Backstabhai Puzzle


Here is a lethal puzzle that came up in one of my recent games. It’s not overly complicated, but it still takes some thinking. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: My general has Backstab (2).


can your general move?


Yup, this is at the beginning of my turn, just after I replaced.


Move up Kaido, hit Cassy. Inner Focus, hit her again. Move up Fox and Jammer, hit Cassy with em. Move behind Cassy with Kal, backstab for 4, summon Zendo under you, end turn.


Yup, that’s one of (3?) potential solutions. Well done.


blink the spelljammer onto the mana tile for extra sass :smiling_imp:


Backstab with general, move goat up-left, teleport spelljammer onto mana, move spelljammer up and attack, attack with goat, move backstab minion behind general and attack, inner focus and attack, play zendo. Win with +2 damage.


Inner Focus on Kaido Assassin to do 8 backstab damage is one of the most optimal plays. But since there isn’t a solution using Chakri Avatar yet:

Cast Chakri Avatar to diagonal right of Kaleos, Inner Focus it.
Blink Kaido Assassin to space below Kaleos. Cassyva teleports to space behind Kaleos.
Move Kaleos to the upper right of Cassyva. Move Kaido Assassin behind Cassyva.
Attack Cassyva with Kaleos and Spelljammer, backstab with Kaido. (10 damage)
Move Twilight Fox to lower right of Cassyva and attack, killing itself (3 damage).
Move buffed Chakri Avatar to space vacated by Twilight Fox and attack (3 damage).
Cast Grandmaster Zendo directly to the left of Cassyva.
End turn, next turn Cassyva attacks Zendo for final 4 damage or Kaido Assassin for 5 damage.


Yup, Inner Focus with Kaido Assassin is what I did, but I think it does the same damage as all the other solutions (20), unless I’m missing something, since we miss out on Kaleos’s backstab.

We don’t have enough mana for both chakri and zendo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoops, you’re right, missed the mana count!


Zendo on tile, backstab with general, jammer up right attack, fox up left, blink jammer up, fox attack, assassin backstab, inner focus assassin, backstab.

4 general + 3 jammer + 3 fox + 4 assassin + 4 assassin + 4 assassin = 22 damage


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