Backstab Mechanic


I just learned that Backstab minions not only get the Backstab damage bonus when attacking from behind but also when being attacked from behind. Now my poor Crystal Cloaker is dead and will never see his family again. Is this working as intended? If so why does it not inform me about that on that nifty explanation for Backstab that pops up when hovering over such minion? Another life unnecessarily lost due to bad intel. What is next? There were actually no spells of mass destruction in Shim’zar and we invaded that hole for nothing?


Strange, I don’t think Backstab works, or at least is supposed to, when it’s a counter attack.


Working as intended.


As far as i know, yes. It has always been like that.

Well, now you know :grinning:



Your post is very funny :slight_smile: Also, I never realised this. It seems stupid to me, but good to know that the mechanic works like this.


Always worked like that.
If someone points a knife behind you and you walk back to hit him you will get stabbed by the knife in the back.
The no damage part doesn’t apply but the extra backstab damage will apply.

Cards need to be short enough to be read in game. It’s hard to describe every case scenario on a little paragraph.
So learn cards the hard way :slight_smile:


If someone points a knife behind you and you walk back to hit him you will get stabbed by the knife in the back.

That analogy would work, except the attacker always turns to face the minion with backstab.
And the description would actually be shorter if it was intended in all combat scenarios. The stipulation “when attacking” should mean during the attacker’s turn only.


Same thing happened to me two days ago; daemonic lure a katara behind me to kill it. Such a terrible disappointment.

I honestly think the game needs standardized text formatting like MtG where specific words mean very specific things, and a small glossary of effects in the menus so you can understand exactly how the evergreen’d effects function in long-form, to avoid scenarios like these. There are a few instances of cards having similar wording but meaning slightly different things, and it has even crept into those league packs. An unfortunate affair indeed.


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