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Attempting a Sarugi deck?


I recently noticed that I I had a full set of Second Sword Sarugi, and maybe this guy warranted an attempt at a deck list?

Here’s a thing I cobbled together:

The game plan would be to try and build an Arcanyst board as a half-credible occupation for the first part of the game…
Then if the game runs long we can milk the hell out of Sarugi discounts on Phoenix Fires.


It’s kind of obvious whether this is good or not


@alphacentury built one in the past together with rgood I think.

Found it on the wiki:


i would try a blood bound mentor somewhere in there, maybe instead of the loremaster?


What I learned of Sarugi decks is it becomes better whenever you don’t play Sarugi.

For lulz - sure, Sarugi+Kage+BRM combo is hillarious, but other than that Sarugi is bad.

The only reason to play Sarugi is, maybe, Sarugi/Hiogi deck - which is one of the memest memes around.


Phoenix fire, bloodbound mentor, lantern fox, and 8g8s for maximum witch hunting.


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