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First time poster here for Duelyst :smiley: I already love this game and spend probably 95% of my game time just watching games in all ranks, and the community seems super cool and helpful already. I’m curious what people think about some of these changes. I think they would definitely change up the meta, but only slightly. Definitely wouldn’t want a pendulum effect. Tell me what you think!

The fast paced meta - I think an easy and relatively fair step to slowing down the meta might be to just increase the generals’ health to 30, allowing maybe the slower builds to have slightly more time to ramp up.

Provoke’s effectiveness - I love the idea of this ability, and it’s clearly one of the best creature abilities you could have. I feel like the root on it is just a hair too devastating, though. I think an interesting change to provoke would be to allow 1 square movement within the provoke monster’s range. If you’re in range of 2 monsters with provoke, the square you’re moving to would have to stay within BOTH of their ranges and so on.

SpellJammer - Change the effect to “ANY player using their bloodborn skill draws a card.” I feel like this is an acceptable reduction to the card’s early game effectiveness without completely altering the essence of the ability.


If you want to slow down the meta or change it in any way, doing drastic changes to the game design like altering general’s HP is the last thing you want to do as doing that not only changes the meta but the game itself in a very major way. Adding more healing, which actually did happen recently or fixing problematic cards is way a more elegant solution.

Provoke is fine. There is plenty of ways to deal with it and there is only one faction that has access to really strong provoke minion, and that faction is far from being considered too strong due to it. Seeing how fast paced is the meta, I’m really curious why you find provoke to be too strong as it’s one of the answers to it.

Spelljammer is a bit over the edge, I agree. But I’d find another way to change it or alternatively slightly buff the other draw cards so they can compete with it.

Anyway, before making suggestions for rebalances and redesigns it’s usually a good idea to explain yourself. Saying stuff like “provoke is clearly one of the best abilities” and not saying anything at all when it comes to Spelljammer isn’t really that. In order to fix a problem one needs to properly identify it after all :ghost:


Agree with most of what you’ve said, but I don’t think the change in general’s HP is that much of a upheaval to the game.

There are other “small” tweaks on the fundamentals of the game mechanics that would drastically change the game. Examples would be altering generals’ attack damage, changing the number of cards draw per turn (which CPG has done before), or the movement range of units. However, changing generals’ Max HP has little effect to the game other than allowing general’s to endure a few more Healing Mystic punches. It’s not like the increase of health total would have any direct effect to the combat other than that the average games would last longer.

True that to cope with the fast meta, adding more heals to the game is a better fix better than changing the generals’ life total. However, the 30-health change is actually a viable solution IMO.


Thanks for your response Raqyee :slight_smile:

The general health was just the best idea I had to slow the meta as fairly as possible between all decks.

Provoke is fairly prevalent in what I’m seeing, though yes, Lyonar definitely dominates in that category. I don’t see provoke being problematic, I just think it would add an interesting mechanic to give at least SOME maneuverability to the units affected by it.

Spelljammer seems to be a fairly hot topic from what I’m seeing in the forums. I just thought it would be an interesting idea to slow the card gain rate down a bit without gimping the stats.

Edit: Also, my concern with adding heals specifically to the game, is a possible pendulum overbuffing Zir’an decks.


Agree to disagree then. Generals having 25 hp is the specific core design decision they made when making the game and permanently increasing it just because the meta is slightly too fast makes absolutely zero sense in my book.

I wasn’t playing the game during 2 draw time, but from my understanding it was done to support the implementation of BBS and to add more diversity to the game as lots of cards simply weren’t played due to how the drawing worked and it severely limited their design space (correct me if I’m wrong). It was a drastic change done for a very good reason. Meta being slightly too fast definitely isn’t that.

Why would it be interesting? Because it would be more complicated? Currently It’s nice, clean and simple mechanic, which despite all that still isn’t always easy to utilize and one needs to know how to position properly in order to get maximum usage out of it.

She could certainly use some buffs. There is already plenty of quality cards that provide healing in the game, adding more should make no big difference. Ziran deck’s strenght is based on cards that synergy with healing more than the healing cars themselves, and as long as those are kept in line it will be fine. At the moment, those synergy cards aren’t even considering that good and argeon is basically strictly better lyonar general.


That’s a good point. I still like my general and spelljammer as possible changes though XD


Well it would be weird not to like your own ideas so go ahead XD


She really could. She and Sajj are my favorites to watch.


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Your thoughts?


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