Balance Changes suggestions


This is just my thoughts on some balance change, you might like those, or it could be stupid as hell for you. I will try my best to explain my thought process behind them.

[details=1, Kara, BBS, give a minion 1/1 and Vespyr.
]If any change is done to Kara, it’s the BBS, any buff to the faction would push Faie toward OP. The idea is to take advantage of vespyr related buff with high value neutrals.

I saw a lot of suggestions of change BBS to +1/1 all minion this turn so you can combo it with Prismatic Illusionist, but I think even with the combo, Kara deck still is very weak, I want to give it a little more power.

some possible deck building ideas:

  1. golems; drop hailstorm at 4 mana, next turn BBS+ Ice blade, you get a 6/8 flying golem, you can also give it celerity and frostburn later, golems have a lot of value stat wise, this deck would be similar to an Argeon Deck, you use high value minions with buff and back them up with some great spells.
  2. Arcanlyst; Owlbeast, Mana forger, Alcuin Loremaster, Prismatic Illusionist all have great synergy with the spells Vanar has.

[details=2, Vetruvian, Divine Spark, 4 mana, teleport your general up to 2 spaces, draw 2 cards.]I think Vetruvian have great early game and late game, this is a draw card used mid game to bridge them together. I made some modification to the original version.

If you are artifact Vet, this would be used as reposition tool.

You can also use it to reach otherwise hard to reach back lines.

Made some modification to the original version. While flying is countered by provoke, give the general flying is just way too OP, I give up on that idea.

Im still thinking about some thing for Kaleos. I’m happy with where everything else is right now.


TBH I think Kara’s BBS should stay, but effect all minions played this turn, not just ones played after you use your BBS. That way it doesn’t have anti synergy with things like Illusionist and Myriad


That Divine Spark is busted as hell. Completely invalidates Silhouette Tracer. I’d say draw 1 card, which is just enough to make up for the body that Tracer leaves.


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