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Ascendancy Ratings

You do know vet one is like one of the most busted decks, that can otk you out of nowhere

You do know that abyssian is garbage right now.

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Not even good enough to be on your list? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Neutral > Magmar = Vetruvian > Lyonar = Abyssian > Vanar > Songhai

oh shit I forgot about xor, he’s bad tho so I feel no remorse, even if he makes for fun memes.

Magmar > Neutral > Lyonar > Vetruvian > Abyssian > Vanar > Songhai

Lyo is strong but loses to other Mythron decks which have a stronger endgame like Abyss or simply counter it like Mag.

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Songhai is definitely the worst. I tried all evening yesterday to pull it off but couldn’t. Not even once. Not even in the matches against AI. Was anybody lucky to do so?

I only play Vetruvian. My experience is based on that faction, alone.
Yes. Vetruvian’s can OTK you “out of nowhere”. My problem is the card forcing you to one specific deck type. If you don’t get the ascendancy, you’re dead. It’s still the same problem Sajj has always had.
Against Vetruvian, I’ve seen every faction’s ascendancy achieved. Based on seeing them achieved, by my opponent, I decided that list.

Aurora’s tears tho, you don’t needa ascend to win with that deck, it just helps a lot

PS. why do you insist on calling destiny effects ‘ascendency’

Mine would be Lyonar - Neutral - Vet - Magmar - Vanar - Abyss - Songhai

But that’s only because I can’t magically transform all my spells to Grasp of Agony when I play beefier Abyss builds against Grand Skillekos

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That’s the entire point of the deck though and isn’t reliant on NoSE to do it. Kinda like combohai decks.

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You make no sense. Vet trial is one of the easiest with the easiest payoffs. Meanwhile lyonar and Abyss currently are the most niche but strong if achieved. Songhai is literally unplayable. Especially against Sajj, since she crosses the board in two turns and runs artifacts. Wanderer is literally the easiest decks around since +1/+1 buff can’t be dispeled and the obtuse, unpredictable play styles makes it easy to catch your opponent off guard with something. Vanar is not that hard, if you use it as a primary win con. just another mythron swarm variant with late game. Magmar can be trash or can be turn 3 tears. It just depends.

Neutral, Vet, Lyonar, Magmar, Abyss, Vanar, Songhai

Lyonar > Vet > Neutral > the rest.

I haven’t play much duelyst recently compared to how much I normally play because I come across the Lyonar one so often its made the game really boring to play. Since I’m just running into that deck time and time again. Its why I would pick it as the best because it can work very well, can be cheap to make and its easy for new players to run. Vet is 2nd because its not only a more interesting deck build but it works really well in the right hands. Wanderer comes 3rd since it can work but the highlander style of deck makes it hard to get the right cards when you need them which leads to needing quite a bit of utility style of cards being added in.

The rest I haven’t seen work (or be able to hit the board) when I’ve played against them. Which is why I put them all joint bottom.

Easiest doesn’t equal viable. The deck is horribly inconsistent. It focuses on artifacts. It’s an aggro meta. It’s VERY easy to remove the artifacts. If you don’t get the two-card combo, on turn 2-4, it’s fairly easy to keep Sajj controlled.

Again, that’s my experience.

I first read them, in reference by someone, as an “ascendancy”. :sweat_smile:

As someone who has played Artifact Sajj knows that this is all wrong, NoSE is free wins if you get him off (you can just kill them with tears and such), you can get hit by EMP three times lose 2-3 Artifacts every time and you can still easily win, you don’t just have to top Neuro + A flying unit, if your oppenent trys to Aggro you to the point where you just lose while you’re having bad luck, you can just tears them for game and easy means viable 9 times out of 10.

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Here’s @deathsadvocate’s version. There are several others, and we guarantee you, they consistently and brutally wreck face.

Edit: To reiterate what Death says, if you don’t get the cards you need to complete the trial, then you’ve got the cards you need to win as if you were just playing an aurora’s tears combo deck. So you can destroy them without even bringing Notion of Starless Eternity out. It’s basically two decks that win if condition X is reached combined into one, so it’s got the face-melting power of an OTK combo deck without the inconsistency. If either condition X or Y is reached, the opponent is likely to lose.

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I find this extremely biased. Vetruvian is arguably the strongest faction at the moment; you should really check your privileges. I understand these lists are usually subjected to personal opinion, but rating Vetruvian as the worst faction makes minimal sense. Based on my experiences, Abyssian holds the title as the weakest faction, with Vanar and Songhai as close runner-ups.

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You all know that Hatefurnace was hit by the Nerf-Hammer, don’t you?
Just wondering when looking at some of the ratings above…

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