary to skill.

If you are looking for some guides or effective budget decks go here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides

If you want some more direct help from other players look here: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Mentors_for_New_Players


rn i faced a guy that had lvl 50 magmar, 49 lyonar and more than 4000 hours played in the game
are you telling me that i gotta win against that lol


At the beginning of the season there is a ladder reset and all people from Diamond and S-Rank get back to rank 11 and people from Gold go back to rank 19 and Silver back to Bronze. So the first days of a new season is always harder.

And yes you can beat these people if your gameplay and game knowledge is good enough. I often met people with a lot of ribbons doing crazy rookie mistakes. But for getting good you have to practice, learn from mistakes (because we all do them) and improve :slight_smile:


Im Dianond 400W and i only face 1000W enemies, feels bad man. Dw about lvs and badgets, they only show experience, not current skill. Also situatuons when someone whit less experience won someone more experiencer are common: last week i joined a tournament just to be crushed 0-2 by a mid gold tier player who was by far more focused on the game and the tournament than me. Just be confident on your skill, wining someone whit 30 badges nore than yo its really good for the ego :3


The badges and levels are intimidating, but dont pay too much attention to that, if you play well there is no reason you wouldnt be able to beat those players.


I am going to let you in on a secret about 80 % of cards in duelyst are awful including the large amount of legendary having better cards help but not to level you think.

A solid deck and good positioning/fundamental will beat most decks.Looking at ribbon, levels and cards will psyche you out. I can start new account I will reach diamond fairly easily with a decks that is mostly commons and basics


Worrying about balance is a bad idea- because balance itself is just an idea. Short of castrating every viable strategy for months on end, competitive games can’t experience balance. I like to chew out the developers for quite a few decisions, because they lead the game to at times be anticlimactic or certain cardpools lack entirely necessary tools- but if I’ve learned one thing from my MtG experience, balance is a discussion point that is a vacuous blackhole for people who’d rather complain about the game than get a better grip on it’s issues.

There are cards in Duelyst that are design-by-hand-grenade, and create a disasterous player experience- and as a player, you can either be aware of them, and arm yourself as a player to deal them; or you can blame the game. After you get around that, the game does open up quite a bit though, in terms of what can be done within the realm of viability.

Duelyst never gets easier. You’ll find yourself pulling people with 20+ ribbons through the ringer during your sessions. Get a taste for it.


I’m saying your correct ladder position is one where you’re winning 50% of your games. If you run into that guy you should try your best to win and whether or not you win you should be thinking of why the game went the way it did. Try not to worry about individual games too much tho.

Look at your overall win rate (try these if you want. I haven’t tho so ask someone who has first) and if you’re happy with it, that’s cool. If you aren’t (because it’s under 50% or you don’t like being at 50% in silver or w/e) you should probably check out guides and whatnot. Also check out the amateur melee if it fits in your schedule. It’s basically free orbs.

To get back to your question, you’re only new for a little while. Really bad losses always suck, but as you get better at the game and at deck building they become rarer. In my first season, I hit silver. After that I hit gold a few times, then I only reached silver the month shimzar came out. June and August I hit diamond and I’m happy with that. I run into players with way more ribbons than me, sometimes even tournament ribbons. But now I’m at least at a point where those games are still close.


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