As Vetruvian I feel like a King


Meanwhile Songhai is like a Queen, able to snipe you across the map. While I am stuck trying to move my King within range so that I can Entropic Decay a threat…

Honestly if Counter-Play wants Vetruvian to feel like they are playing as a Chess Piece (the King), I do not mind per se since it makes the game as a Vetruvian all about positioning. Since their spells literally depend on the positioning of the board.

However Reva (the Queen) frankly doesn’t care about the board. Ran away to preserve life total? Worry not Reva doesn’t have to get back into melee range to deal damage. Their spells that ignore the board and their free 1/1 range units care not of the distance. So far playing against Reva is as interactive as playing wack-a-mole. Let one heartseeker live and they can flip the board. And said heartseekers do not in of themselves cut into their hand size…

Honestly Siphon should have been changed to Dispel a unit in “blast range” (no aoe though) i.e. the four cardinal directions and the melee range around the general.

Zen’rui should have been given a greater positioning restriction instead of the nerf to it. Making it only target a unit BEHIND it would have been far more than enough of a nerf.

Shroud? Maybe make it only target diagonal spaces around the shroud? I do not know, at-least that would allow safe positions for provoke units when places against a general.

And last but not least, make range not such a BINARY keyword. Being having the unit with it being completely garbage or oppressive.



Wow, those suggestions actually sounds decent with positioning in mind o.o
But it’s too bad, CPG has never listened to rational, great suggestions that might do a better job at helping them out in balancing the game and probably will do the same with yours. So Im just gonna sulk and cover myself in tears from the siphon nerf T^T


I feel Vetruvian decks I make will now include 3rd wish and Astral Phasing a lot, just for that removal.
It’s different, and no doubt a nerf, but I am still curious to try with new deck compositions.


I feel simply comboing tigers or plane scouts with ephemeral shrouds would be more practical for some decks. Some.

However, the truth that remsins is that it was still a huge nerf for the less aggressive side of the faction.


Tigers, sure, I used to use that technique all the time vs mechazor when it was popular. Planar scouts are never worth it.


I think part of the issue is that songhais spells all pretty much do the same thing-cause or enable damage. With all of the spells stepping on each others toes, you can only expect one thing out of a songhai. I think it would be healthier if it was something like, ok I saw that threat so I don’t have to play around that anymore(for example they blew their minion removal so you need to still expect face dmg but less so about them removing another big threat immediately).

I think instead of making saberspine seal straight up worse, they should have changed phoenix fire to 3 damage to minion . That way saberspine seal can do damage to general but requires a minion, and phoenix fire is much more flexible(not requiring a minion, infinite range).

damage is just too flexible. Spells need more specific enablers/counterplay/core cost if they are going to be that flexible and synergistic. For something like deal 3 damage you could make multiple spells with slight variance such as, 1 mana deal 3 damage to the enemy general, 2 mana deal 3 damage, 2 mana do 2 damage to a target, that target takes an additional damage every time they move next turn, 1 mana give a a minion +3 attack this turn, 0 mana deal 1 damage to a friendly minion then 3 damage to whatever you want, 2 mana deal 1 damage to the enemy general every two steps any general or minion takes this turn, 0 mana deal 3 damage, take 3 damage etc.


I’d like to join in on the complaints about Siphon but I keep running into Wall Vanar in 3/2 Diamond.

They keep putting them in my face and just… LETTING me remove them literally for free.


Blast Siphon Energy sounds awesome. Maybe they could keep siphon energy the same, but create a new card that literally does Blast Dispel.

Something like: 2 Mana, Dispel all tiles in a line starting from your general

Compared to Sunbloom, you have potential to hit more tiles, but you generally will be hitting a single target.