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Balance, fractal replication


Thanks for the summon @alplod!

Fractal Replication sounds so awesome that every Magmar main tried (or should have tried) to make it work. And sometimes it does work exactly as you hope for. Getting 3 (buffed) Makantor Warbeasts or Elucidators or Mandrakes or Angered Okkadok or like in the hilarious video Worldcore Golems or just any buffed minion seems like to offer good value for the card.

There are some problems though with that. 6 mana is pretty expensive and at 6 mana you want to put down something really threatening and while Fractal Replication can be that it needs a board and good players always try to deny you your board. And even worse the summoned copies are exhausted (except with Rush minions), so you don’t get immediate value from it and that’s something no good player likes because this makes the card pretty slow.
Not only is it slow and expensive but often it is also a dead card because it can’t do anything on its own and that makes it hard to justify the deck slot for it.

I recommend looking at these guides. They cover everything from increasing your collection for free, to deckbuilding, to disenchanting, to great budget decks, to positioning (very important!) and whatever else you need.

And like @alplod said I offer to make replay analysis videos (or even live coaching). Just tell me what game you want me to watch because you are unsure why you lost it or because it was so totally one sided.

Stick with the game, there is a lot to learn but it is so rewarding to learn and adapt :slight_smile: Also the guys here are usually pretty fun and nice, just confused by the topic. But if they were honest they would admit that they all had problems with similar stuff. At the start so many cards seem OP till you learn how to handle them and suddenly you see their weaknesses.


Man i would love to rewatch that Worldcore Golem video, it’s truly hilarious. But i couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet. Perhaps the OP deleted it?


I’ll link it on the wiki :slight_smile:


I will state up front that I agree that Fractal is to expensive and slow for anything but meme play, but how did Drogon Vaath not get a mention here at all. It’s probably one of the most enjoyable uses of Replication.


I like how you automatically think a card is overpowered just because it beat you in a match.


Thank you @boronian . i had good laugh


Ain’t it true, tho? Flipping overpowered bloodtears, finishing me off from hand!!


BTA is really powerful though.


Bloodtear is broken though. :eyes:




First of all, what are your qualifications? Does every community member need to prove their worthyness before saying anything because I’ve never seen anyone try to prove their worthyness before they post. Also, do you really think that you have the right to tell people what they can and cannot post simply because you hold the opinion that they’re not “qualified?”

P.S. I don’t know why you feel like you need to re-open old wounds and put it in this thread. These are completely unrelated arguments and I really don’t want this to turn into some argument thread.


he is good, trust me. Not grandmaster level good, but very good nonetheless.

Other than that, your words are golden, @gamerbothd. Can’t agree more.


Thanks. I was just asking cause I didn’t know. But of course that doesn’t change the point.


Yeah! Megamogwai played them when they were still two mana and said they were worth it. At one mana, bloodtear is insane.


Im playing basicly any faction in S besides vet(because i REALY dislike fault and because obelysk randomness sucks) and vanar(because the fun stuff is so damm expensive)

I think that if you are going to give some indeph advice to new players you should be realy good at the game. So many of your posts regarding magmar have been incredible biased and not logical at all.This lets conclude that you aren,t a player who has an indeph view of the game and insted just sees things from a single perspective.That is why it concerns me that you are answering all kinds of questions with such confidence as if you have a realy deep insight on the game,eventually ending into you giving new players false informations.On this occasion you were indeed right.

To be honest im extremely annoyed by your bias,ignorance and realy stupid explanations(10 dmg for 2 cards and 6mana,THATS ALL!? :facepalm:)

I do not believe that i have the right to forbid people to post-but i do have the right to voice my opinion.

Old habits die hard-learned to keep my less friendly opinions to myself mostly.You managed to trigger me hard enough to totaly break my composure for a moment.Tryed to delete the post later on when i regained a bit of my composure because eventually i realized that posting my opinion won,t achieve much but the forum is bugged and doesn,t let you delete stuff.I still stand by my opinion but its likely true that it was a mistake to post it


developing board is rarely a priority for magmar or any class really past the 4 or 5 mana turn. it’s just more efficient to play removal or out of hand face damage every turn from 5 or 6 mana on. 25 hp goes down really fast when you get a slight tempo advantage and it’s generally a much better idea to be aiming to play makantor warbeast on 6 than holding a fractal replication which is going to be a dead card if your opponent removes your only minion worth replicating.


I do understand your frustration except that I’ve actually never given new players “in-depth advice.” My post in this thread didn’t even give advice. I just mentioned that decks rarely run fractal replication and that many cards seem broke on the surface, which you admitted was correct. So I’ve never mislead any new players about anything and I never plan to.

P.S. I looked at one of your threads about Fault and Khanum-Ka and your opinions there seemed pretty ignorant as well.

P.P.S. You should really fix your spelling.


Can we stop arguing?


I can envision a meta with less single minion power and frac rep will fit right into that. Sadly, things have not been going really well that way…


As long as certain cards still exist, that meta is unlikely to exist