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Back to Basics and Neutrals

And I’m playing Vanar again. I know everything I said about the faction and I stand by it but I’m in gold so I said why the hell not let’s play some Vanar again It’s surprisingly not terrible and plays pretty well as long as you draw your answers.

I won against, ox, strategos, shidai arcanysts and a couple others (all equally stupid… -_-)
And yes before you ask. I was insipred by the Divine Bond deck on Boronian’s channel.

How does it play? Well it’s sort of complicated.
As the first player:
Turn one you usually want to open with Crypto or Rescue-Rx. Turn two, if you played Crypto you want to take the mana tile then warbird and play either 3 drop. If you have both, against Vet you wanna play Sworn Avenger, otherwise play Mentor. If you opened with Rescue Rex, just play Sworn Avenger and hit something.
Malicious Wisp is best played on turn 3 and then you replace your other 4 and 5 drops unless you need them for a specific match up like Lightbender for Arcanysts or Skorn against swarm. Soon you should be able to follow up with EMP or Frostburn. If you have Sister and you’re playing against sth annoying like Saaj, you can play EMP outside his range and then sister it in their face.
If you don’t have Wisp on turn 3 and you don’t have a draw engine, just forget about it honestly… Unless you need it for a certain match up like Fault, it’s not worth it because you wanna play on curve as much as you can.
You have Kron for those juicy corner provokes and Letigress is a good removal tool coupled with warbird and sister. If you play against something stupid like Eggs, get Wisp asap so you can Frostburn or EMP. Keep Hailstone as well because they have flash reincarnation and you never know you might have to face a khymera on turn fucking 2.

As the second player:
Early game you wanna open with a 3 drop preferably Sworn Avenger. If you don’t have it Mentor is good too; make sure you put them on the first coloumn outside of reach. If you don’t have either, you can either play Sister or Rex Aggressively on the mana tile or you can just say fuck it and hailstone their turn one play but I don’t recommend it.
Turn two you want to wisp, next to your 3 drop on the first column and from there the game plan is similar. Replace 4 and 5 drops and play EMP.

Important notes:

  1. Play on curve. Don’t keep stupid 2 drops unless you actually have a plan on how to use them. Like if it’s some Aggro bullshit you can keep Rex, or if you wanna Sister EMP you can keep it, otherwise replace them.
  2. If you don’t get turn 1 play, just concede. You should know since you’re already playing on wheelchair with this deck so if you get unlucky as well it’s probably a loss. Don’t bother.
  3. You wanna target their draw engines and don’t play Spelljammer early unless you really have no other 4 drops. You have to realize that their deck will probably beat yours if both players get to vomit their deck on the board every turn because their deck is probably better and doesn’t HAVE to play on curve like yours does so yeah do that. Especially against SongHai.
  4. Don’t be too greedy with Wisp. You usually only need to play one per game unless you really have to deny them Mana like when you’re playing against Fault or some other broken deck.
  5. Don’t be too greedy wih anything. Like you know you don’t need multiple Mentors or anything like that either. One of each and play on curve as I’ve said multple times.

I know you all love your stats so here you go.
Diamond approved.


Nice midrange deck. @epicflygon is probably crying in joy somewhere.

I question a couple of choices though, but if it works for you and you don’t ask for advice, than I’m glad for you actually finding the deck that you love.


Thank you. I’m open to advice.
The deck I love will always be Vespyrs but this worked well and I enjoyed my time in gold with it so yeah…

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OK, then.

Rescue-RX is a weird choice. I love lategame focused decks as much as you do and I played the card in several lists thinking of it as the best neutral healing option, but it is not. Yeah, it is 5 healing on a 2/4 body for 2 mana, however:

  1. A 2 drop that can’t move to manatile for early ramp is a waste.
  2. It is basically equivalent to no board presence while it’s building.
  3. It won’t heal you in emergency situations.

All in all, I largely prefer Azure Herald and/or Healing Mystic as a neutral healing option. At least, they do their thing immediately.

As you state you’re playing on curve, SpellJammer is IMO the worst possible drawing option for you. Let’s start with the assumption that you rarely need draw at all. And why would you need draw which also helps aggro and combo decks vomit their cards? I would probably skip draw altogether in your list, or, if you insist, use some kind of asymmetric draw/card advantage options like Sister L’kian, Sojourner or Endless Hunt. And you also already have Mentor for card advantage, this may be enough.

Other cards you use seem to be solid standalone cards which need no synergy to work, one can’t make a bad deck of such cards. The only problem I see is playing from behind. Maybe some Dancing Blades or Sunset Paragon could be useful.


I thought abiut sunset paragon. It comes in handy especially against wanderer.
You’re right about SpellJammer, I rarely ever played it until I was already at 8-9 Mana and winning anyways.

I disagree with you on Rex. I think it’s a powerful card if you have enough 3 drops in hand.
In my case, Sworn Avenger, Mentor and 2 drop + Hailstone or Crypto + Warbird are all solid turn two plays so personally I don’t mind it.
Rex, Skorn and Sworn Avenger have very nice synergy as well because you can play Rex, second turn Avenger and hit as many things with your face as you like to buff the Avenger and get the healing back when you need it. With Herald that wouldn’t be an option. Opening with herald means you’re not getting full value and playing it later means you are losing a card which I’m trying to avoid.

Overall I think I would maybe add some Cryogenesis and Vespyrs. Maybe Moose? or some Chasers? not sure. I’m not a big fan of Cryo but it’s unfortunately Vanar’s only answer to cards like Bloodtide Priestess and such.

Another thing I would add is probably Basilisk. As I said the deck relies a lot on its 3 drops so…


I’m not a Vanar expert. IMO, you suggest pretty good additions, but I may be wrong. Basilisk in particular is a damn powerful 3 mana play.

As another option to consider, I could suggest Luminous. It is not a removal option, but also a pretty good standalone card even without any synergy, and you do have synergy of Luminous + Skorn as a very powerful 9 mana finisher.

P.S. Speaking of Vanar decks. Here we have as much as 12 Vanar cards only 6 of them being minions. The usual state of Vanar :confused:


This deck is good!

However - since you are dependant on bodies almost solely to get your steamroll going (either for lasting effect or opening Gambit) you are vulnerable to control decks/ramp decks.

Thank God we don’t have too many of them around.
I would suggest throwing away a healing and even avenger and replace them with a swift boom spells (luminous, aspect of the mountain, ego etc…)

In order to create a quick finish or getting a quick board/body after a removal or transformation hits.


Vanar’s spell pool is the reason I don’t care about 2 drops.


Made some updates to the deck.
As alplod mentioned SpellJammer had no place in the deck so I got rid of it instead adding 2 Sunset Paragon as tech against Wanderer and one more Lightbender because the card is just too good.

So far so good. I’m currently diamond 3 though it was a bumpy road. (mostly due to personal misplays)
I’m gonna try to get S-Rank with the deck hopefully by the end of the week.


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Midrange Hybrid Vanar.
S-Rank approved.
Added to duelspot: duelspot.com/deck/avenging-apprentice-s-rank-approved


Silver player here. Somehow got matched against atrestia who was playing this deck.
I got rekted


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