AWESOME Bloodborn spells


Hello! I’m new here, so I hope you can help me. Is actually possible to other factions than Abyssian to have an AWESOME bloodborn spell? Can the Mirage Master copy the Grandmaster Variax’s opening gambit? (I never used any of them so I don’t know if the Mirage Master can activate opening gambit)

PD: Sorry for my english.


Nah Mirage Master cant copy opening gambits, but vanar can do something along the lines of it, however i dont know if the opening gambit makes them awesome


It does, but it will replace your Vanar BBS with the Lillithe AWESOME BBS due to it being the default setting.


It give you Lilithe’s awesome BBS.


Thats cool, i wonder if they will ever add a custom version for each faction as a sort of easter egg


Nah man, I doubt they even thought this would ever happen. The amount of specific combos/luck needed is just too much to be even considered possoble.


Would still be a fun easter egg. I mean, just imagine aweome warbird- avalanche on the enemy generals column. And awesome kinetic surge - every minion you summon this turn gains rush


Awesome Iron Dervish - Summon a 4/2 Dervish with Rush and Flying
Awesome Psionic Strike - Your general deals double damage to minions and has Blast this turn


You forgot the ability to also break the opponent’s heart :^)


just wrote something alone those line in my suggestion thread, then i realized people already talked about it in this thread. damn


Awesome Arcane Heart - Summon a 3/2 Widowmaker on any space
Awesome Blink - Teleport a friendly minion to any tile, and give it Backstab(2)


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