Backstab Kaleos


if u can get a massacre artist proc and then a scroll bandit to backstab, u steal two spells :hushed:


Lately Ive been tinkering with Backstab myself, but it feels kind of underwhelming. Kaido Expert looks cool, but the statline is abyssmal. Massacre Artist is awesome if you pull it off and have the board to capitalize on it. Which isn’t always the case. Also you empty out your hand so fast, if you don’t actually use your IFs and AssPro’s on Bandit. Seeing your list, this must be an issue for you too. So I added Bakezori to mine, but have not tested it enough to come to a verdict here. Also I think, it is preferable to know what Kaido Expert pulls, so I only run Scroll Bandit as a 2 drop Backstab. More testing needed.