Balameas modding thread :D


warning : this doesnt work for the browser client . only for the steam and desktop client

Hello , Im making this thread to post my modding stuff . modding as “just make the duelyst animations look different” .


the alternate songhai color things for backers
some devs told me that these probably arent coming , because of the big number of faction cards now . so i just made some on my own

gore horn
kaido assassin
tusk boar
scarlet viper
widow maker
heart seeker
NOTE : if you want to use these , remane them as this

kaido assassin : f2_melee
gore horn : f2_tank
tusk boar : f2_special
scarlet viper : f2_support
widow maker : f2_ranged
heartseeker : f2_caster
you need to do this , because thats how the game recognises the sprites as for which unit they belong to

blue onyxjaguar
light blue firestarter
light blue spellspark
green ancient grove
green treant

onyxjaguar : f2_onyxjaguar
ancient grove : f6_treant
mini treant : f6_minitreant
firestarter : neutral_firestarter
spellspark : neutral_spellspark

Update 2 : this one wont have any new mods , but im kinda running out of ideas , so I wanted to ask you guys for ideas . if you have any cool requests or ideas just comment them

Update 3 : sorry for not making any new color alternations , but photoshop kinda started freaking out on me and i couldnt work with it . I tried a new programm this time , hope it didnt mess up anything , here have an anubis pax :smiley:

dark blue pax

bloody mechazor
aquatic mech canon
overgrown mech helmet

Possesed Dancing blades

pax : f3_pax

helmet of mechazor : neutral_mechaz0rhelm
cannon of mechazor : neutral_mechaz0rcannon
Mechaz0r : neutral_mechaz0rsuper

Dancing blades : neutral_monsterdancingblades


ninja kaleos doge

dogehai : f2_general_skindogehai

NOTE : this will only work with the skin , so if you dont have the skin you wont see it
, but there is a way of changing the look of the units . by changing the images name and editing its p.list file . which you both find in the files . renaming the image is easy , but the p.list editing is kinda tricky . i cant make a tutorial , but ill just explain it for kaleos to look like dogehai in a few steps . and its totally legal, you wont get banned

1.install notepad++ the file named f2_general_skindogehai.plist the replace tool
4.write “f2_general_skindogehai” in the “findwhat” section
and “f2_general” in the “replacewith” section

after that rename the file “f2_general.plist” and put that file and the image of dogehai (which you should rename to f2_general) in the units folder (warning , back your files up , its easy to lose them)

Update 5 : Im not done with recolors , but I was really lazy to update the thread again . this one is going to be quite huge

poisonous woods songhai project

poisonous woods kaleos mk2
poisnous woods reva mk2
poisonous woods zendo
poisonous woods katara
poisonous woods songhai sister
poisonous woods hammon bladeseeker

“star” starfire scarab (used actual photo of a star for the colors)
lighting mage kron
Druid Kron
metal dervish

kaleos mk2 : f2_tier2general
reva mk2 : f2_altgeneraltier2
zendo : f2_grandmasterzendo
katara : f2_katara
songhai sister : f2_sister
hammon bladeseeker : f2_hammonnbladeseeker

starfire scarab : f2_starfirescarab
Kron : neutral_inquisitorkron
iron dervish : f3_irondervish

here is a tutorial that a person by the name of Vyrocious made on “how to install duelyst mods”:

thats how i found out about duelyst modding .

and here is the path where you want to put the files in if your using the steam client
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Duelyst\resources\app\src\resources\units

ps : if you have any problems installing these , pls pm/dm me :smiley: glad to help if I can


Update 1 : made a blue onyx jaguar for funnsies


These are great! How does one go about making these? I really want to reskin my lyonar minions.


Great job. Any General skin ?


i wanted to make a kaleos one too , but i lost some files and couldnt


you could do it it , with like any editor . i mostly do it with pixlr . cause its simple .
vyrocious made a tutorial for that too :


Aww, too bad. Plans for other factions ?


probably , but the color palette that i used was already there . if i do other factions it will probably just be 1 or 2 color changes


I’m fine with this :smiley:


Update 2 : added “green ancient grove” , “green minitreant” , “lightblue firestarter” and “lightblue spellspark”


Update 2 : im kinda running out of ideas , if you have any requests or good ideas just post them here :smiley:


you can always start making “redeemed” pale white/gold versions of everything abyssian


I suggest a Vanar Black/Gold reskin


Abyssian themed Healing Mystic with purple and black. It’s commonly used and just fits imo


Try some new color schemes for Vetruvian


Update 3 : only an anubis pax . more coming tomorrow


Would love to see a variant of the mechs and MECHAZ0R :>


Update 3.5 : for all the mechaz0r fans . i made some skins for some mechazor units


How do you extract the sprites?


what do you exactly mean with “extract”?