Backstab Kaleos


What do you guys think of this deck? I’ve been having success with it so far.

basic idea is obviously abusing backstab effects, primarily kaido expert and scroll bandit. Lantern fox is great for killing the enemy general with tons of phoenix fires. Ki beholder is good for holding back strong minions as well as setting up backstabs.

Wu'jin the trickster

I think I would like to play it… but I have no Massacre Artists. Are they really worth it?


Hmmm I would recommend running it, but i wouldn’t blame you for not crafting it, it’s niche af.

Massacre artist is good in tricky situations when you can’t position all your backstabs right, its also a really good snowball card.


Kaleos is my favorite general too.

Why no flamewreath? It’s a common and amazing. Probably the most valuable card in my backstab deck.


Looks solid although the lack of zendo seems criminal, and it seems a bit low on card advantage as well as removal.

Id consider trading phoenix fire for a transform of either OBS or Painter, and I would probably cram Zendo in over ki or expert. I am also not sold on the katara/kaido package.

Here is my suggestion, allthough take it with a grain of salt as I am no songhai expert.

Gets in some of Kals usual staple powerhouse cards, and while I did not add extra draw I uped the curve.

(I assume budget was not an issue as you had spirit to burn on Massacre, but if it is your version is still quite solid, although card advantage is still an issue so Id recomend perhaps Soujner over ki or kaido, or maybe even replicant over katara)


I’d love to craft Massacre Artist, but it doesn’t feel correct to do so when I don’t have a set of Eternity Painters yet. I do currently run a Kaleos list with Kaido Expert, and it’s extremely enjoyable, although something like Battle Panddo or Ki Beholder would be a competitively better choice.


I would go -3 kaido expert +3 horned mask
I don’t feel like kaido expert is good with its stats and summon a 2 drop effect but maybe that’s just me and trust me on this, horned mask is amazing at making your minions look beffy as hell
You could also tuck in some bakezori as a draw engine, or zendo for wall lovers


So many times now I’ve seen people saying Kaido Expert isnt worth it and it still keeps popping up- I’ve come to realize something, no one is operating under the illusion that thats a good card, people just run it because watching that dazzling attack animation is more joyful than winning


I would probably add 3 Horned Mask for backstabbers and 2 Cyclone Mask as an anti wallhagging tactics.


I have discussed it previously. It has a nice effect of thinning your deck from earlygame minions. Stats are subpar, sure, but I wouldn’t give up on him completely.


I won’t argue it’s amazing, the stats leave a lot to be desired, and if you can’t trigger the effect the turn it comes out then you’re probably not gonna get to at all. But the power of playing it right into inner focus or assassination protocol (or both), can give some really swingy turns unless they have a way to counter multiple minions.

Of course, this is all just imo, different players play in different ways, make their decks differently, etc.


Updates so far: -3 Ki Beholder, -3 Katara, +3 horned mask, +3 grandmaster zendo


We need Katara back to high ass backstab potential so that Stabhai can revive as a p1t1 concede meme.


Please tell us how it goes with all those changes.


+Zendo was the best decision, because with him I can get more backstabs for free. Not so sure about Horned Mask so far, but when it works it works :sweat:


Don’t you feel Artist is too slow?


Not particularly, it is a god send when positioning your backstabs is difficult or impossible.


I just maybe doing smth wrong. Didn’t have success with ANY backstab list since 2 draw. And by no success I mean my wr is close to 0%


I’ve been having mad success with backstab recently :sweat:


I should see some of your replays. What is your IGN?