Astral Crusader buff?


Hi there!
Astral Crusader is by far my favorite card when it comes to design, thus i made a deck around it.
However, today i tested it in sandbox (that i enabled by editing the game files :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it turned out it did not have the hidden effect i was hoping for.
What i mean is, A.C’s effect reads “whenever you replace this CARD”, so i was thinking that replacing one Crusader results in buffing all the others. So, with up to 3 Aethermasters and 3 Crusaders in the deck, they could become an dangerous force in the lategame.
Sadly, this is not the case, as the buff only applies to the replaced card.
Can you guys please buff this card? Either making the buff apply to all the crusaders, or making it simply stronger (like, gains +2/+2 and costs 2 less - because what are the odds to draw a single card twice)
I woudn’t mind a complete change to the effect, either.


Even if the effect applied to other crusaders, you still need to replace it at least twice for it to be playable. And even then it’s just a big pile of stats that doesn’t really do anything. The card looks too good to be that awful, something really needs to be done about it.


Astral Crusader is indeed a fun card. It’s pretty weak for the current meta and I’m guessing it will be even weaker in the Shimzar meta. A buff for this lego is a need, but what you are suggesting is maybe a little bit too much.


Agree. Pity ability in the cool design.


I think both suggestions would probably still be bad, as raqyee says. Both together would make running Astral Crusader interesting though. I don’t really think it is OP when with Shimzar Abyssian can pay 8 mana for an 8/4 and a 12/12 provoke, or factions playing 6/6s for free. A big stat-stack would not be too out of place.


Astral crusader needs a tutor.I would suggest a minion

Little crusader 2 cost 2/3 open gambit “put an astral crusader from deck into your hand”

They wouldn’t have to change anything about Crusader.They could also just make a card that draws 7 drops and that would accomplish the same thing.


I think that it’s fine for a card to be slightly above the power-level curve as long as it requires a deck built around it. Making all Crusaders benefit from a single replace would be a good buff just for that reason - the card would only be strong if you had 3 copies of it + other replace synergy. Since Counterplay stated that they want to push replace decks into viability, I hope that they thought about buffing Astral Crusader.


Here’s how I’d buff Astral Crusader
Neutral Minion
Astral Crusader
Cost 8 | Attack 7 | Health 6
When you replace this card, your Astral Crusaders cost 1 less and get +1/+1. Opening Gambit: put two Astral Warps in your action bar.

Astral Warp
Cost 0
Teleport target friendly minion 1 space. This card cannot be replaced.

Now AS isn’t just a beat stick. Its ability is improved (in the way proposed by others) and it has a useful OG that allows it to be valuable even if it gets removed. Astral Warp allows you to move minions out of Provoke locks, move greater distances, and with Arcanyst-replace hybrid decks and Spellhai decks you can even cheaply trigger effects. Making it non-replaceable seems important to not turn the effect into ‘Opening Gambit: Draw 2 Replace Fodder Tokens.’


Nice idea, but i highly doubt that they will implement ANY card that cannot be replaced. Also, 2 spell cards might clog your hand - i’d suggest a single 2-tile teleport spell (altought it would be just blink, so also unlikely to happen). But i like the idea, it fits with the crusaders theme (Ever played Kassadin in LoL? I bought his Cosmic Reaver skin only because it looked like the A.C. , and he also teleports everywhere with his “Riftwalk”)


I’m glad to see your agreeing and opinions, guys (and girls)!
The type of deck that the Crusader fits in is a replace deck - i currently have build one just for this guy - 3x Aethermaster, White Widow and some wings of paradise. Altought getting 2 replaces is still veery rare(or it’s just that i end up killing my opponent with Argeon before i can even use my crusader), let’s say that with a proper deck you get an average of 2 replaces in a game - that’s a 9/8 for 5 mana - only 4 statpoints more in comparison to brightmoss golem, and it can be dispelled to get rid of the stat advantage. And - as with the current meta - a 7 drop should be gamechanging - just look at Dark Nemesis. Yes, the cost of the crusader is reduced, but it’s still waaaaay to unreliable, worser, and keep in mind that you gave around 13 cards from you deck to get away with that (when we count inquisitor kron form shimzar). I personally think that his ability suits him perfectly, it just needs to get a MAJOR buff - like the one whoshim sugessted.


Hello everyone, trying for a time to build a deck around the Astral Crusader(AC) and it seems really hard to setup .

I tried 2 different deck at the moment, a tempo one, but this was really bad, on late game, lot of big minions are more interesting and try to buff 2 times the same AC is really hard, nearly impossible, even with 3X AC in the deck (who is not important by the way because each AC have his personnal replace buff)

The second one is obsiouly a replace & draw deck like keinname deck who work much better, but not cause of AC in particulary, but with 3X Aether Master,3X Wing of Paradise and 3X White Widow (who is really fun AND I WANT KRON :’().AC can sometime work here but again, buffing twice the same AC is really hard even with mass replace and the duel i won, i had already the upper hand, AC just finish the job.

I’m totally agree with keinname buff, i had this idea too when i went to post my AC feedback (replacing an AC aplly the buff for all of them, but reinitialise it when summon on of them on the board).In my opinion (only dimand here), this buff seem ok, you can get a 5 mana 8/7 minion, who is really bad ass, but keep in mind it will force you to take 3X copies of it, and problably 3X Aether Master too and it is just a big minion otherall .i think put the initial cost to 8 could solve the problem in case it is too powerfull.

For the kirabi suggestion, it’s too strong in my opinion, for 2 mana, you have a 2/3 minions who draw you 1 card, and a free buff for your AC ; and you don’t need the 3X copies here just keep 1, buff it and use the little crusader for draw ; and i like the concept to force you having 3X copies of the card who could be unique .

For thematsjo suggetion, dunno about that, i think it’s too strong too, like you say you can make a lot combo + getting a placement advantage (don’t forget rush minions too), with a big minion.In this case, AC might be viable even without the replace mecanic but i like the theme idea, this is a fucking astral unit !(maybe only give a keyword like “astral walker” who give him the ability too pass through unit ?)

To Finish, i’m a HUGE FAN of the unit style, really sick design !WP counterplay ^^, maybe my favorite .

Sorry for my english, not my native langage.


Too bad the devs said no :confused:


What do you mean ?


Did they explain why are they against buffing cards? @akurane mentioned this point in another thread


WARNING: What I say may not align directly with what the devs said last night, I don’t clearly remember their exact wording.

I believe what they said was that changing a card through buffing is meta defining, and in the stream they mentioned a video regarding design philosophy in buffing/nerfing cards, which they use as a guidance when changing card. I don’t remember the name, but I think you can find it in Play Duelyst replay of the stream :slight_smile:


hum ok, in that case they need to totally change AC mecanic :/,i still trying to make this work, i’m switching to Starhorn the Seeker and work even better (but still sadly get rekt in gold :’(, i’m still doing a lot of mistake, ,need to play it more, with kron i think i could maybe get to diamond and i missing 2 makantor warbeast who is the key card of magmar), but the problem remain the same, i win thank to Aether Master, Wings of Paradise and White Widow, AC is actually 3X dead card… and also change this card mean remove the replace mecanic which is sad, they are very few out there .I really hope they will work on this card, whatever they do to be viable .If i undestrand correctly, they will remove the replace keyword at this rate :(.


don’t you dare change Astral Crusader now right after is Disenchanted my Prismatic one lol.

well jokes aside (not really a joke though, please don’t do it :’) the card is definitely weird on it’s own, like the requirements for it to be useful is too complicated XD