AWESOME gauntlet 12-0 deck


Just finished my abby deck with AWESOME cards. Usually i play as Lyonar, Vanar, Vetruvian. But last time i played as Reva and did 12-0, now as Abby i was lucky to draft GrandMaster Variax. and also 12-0.
the deck:

Best cards in the deck:

  • Cryptographer, very good 1-drop
  • Nightsorrow Assasin, very helpful against vet as it kills Obelysks, also was good against reva since it can kill 1/1 ranged minions
  • Lure, obviusly it’s incredible card
  • Furosa, it’s 1 drop that can eat removals
  • Variax, the card won me couple games

Bad cards that seems good:

  • Dust Wailer, i never used this card in this run
  • Klaxon, almost not used and too expensive for this deck


Really Ramsay you are the point where you make a post after a 12-0 run ? I thought you were above that ;).

Anyways very good deck, but nothing special obv variax is insane in gauntlet.


Yeah it’s insane card, after this gauntlet, i decided to make deck around variax.


yeah, it indeed is AWESOME!


I didn’t realize how AWESOMELY powerful Variax is in Gauntlet! She makes Pandora look like Swamp Entangler!


tl;dr Abyssian rules Gauntlet. Nothing new here.


Only if you have AWESOME card, i think Reva and Lyonar is better, since they have very good cards in common and rare


No, Abyssian has always been good. Blood Moon Priestess completely makes or breaks games, and Lure is one of the most useful cheap soft removals. You also got Puppydragon which synergies hilariously well, and Dancing Blades which everyone forgets to play around. If you had Shadowdancer, you would almost literally have the best possible Arena Abyssian deck there is.


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