Backstabhai viable?


Is there any backstabhai deck which will handle vs all of those aggro abbysian, controll vetruvian and combohai’s on ladder? I couldn’t find any good deck for this archetype which will get through ladder nicely (i am rank 8 at this moment) :confused: Or this archetype is just dead?


I’ve been trying it out a bit, and it can be fun, can even use Koan, and I have been winning with it, but that was when I was still Silver. And I didn’t play it that much.
So I’m sorry but I cannot say a lot about it, except that when it worked it was pretty darn good and fun, but isn’t that Always the case? :stuck_out_tongue:


the concept in general can be viable however there are honestly too many ways around. Especially against abbysian b/c they will always just play a minion behind them. Considering that they spawn minions for the cheap anyway it dones’t necessarily hurt their playsyle either. I would honestly say to not build a stabhai deck entirely but build a deck with those elements sprinkled in. For example any songhai deck I make I always include 3 Katara’s, 3 Kiling Edges, a couple silverspine seals and juxtapositions. However my deck isn’t necessarily build off me winning from that strategy.


My most successful backstab deck (took me to diamond) combos ranged minions with backstab minions. The two strategies work well together since they require entirely different positioning from their general and I run it with kaleos since positioning for both backstab and ranged minions is so important., I don’t want to always rely on having MDS or jux (juxtapositions especially are valuable and I cut MDS entirely).

In diamond it’s running into stiffer competition, but it still nets some wins. I could probably tech it better against the current meta but I haven’t gotten enough songhai quests to iron it out.

Edit: Here is the deck. It’s kinda different from normal songhai since I lack most of the popular legendaries, most notably tusk boar and spelljammer. Ancestral divination is an experiment, you could probably run sojourner in its place if you want.


Interesting to combine with ranged.

I have made a new deck just to check it out myself (I had a Songhai quest :p), and I tried to focus heavily on backstab and trying the Shadow Waltz out.

To be honest first turn 2/4 Katara plus 4/4 Gore Horn without taking any mana springs is kinda fun.

I do lack in card drawing, no question, and seeing Lightbender here… well, yes, Lightbender is just very very good…

No real observations yet, only played the 4 matches. 3 wins, and 1 loss against a Vanar Kara (Gold Rank battles).

Tried to make a pretty picture on that site but it takes forever, I probably have the wrong browser, so here’s the list:

Inner Focus x3
Juxtaposition x2
Ghost Lightning x1
Katara x3
Mist Dragon Seal x3
Mist Walking x1
Saberspine Seal x1
Shadow waltz x3
Phoenix Fire x3
xho x1
Battle Panddo x1
Gore Horn x1
Ki beholder x1
Killing Edge x3
Lantern Fox x1
Mogwai x1
Repulsor Beast x3
Twin Strike x1
Onyx jaguar x2
Scarlet Viper x3
Grandmaster Zendo x1


Blade waltz is a flaming sack of crap. One of the first new cards that I ditched. Past the first turn they’re just really really bad. The upside of its best case scenario isn’t worth the dead draw of the actual average scenario.