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Balance, fractal replication


Hey, does anyone have any idea how to explain this card?

to bring you up to speed if you haven’t seen it:

summon two copies of a friendly minion nearby it.
6 mana. 3x allowed per deck.

I was in a lather thinking of declaiming it’s imbalance to support.

Is it secretly balanced? It’s much like songhai’s second self(which I consider also a very powerful card), of which you are only allowed to have one copy per deck, but seems far, far superior to me. Second self gives you, for 2 mana, one copy of a friendly minion that you must then pay the base mana on to again summon(but the duplicate retains all modifications).

That’s one instance of doubling your gains on getting modifications set up and running on a character(i.e. it lived through it’s weak, prebuff infancy).

Fractal replication gives you three instances of tripling your gains on getting modifications up and running.(I can’t imagine anyone running less than 2x, and struggle to see why 3x wouldn’t always be built into decks.)

Every losing game I’ve played recently against a magmar deck using this card, I’ve lost trying to live through their second use of it. With good old starhorn in action, and three copies of FR, I think it may be the strongest deck I’ve ever played against.

Why is it reasonably balanced to have decks capable of 3x FR?


Um… you can put 3 copies of any card in Duelyst (save Mythrons and Generals) into a deck.

I don’t know. I have never fought against this card before. It sounds very good, I agree, but I’d have to test it to see just how good or bad it is.


Ok you got me, it’s not often I see new shitposts but this was a entertaining read. Thanks OP.


Flash + Elucidator + Fortitude + Fractal for that Magmar W O M B O C O M B O


Already a classic to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqihH3dVKcI


Victorious is correct, it has a whole bunch of essentials to work with that all get huge returns from synergy.

good vid atheist. The music is how I felt getting dunked on by a single decent mob on the board and that card.

So there is nothing I’m missing, it’s just the best shit for magmar is better than the other races’ best shit?

Also whoops, you guys are correct about the copies. Duelyst displays “MAX copies added to deck”, which for some reason I thought meant the maximum possible amount allowed, rather than the maximum amount that I had available.

Given that, it still seems to me that it’s a far stronger card than the nearest equivalents (specifically thinking of songhai’s second self), notwithstanding identical copy numbers.


Is this real? Is this post real? Is this a real concern? This can’t be real.


that’s so funny, the mock intensity of your reactions. I wish I learned how to be funny from this tiny taste of this forum.


I can’t tell if you’re genuine or if you’re shitposting.


Without the mocking.

It is OK, no kidding. It’s so expensive that it’s hard to combo it with something the same turn, thus being too slow.

Please tell me what was copied with it and I tell you could avoid it.


In Duelyst, every card is broken good and balance is achieved by drowning players in a sea of ecstasy.
It takes some time to get used to.


Expanding brain
Fractal Replication is good
Fractal Replication is bad
Fractal Replication is bad
Fractal Replication is bad
Fractal Replication is good


Yeah was quite a win… in bronze. But yeah, I also cannot tell if you’re shit posting or if you’re actually new to the game :thonk: .


What is good about this is that most broken cards are not legendary.

That said, I encourage you to post your deck in a separate topic using bagoum.com/deckbuilder and community will help you in whatever you’re trying to achieve if you’re new and not a troll.


Please don’t be offended by the reaction. The truth is, most Diamond/S players don’t see this card at all, and thus can’t take your post seriously. Don’t be discouraged by this, many people here are ready to help if you provide your deck or at least deck idea to make it good.

Also, positioning matters much, but one should get it by own experience. Try tutorials on Duelyst wiki if you really want to get better, and after a month of play you will laugh with us on your own post.

Hope I didn’t offend you with this sentence. I’m genuinely interested in all players getting as much fun as they can from this awesome game.

I don’t know if @boronian still does replay tutoring for new players, but if they do, you can contact them, they are a very friendly person.


Anyone remember that time when Amplification gave +3 attack?


Don’t be discouraged. A lot of cards seem broken on the surface but really turn out to be pretty bad. Like fractal replication for example. If this whole post was a meme, it wasn’t that enjoyable. If this isn’t a joke and you’re seriously a new player, there are places that teach the game and certain decklists to get started, none of which run fractal replication.

But seriously if this is just a joke you need to level up your meme game. Just do a joke complaining about wanderer or a delete magmar thread. Those never get old.


Fractal is definitely one of those cards that are really flashy, and has some semi-OP combos (like 3 6/6 Mandrakes on 6 mana), but like everyone else says, it doesn’t see play because its too specific, costs too much mana, and is not reliable. As you travel through the game, you’ll soon see a lot of random OP cards in a vacuum like Fractal, which is like paying 6 mana for 2 copies of a card that could easily cost more than 6 mana total. Don’t be discouraged if you see these cards (nerf wanderer plz), and just know that there are a bunch of creative counters for stuff.

Have fun in Duelyst, and I hope you eventually own those “OP” cards that are fun to play with :slight_smile:


Pretty much the reason why it sees little play.
You need to have a minion to stick on board. Duelyst is quit fast pace and minions don’t stick for long.
You usually don’t want to target a cheap and weak minion.
(6 mana cost) / (2 minions) = 3 mana per minion.
So you generally want a target 4+ mana minion for Fractal to have value. For cheap minions, you can simply summon two cheap minions.
So you try to summon a large minion.
If the minion doesn’t stick you have no fractal target.
If the minion sticks then you are probably going to win anyway, so you don’t need Fractal.
Fractal summoned minions can’t attack on same turn (unless with rush). Doesn’t help clear the board on turn played.
For 6 mana you play the great Makantor that can help clear the board.

There are some special cases you might use fractal:

  1. Fractal + Flash + Elucidator (+GF) combo
    Late game combo. Not very reliable.
  2. Fractal + Mandrake
    If you can get Mandrake to zero cost then you can summon and play Fractal same turn giving three 6/6 minions.
    The difficulty is of course getting Mandrake to zero consistently.
  3. Fractal + Okkadok
    Okkadok gets stronger with intensify with each summon, including those from Fractal.
    If Okkadok intensifies enough it can become a cheap and scary target.

Hope you have a good idea on the usage with Fractal.
Of course if you are still convinced a card like Fractal is OP then try playing it yourself and see how often you play it. How effective is it when played? How does your opponent deal with it?
Feel free to discuss whatever you want on the Duelyst forums :slight_smile:.


we’re sorry man. it’s just very rare that we hear anyone think fractal replication is powerful, even less talk about it. It doesn’t help that you misunderstood quite a few things about duelyst either xD

It is a pretty solid card in games where both players have no intention of having the game end the game as early as 6-7 mana. that hasn’t been the most popular mindset in mid-to-top tier play in several years. who knows? maybe someone will think of a really broken combo for that card