Attention all sick players!


Hello there fellow players! With the year of 2016 coming to a close and with duelysts newest (and by far most controversial) expansion yet just around the corner it’d make sense that there’ll be a large amount of you stuck in bed coughing up a storm or merely shivering in both sickness and anticipation towards the future of duelyst and your health! Now what I want to know is how that is affecting your duelyst gameplay, whether you’re finding that you make more dumb dumb mistakes or if you can’t even muster up the energy to play a game, your feedback and solutions to being sick with such an exciting expansion coming up would be greatly appreciated! As for me I’m stuck in bed with a raging headache, yet somehow making it through the week through sheer willpower and desperation to finish finals and make it to break. I can’t find the time and energy to play duelyst and even if I were to go right back into the fray I feel that I’d be too out of it to play decently.
Long story short: how many of us are sick and how are we letting that affect our duelyst experience?
P.S: please rest if you’re sick. Trust me this post will still be here by the time you get better
Get well soon @isbee!


Tbh this is a pretty weird post, but interesting. I was sick a few days ago and seeing that my finals just finished a few days ago also i would suggest that everyone who are sick or in the period of test to just give duelyst a break and just focus on doing good in the exams. Trying to multitask will just add stress to the though of “what if i had studied harder for this exam” when u cant answer a question. Plus if ur sick u wont make those sexy plays in Duelyst to get to S-Rank :smirk:


Man, everything is weird when your sick, but it’s good to know that people haven’t been pushing themselves to do both duelyst and their IRL responsibilities :blush:

yep I’d love to play duelyst (was hoping to reach s this season, but until everything clears up then I won’t be able to do much


We have finals all week now, luckily most of them are half days, just hoping to survive APChem and APHuman :cry:

Rainbow Death Ponies…


Not sure about why you felt sorry about beating people, but okay. Yep you’re going to cry harder than Faie after someone skorn’s her Jax true sight play during APChem


Wow you have timing. I got the stomach flu or some such just last night. This is the first I’m up today and I am feeling very nauseous.
Oh and I also have a cough.
How it effects me?
Well I spent the entire day in bed, didn’t do anything but vomit occasionally and try to sleep but couldn’t. Then my back started hurting from lying on it all day (and maybe muscle ache from the spewing?) and my wife got back, so I made an effort to get myself into the room.
Now I am hoping to catch the last spoiler before I have to go lie again.

I definitely didn’t play nor will I today, where I normally always do the quests.


I was in bronze and early silver with a deck probably 5 times their spirit cost

Needless to say mostly easy wins…


Jeez, that sounds rough. At the very least you can enjoy all that the expansion brings through forum salt! Hope you get well soon

it’s hard enough to not mess up a play, but to do it while vomiting…yeah that would be catastrophic :anguished:


Trying to get above 90in apcs and AP calculus in a school where everyone is in the top 1% of the nation


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