Ashhorn - My Take on Battle Pet Magmar


So here is a deck I made, based on the RyanH’s Battle Pet deck.
It seems surprisingly viable, at least in Gold.

Here’s the list:

Greater Fortitude x3
Razor Skin x3
rex x3
Amu x3
Sol x2
gro x3
Golden mantella x3
Thumping wave x2
Earth Sphere x2
Egg Morph x3
Inquisitor kron x2
Nature’s Confluence x2
Plasma Storm x2
Makantor Warbeast x3
Mandrake x3

The idea of this deck is super simple - flood your opponent with Battle Pets they ABSOLUTELY need to deal with. The great thing about battle pets is their stats and abilities- no matter which one you play - you get crazy value. And if your opponent fails to deal with the constant stream of minions you vomit out - they will die very quickly.

I optimized this deck slightly based on that idea, and here are some justifications of the cards based on my expirience.

Greater Fortitude - a nice, cheap buff to make your threats harder to deal with. Also very nice for the situations you have a lot of Onis, Sols and Fogs to work with - this spell makes their bodies actually useful. Ryan suggested Amplification to fill the same roll, but it’s way too unreliable for my taste and can’t be used on 1 health minion which includes many of the token pets and Rex.

Rex - a very underestimated card IMO. For just one mana you get a 3 damage sticky minion which is a pain in the ass to bring down. It draws attacks from your other minions, trades up well with most 1, 2 and 3 drops. It is, for sure, one of the best 1-drops in the game.

Razor Skin - MVP of the deck. A great cantrip which allows you to trade efficiently and fuels your minion spam.

Sol - A nice card from time to time. Helps you get more control of your own minions and set up good trades. Can also be used for some insane Dex+Thump combos.

Thumping Wave - Is this card the best addition to Magmar in the expansion? It very well might be. It is both a removal spell and a buff to push lethal from out of nowhere. Absolutely incredible. Doesn’t synergize with battle pets too well since you can’t use it on them without the help of Sol (unless you want to turn your pet into adorable Kin). It is still worth running since you have some non-pet minions and additional removal is nice.

Earth Sphere - I am not even sure this deck needs them, but they can really cement your advantage when you have the board, which happens rather often with this deck.

Inquisitor Kron - This card is so good you need no justification to run it. And it is also nice to have some provoke in your deck.

Nature’s Confluence - This card is just a ton of fun. It’s like opening a Kinder Surprise and seeing what’s inside. Also, there are no truly horrible outcomes for this spell. The worst case you get four Fogs which act as a wall and refill your hands. Pulling Gros is almost an auto-win.

Mandrake - this card really brings the deck together. You have a ton of card draw a lot of which consists of random battle pets which fuel your Mandrakes. Two mandrakes at once spell your opponent’s doom - you can often play both for 0 while also dealing with their threats. With the ammount of removal your early drops attaract, it is very rare that your opponent has answers for several Mandrakes. An amazing card a lot of people thought was gonna be terrible.

Special Tactics

The game plan for the deck is rather simple - summon a ton of stuff, and finish the ordeal with Mandrakes. Don’t be afraid to blow your hand out too fast - you’re Starhorn, after all! You need to consider what plays your opponent is likely to make and position your pets accordingly. It is often worth to protect your pets with your general in the early game to ensure the opponent has to work hard to remove them. You need to be rather aggressive - but don’t go in over your head. This deck wins by consistent pressure not by SMOrcing mindlessly.

One of the most important aspects of this deck is to know when to use your BBS. When both you and your opponent are low on cards, but your are winning on the board - even marginally - don’t be greedy! Don’t use you BBS and give your opponent one more chance to get the answer. You have a bunch of cantrips - you can restore your hand without drawing them cards - always keep that in mind.


Songhai will be the bane of your existence, since they have an assortment of spells to deal with your dudes and play very few minions, so your Mandrakes take much longer to charge up. You can still win but that’s mostly a matter of pulling off lucky Confluences.
Abyssian can also be nasty, since it is rather easy to stall against battle pets, and you can end up trampled by their Revnants, Klaxons and Reavers, or simply blown up by Obliterate. Be more aggressive when facing the pale girls.
Otherwise, this deck is a ton of fun to play and seems to be rather effective.


This deck is not that hard to build and is really, really cool. I highly encourage you to try it out. In case you are a new player the only Legendary - Inquisitor Kron can easily be replaced with Primus Shieldmasters or Dancing Blades.

Go, and catch 'em all!


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Looks fun, I am probably gonna give this a shot tomorrow


Pokemaster decks also tend to do badly against other Magmar decks, just an FYI. Plasma Storm, Makantor, Taygete, and whatshisface the 4/3 with Forcefield all devastate Battle Pets.


I played with my own Battle pet deck, soi can say it’s very risky. Latern Fox, Nimbus,Aymara and Taygete is hardly counters battle pets and you loose if your opponent is smart enough. Also in one game 2 times i summoned roks with natural confluence. and i loose because of this.


Can’t make it work for whatever reason - the image I upload just keeps getting autoformated into a low-res version. I am not sure what the problem is - it worked fine previously.


Yeah, that’s why it will probably be pretty bad at higher ranks. You need to try and avoid that, but there’s only so much you can do.

Also Nature’s Confluence is a win more card. Do not play it if you are behind, look for other options. It’s just way too risky - you pull 4 Fogs and you are royally screwed.