Bagoum Tier List-- End-of-Month Update (November 2016)


Updated Tier List Here


Today I’d like to announce a major update to the Bagoum Tier List. This update follows meta testing and experimentation by myself and many other top players (whose names you can find attached to decklists). Special shoutout to Zyx and tundranocaps for banging out Spell Reva’s new place in the meta!

The most exciting things to emerge in the past half-month have been three new archetypes: Midrange Reva, Spell Reva, and Control Argeon. Midrange Reva was included in the last major tier list update, and since then, I’ve become somewhat less convinced of its ability to actually set a strong win condition. However, Spell Reva and Control Argeon represent solid redefinitions of older archetypes, and I’m looking forward to seeing how both of them develop in the next half-month. Both of these archetypes deserve spots in Tier A based on the testing we’ve done as well as Kolos’ performance the other day. (I do have Kolos’ decklists from the Open, but I was asked not to release them for now, so they are not on the tier list.)

Spell Reva is an archetype you should watch for in the coming weeks-- it’s essentially a reformed version of Aggro Reva, adapted to the slower meta. While I’m still keeping these two archetypes separate for now, they will likely end up being merged in the next tier list update.

I’m both happy and sad to see the revival of Big Lilithe and Swarm Lilithe, two archetypes which I’d personally hoped wouldn’t see the light of day again. I think more experimentation needs to be done with Swarm Lilithe before I move it up (HINT: VOID STEAL), but ultimately the slower Skorn AAT meta is opening doors for both archetypes. It won’t be long before we start seeing balance threads about Revenant and DFC at this rate :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of archetypes dropped simply because they’re not seeing enough play. It’s somewhat regrettable, but such is the meta FeelsSadMan . No archetypes were removed this update, but there are some archetypes up for deletion in the next update-- most prominently Aggro Lilithe, Donald Faie Trump, Control Reva, Mech Kara, Mech Vaath, and Aggro Zirix. If you don’t want to see these archetypes removed from the tier list, you might want to start playing them!

In other news… I’m planning a community project, unrelated to Bagoum, which I’ll probably announce today or tomorrow. I wonder what it might be? Look forward to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have that feeling that these are the most popular ones not the best ones. Well it kind of makes them best but…
Like Raqyee said those lists are more “meta” than “meta”

Edit: I like that control argeon it’s like:
-Hay we put all of the aggro and midrange we could, and it was supossed to be a control deck.
-Throw that Zir goddammit
I’m not saying the deck is bad, i’m too retarded to know that, it just looks funny.


Well, the meta is about what are the most popular, the most common decks. And those decks being good is what makes them popular in the first place. My initial comment on the previous thread was about how these lists are usually really subjective without proper stats, especially when it comes to decks below tier 1, and how they define the meta more than the meta defines the lists. In essence, the whole thing is a big circlejerk, like any deck tier list. It doesn’t have anything to do with the decks being ordered by the wrong standard, but I do see your point.

Anyway, it’s still helpful stuff. People that don’t know what’s good will get a really vague idea about what is good with some solid standard decklists and more experienced people that realize things aren’t that simple won’t really care all that much.

Oh now you got me wondering. Despite me not really agreeing with the list the whole site is really well made and there was obviously lots of effort put into it so I’mma be expecting a lot.


What I ment is that those list are making popular decks even more popular and the rest is not played at all most of the time. So you can make a meta counter decks. Well, sometimes it works. But you can only counter one or two different strategies so it’s a very good idea.


I’m still not seeing Keeper Vaath here. Am I missing something? It’s easily an Average deck, if not Strong. It definitely beats out Mech Vaath, Swarm Lil, and Simcity Zirix.




I’m surprised not to see Vespyr Vanar on this list. The deck still performs pretty well in higher ranks. I’m a bit worried about the state of Vanar, not because they are too strong or too weak, but because they are not “Vanar” enough. All of these Vanar decks are just a bunch of neutrals with a select few answers thrown in.


i notice that apart from a mech deck, kara isnt on that list at all despite her wall synergy and swarm tactics. not even in the inferior category.


The best part about these tier lists is the quick click to the deck list great job :slight_smile:


you might as well rename aggro lil to “something smash plays” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Solo Vaath lists may run Keeper, but it’s hardly a list that revolves around abusing it imo. In other words, true Keeper Mag decks are so shitty that it’s actually listed on an invisible tier below Tier F, which is Tier S(hit).

On a slightly more serious note, I don’t think we should bring more attention to the fact that an authentic Keeper Mag archetype is not represented in the tier list. =p Abusing the bounties of the “Lazarus Pit” effect, and the rise of our great and glorious Makantor Jesus, should be reserved among the true believers of our Lord.


I shall not speak another word fellow acolyte. The sanctity of Lord and Saviour will not be tarnished for silence is our honor.


Keeper Vaath is so bad it’s not even worth the inferior category. Do not play it unless you enjoy abysmal win rates, pure cancer and memes.


Aggro Lilithe… now it’s just a deck nobody important used to play :frowning:


Really, some people are considered (or estimate themselves) “important” because they play some online card game ?

Damn, that may be the exact opposite, maybe even the epitome of futility :slight_smile:


About Spell Reva, you said - “Due to the flexibility of this archetype, I’ve tentatively rated it fairly high.”, but it seems that this list has bad matchups vs both Cassyva and Argeon, two of the most played and strongest decks right now… or am I missing something? It felt great vs most of the Vaaths in ranks 2-1 though.


There is a hidden conversation element here

Smash renamed himself to ‘nobodyimportant’ in game at one point :stuck_out_tongue:


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