Azure horn shaman is problem



i play vs this card 4 or 5 times and every time it wins enemy the game like if i kill shaman enemy minions get buff and if i dont kill it enemy kills it and than his minions also get buff and enemy minions having 4 more hp (even if only 2) makes the game rly hard to win because 4 hp is a LOT like i try to use shroud to dispell shaman before it can buff enemy minions but then after in the game enemy puts some other big minion that i cant dispell and i still lose its obvius shaman is a problem and needs nerf and my idea for nerf is to make it give 2 hp buff (and not 4) or make it give 4 hp buff but only to 1 enemy (and not more then 1) if i can chose i want card remove from game but i know that cant happen haha xD

sorry for my bad eng i know its bad but i still want to make a post so this problem card gets fix
thanks ^^

also PS:why is shroud 1/1 ?

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Can we remove vanars free damage shot
  1. To answer your PS: Because neutral dispell is very strong, and the nerf from 2/2 to 1/1 isn’t that big of a deal, since you rarely play Shroud for its body anyways.

To answer the rest: You either kill the other minions first or kill Shaman away from them. Its all about positioning. Provokes can help. Shamn really isn’t a problem like at all. It’s a playable 2 drop, and not entirely bad, but nothing more.


It’s not that bad. It’s a 2 drop that requires other friendly minions to be nearby to gain value. it doesn’t have immediate board presence and it’s not like you’re going to be buffing it.

That being said, I’ve always felt like +4 health is just a wee bit too much. +3 feels much more manageable.


Shaman really isn’t seen as a problem in the higher ranks. In fact it’s barely played at all. I won’t get into why, but if you want to see for yourself i would recommend crafting 3 and running them. You’ll see how often their effect wins you the game.


To be honest I’m not sure what to say, never thought I’d see anyone complain about this as no one ever uses it. I guess all I can tell you is to use it and you will see how effective it is (or isn’t) and if you still find it to be really strong, then good for you, continue using it, because no one else does.


The Azure Horn Shaman is all about positioning. So the best way to counter it is to have ways to change where it is standing before you destroy it.

Depending on what classes you play, there are some cards you could consider:


  • Magnetize - “Pull Any Minion to the space in front of your general”

This will allow you to move the shaman away from the other minions, allowing you to kill it efficiently and prevent its dying wish buffs from occurring.


  • Juxtaposition - “Switch position between any two minions”

Same idea as with Lyonar, move the shaman away from his buddies, then attack it.


  • Daemonic Lure - " Deal 1 damage to an enemy minon and teleport it to any space on the battlefield"

Also a positioning spell, which can adjust your enemy minions locations, to prevent the bonus health from being applied.


  • Mesmerize - “Teleport an enemy minion or General one space”
  • Hearth-Sister - “Opening Gambit: Switch Positions with any other minion.”

Here we can slide the shaman out of range, and cleanly remove it.

Any Factions

  • Repulsor Beast - “Opening Gambit: Push a nearby enemy minion to any space.”
  • Ghost Lynx - “Opening Gambit: Teleport a nearby minion to a random space”

Ghost Lynx is more risky, but if you need a 2-cost minion instead of a 3 cost, it might be the better card for your deck, after looking at your curve.

And if all else fails, and the Azure Horn Shaman has already triggered before you draw any of your repositioning spells/minions, we can rely on the Trusty Lightbender. (Opening Gambit: Dispel ALL spaces around it.) By placing the Lightbender in the spot where the Azure Horn Shaman was located when it died, it will dispel all the +4 health buffs that were given out by the Shaman.

I hope these card ideas will help you modify your decks to counter the pesky Azure Horn Shaman.


wow, this is the first time i’ve seen a complaint about this card lol. as others have said, just kill all the things around it or move it with repulsors or other displacement and the card becomes useless


I’ve gotten pretty salty over this card before, that was until I realized it was a 1/4 body (Almost impossible to kill on your own terms when using it) and is super vulnerable to every single position-changing/dispell/AOE that ever existed.