[As Seen On Manaranks] -- RyanH's Compendium of Decks for Every General! [Shim'zar]


My Compendium of Decks for Every General (Bloodborn Edition) is out! Check it out here!

Turns out we have some Chinese fans too, who have kindly set up a Chinese version here!


Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce that 2 of my lists have been features on Manaranks, the prestigious meta breakdown hosted by Envy along with professional players like nowayitsj, F8D, and CCalmify ! Go here to check it out! Once again, thank you all for your support!

[(Reddit Link)]

Hi all! RyanH here. I’m a Duelyst player who has been playing since pre-alpha, and I’ve sat through every iteration of the game. I’ve hit Diamond and S-rank pretty much every season (with exceptions to those I had IRL stuff with) if you must know. Or as @envybaer says:

“I’m Ryan Henry, and this is my forum thread. I post decks here with my pre-alpha S-Rank skills and my favorite General, Big Faie. Everything in here has a story and a tryhard name. One thing I’ve learnt after a year – you never know WHAT the f$&k I was thinking when I made these decks.”

(ty love you bb <3)

Of course, it’s called “Diamond in the Rough” for a good reason.

With Shim’zar, CP has done the impossible: made most factions actually viable. With that being said, here’s my deck for every single faction. The theme of them is Denizens of Shim’zar, meaning that it’ll most likely be based around Shim’zar stuff (regardless of it’s questionable practicability!).

Without further ado, I present:

Ardour -- Midrange Argeon

Argeon Highmayne x1
Lionheart Blessing x2
Azurite Lion x3
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Healing Mystic x3
Sun Bloom x2
Windblade Adept x3
Sun Wisp x2
Divine Bond x2
Silverguard Knight x3
Afterblaze x2
Sky Burial x2
Arclyte Regalia x3
Holy Immolation x2
Inquisitor Kron x2
Ironcliffe Guardian x3
Solarius x2

So this is just standard Lyonar with some good stuff. An obvious combo is Lionheart Blessing with Afterblaze on Azurite Lion, but that’ isn’t your “winning combo”, it’s just a good way to generate cards. Some people have asked why Sky Burial instead of Martyrdom, and that’s because every single point of health matters; giving them more is just shooting yourself in the foot. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.

Solarius is for card draw. It is my firm belief that right now Solarius is the best card draw for Lyonar as unlike every other neutral card draw, it does not give the enemy cards which is huge.

[details=Radiance – Heal Zir’an (With Thanks to GrincherZ)]

Zir’an the Sunforged x1
Sundrop Elixir x3
Healing Mystic x3
Windblade Adept x3
Sun Wisp x2
Silverguard Knight x3
sunforge lancer x3
Arclyte Regalia x3
Holy Immolation x3
Lightbender x2
Silhouette Tracer x2
Circle of Life x3
Inquisitor Kron x2
Ironcliffe Guardian x3
Grove Lion x2
Solarius x2

GrincherZ has a very good Zir’an deck. Although I first doubted the amount of Sundrop Elixirs, they were lifesaving in many cases. The way you want to play this deck is to use your minions to block the enemy from advancing, all while trying to reach mid/late game (which isn’t difficult, as you are Healyonar!). Afterwards, use Grove Lion + boosted attack from Sunforge Lancer (which doesn’t disappear when it dies) + Arclyte Regalia to turn your General into an unstoppable force of death. However, don’t rely on solo tanking too much, this is still a team effort. Come late game, use Solarius to refill your hand in a pinch. Again, thanks GrincherZ for the deck base. It’s also just filled with regular goodstuff like Adepts, Knights, Ironcliffes and Kron. Use Sun Wisp to cycle through your deck, or as a base for a desperate Holy Immolation. [/details]

Betrayal -- Zendo / Hamon Kaleos

Kaleos Xaan x1
Inner Focus x3
Juxtaposition x3
Katara x2
Mist Dragon Seal x2
Chakri Avatar x3
Kaido Assassin x3
Phoenix Fire x3
Ki Beholder x2
Killing Edge x2
Lantern Fox x3
Onyx Bear Seal x2
Four Winds Magi x3
Hamon Bladeseeker x3
Heaven’s Eclipse x2
Grandmaster Zendo x2
Spiral Technique x1

Basically, this is more of a midrange Songhai. Keep your distance, but not too far as you set up Hamon Bladeseeker and then Zendo. Positioning is key here: ensure that your Zendo is further away from the enemy General than your Hamon is, and watch the mayhem ensue.

The really great part is that the combo above is not only generally consistent, but the parts are also good on their own: a 5 cost 8/8 with nothing to dispel is pretty damn good by itself, and the Grandmaster’s effect is always good as it stops the General from moving and removing your minions (like Zi’ran or Sajj!)

Ki Beholder also really helps with the “keep your distance”, as the movement lock can be pretty crucial at times. Everything else should be straightforwards.

Mimicry -- Meld / Spell Reva (With Thanks to UnoPro)

Reva Eventide x1
Inner Focus x3
Juxtaposition x2
Mana Vortex x3
Bloodrage Mask x3
Saberspine Seal x3
Chakri Avatar x3
Mirror meld x2
Phoenix Fire x3
Tusk Boar x3
Xho x2
Killing Edge x3
Lantern Fox x3
Spelljammer x3
Four Winds Magi x2
Heaven’s Eclipse x1

Full credit to UnoPro. Basically, this deck is aggro unleashed. But that doesn’t mean go face only, it means playing your cards right and casting spells as much as possible. Mirror Meld can create some funny (but rare) OTKs with Tusk Boar, but otherwise a solid combo with Chakri Avatar. The rest is pretty straightforwards. The only thing I disagreed with UnoPro is the Zen’rui; I have 2 Xhos instead to boost the range of cards you can have. More spells is never bad!

Legacy -- Goodstuff Zirix

Zirix Starstrider x1
Siphon Energy x2
Scion’s First Wish x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Healing Mystic x3
Jaxi x3
Pax x3
Rasha’s Curse x2
Scion’s Second Wish x3
Falcius x3
Inner Oasis x2
Saberspine Tiger x3
Inquisitor Kron x2
Nimbus x3
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x1
Circle of Desiccation x1

So this is more like a midrange / aggro Zirix, with reliance on First and Second Wish. The great part about Second Wish is that it forces removal which moves it off your more valuable minions like Inquisitor Kron or Nimbus. Otherwise, pretty straightforward: stack up your minions, play Inner Oasis, then come late game use Dominate Will or Circle of Desiccation to even the odds.

Subjugate -- Control Sajj (With Thanks to F8D)

Scioness Sajj x1
Siphon Energy x3
Scion’s First Wish x2
Healing Mystic x3
Pax x3
Rasha’s Curse x2
Scion’s Second Wish x2
Blistering Scorn x2
Falcius x3
Sojourner x2
Wildfire Ankh x2
Dioltas x3
Lightbender x2
Nimbus x3
Spinecleaver x2
Aymara Healer x3
Dominate Will x1
Circle of Desiccation x1

I consulted F8D on this deck, made some slight changes and I feel that I’m the most happy with my version. He said 2x Zen’rui, I said 2x Grove Lion. He said 2x Bloodtear Alchemist, I said 2x Rasha’s. Why? Well with Zen’rui, it’s too situational IMO and that you might not always draw Falcius; Grove Lion’s a pretty good substitute. I also took out Bloodtear Alchemist as I feel that’s more of a thing of the past, and Rasha’s Curse is pretty important for removing Arclyte Regalia, Dawn’s Eye, Spinecleaver or Ghost Azalea.

Scion’s First Wish is a super good card because not only does it give crucial stats, it also cycles itself by drawing a card, thus also thinning the deck. This increases consistency.

Healing Mystic is needed because using your Bloodborn Spell, you will be punching lots of minions. Use the Mystics to recover.

Pax is the best 2 drop for Vetruvian, since it gives a 2/1 body and another 2 2/2 bodies. It’s a massive tempo play if you drop it turn 1.

Second Wish forces a dispel or removal, pushing pressure off your higher value minions like Aymara or Nimbus.

Rasha’s Curse, because Abyssian is running Ghost Azalea and Spectral Blade; Lyonar is running Arclyte Regalia and Vetruvians are running Spinecleavers.

Ankh is great value with your BBS, and allows you to keep your distance. Combine this or Falcius with Spinecleaver and your BBS for a great time. Keep in mind though, don’t hide in the corner like a mouse, your minions still need you!

Falcius is the best minion here aside from Nimbus and Inquisitor Kron. Not only does it give you +2 attack, it makes your general immune. This means that combined with your Bloodborn Spell, for 4 mana you can clear a 8 health minion for free. This means you can kill Aymara without taking the Dying Wish, clear large minions like Ironcliffe (with another 2 drop), Nimbus and Inquisitor Kron.

Skorn is just in case you’re missing that 1 teeny point of damage, whether it be for lethal or for removal.

Sojourner is because this deck needs card draw, and hit Bloodfire Totems for free cards!

Dioltas is much better than Allomancer, simply the 0/10 takes some pressure off you.

Lightbender is also a must since Cassyva with Shadow Creep decks are dominating the meta. Use it to dispel enemy Nimbuses or Shadow Creeps.

Nimbus is the best card out of the expansion. Not only is the body superb, everytime it takes damage it summons an Obelysk that destroys any minion that damages it. The value that it generates cannot be put in words.

Spinecleaver is here because the Bloodfire Totems (0/4, deal 1 damage to your General EVERY TURN) it generates for the enemy are very hard to get rid of. Play it during the right time and watch your enemy’s own minions ping him to death.

Aymara Healer is to ensure your lategame is just as strong as your midgame. The 10 health difference created upon Dying Wish is also another huge tempo swing and might mean winning the game or dying.

Dominate Will is awesome, but only as a one of.

Circle of Desiccation is another failsafe. Keep it mind this doesn’t kill your Soulburn (Nimbus) Obelysks, nor does it wipe enemy Bloodfire Totems.

Don’t play too aggro, use your own General to clear minions (if it’s safe, if it puts you too low, don’t). It should become pretty basic to you once you get the hang of it: ensure your minions and your general are positioned within an arms reach of the enemy. Bypass huge minions like Abyssal Juggernaut with Falcius + BBS or Siphon Energy; keep up the assault and you’ll win through sheer strength. Remember: you outgun the enemy 10-1. Play your cards right and you’ll win.

Engulf -- Aggro Lilthe

Lilthe the Blightchaser x1
Grasp of Agony x2
Void Pulse x3
Blood Siren x3
Daemonic Lure x3
Flameblood Warlock x3
Inkhorn Gaze x3
Jaxi x3
Primus Fist x3
Spectral Blade x3
Blaze Hound x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Shadow Reflection x2
Spelljammer x3
Spectral Revenant x2

Although Lilthe seems to be rather bad this patch, she still has her place in Aggro Lilthe. As you can see, we use Void Pulse to create a 5-health difference, Grasp of Agony to clear the enemy board as well as put more damage on the enemy General, and then Spectral Revenant and Shadow Reflection to clean everything up.

Some people have asked my why Inkhorn Gaze, and that’s because more minions you can summon = the more things you have attacking. Blood Siren also serves well with Spectral Blade; use it to heal up while taking little to no damage. Remember: you can’t aggro them if you’re dead.

Although Spelljammer isn’t my favorite draw method (Rite is), Rite is far too late to be useful. Everything else should be pretty obvious.

Onslaught -- Shadow Creep / Aggro Cassyva (With Thanks to Pixizz)

Cassyva Soulreaper x1
Abyssal Crawler x3
Grasp of Agony x2
Sphere of darkness x3
Void Pulse x2
Daemonic Lure x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Healing Mystic x3
Ooz x3
Spectral Blade x2
Abyssal Juggernaut x3
Ghost Azalea x1
Shadow Sister Kelaino x3
Inquisitor Kron x2
Rite Of The Undervault x2
Klaxon x2
Spectral Revenant x2
Obliterate x1

Encore, avec grâce à mon très bon ami, @Pixizz. Sans lui, je ne voudrais pas avoir cette grande géniale!

Alors, allons-y!

Abyssal Crawler is pretty damn strong right now. It generates a Shadow Creep tile per turn.

Daemonic Lure is to get rid of threats if you don’t have Ephemeral Shroud or if the body is too big.

Spectral Blade, because you need to survive early game aggro somehow. Actually, aggro in this game is not “me go face”, it’s control early AND hit early.

Ephemeral Shroud is if you need to remove something that will have a lasting effect, like Pandora or Ranged minions.

Healing Mystic is for you to stay alive, should you ever need it.

Ooz is a very strong Battle Pet, not only because of it’s 3/3 body, but because it generates a creep tile on an enemy space.

Abyssal Juggernaut is more like a mid/lategame threat where you can drop 7/7 + mega tanks (and after they’ve used all their removal of course).

Ghost Azalea isn’t a finisher. It’s a persistent threat that only grows bigger the longer your opponent leaves it alone, so use it to trade twice and hit the enemy General once.

Sphere of Darkness, because you need to generate Shadow Creep.

Shadow Sister Kelaino, because more healing.

Kron, because duh.

Rite of the Undervault, because I’ve noticed that you tend to run out of cards when you play aggressively.

Klaxon is there as your late game threat, but also pulls you through midgame by stalling the opponent with Provoke.

Spectral Revenant, because you need more control.

Obliterate: use only as finisher.

Overgrowth -- Grow Vaath

Vaath the Immortal
Flash Reincarnation x2
Diretide Frenzy x2
Gro x3
Blistering Scorn x2
Earth Walker x3
Moloki Huntress x3
Spelljammer x3
Twin Fang x2
Earth Sister Taygete x3
Egg Morph x3
Elucidator x3
Grimrock x2
Kolossus x2
Makantor Warbeast x3
Mandrake x3

This is also a fun one: you try to abuse Moloki Huntress given to us in Denizens of Shim’zar, and watch the enemy recoil in horror as your Grow minions grow ever faster. Once the snowball starts, it never stops. In addition to your growing flood of minions, you also have the standard stuff like Elucidator, Warbeast and Mandrake, as well as Taygete. You know what to do.

Stampede -- Battle Pet Starhorn

Starhorn the Seeker x1
Flash Reincarnation x2
Amplification x2
Razor Skin x3
Amu x3
Sol x3
Gro x3
Golden Mantella x3
Repulsor Beast x2
Thumping Wave x2
Earth Sphere x3
Egg Morph x3
Nature’s Confluence x2
Plasma Storm x2
Makantor Warbeast x3
Mandrake x3

Probably my silliest deck to date. The goal is simple: play aggro and spam pets like you’re the owner of a certain menagerie in a certain World of Warcraft tower which is in a certain recent Hearthstone expansion controlled by a certain mage rhyming with…Bedivh.

The deck should be pretty straightforwards: you’re trading mana control/positioning control for raw stats. This is where the 2x Amplification comes in. However, if you’re smart you can position your Pets so they hit certain minions but not Generals, and vice versa. Thumping Wave is not only a good finisher, it is also a odd form of removal. Have fun with Zookeeper Starhorn! Now, if only there was a minion who gained stats according to the amount of Battle Pets you had…(maybe substitute 3x Mandrake or 2x Thumping Wave for Calculator?!)

Hearthfire -- Aggro / Vespyr Faie


Faie Bloodwing x1
Snow Chaser x3
Chromatic Cold x2
Crystal Cloaker x3
Frostfire x2
Bonechill Barrier x2
Hearth-Sister x3
Hailstone Prison x2
Cryogenesis x3
Snow Rippler x3
Glacial Elemental x3
Spelljammer x3
Wailing Overdrive x2
Razorback x2
Frostburn x2
Frostiva x2
Aspect of the Mountains x2

The idea of this deck is by using extremely powerful Vespyrs and spells through the expansion to dogpile them to death. Vespyrs!

Some cards:

Snow Rippler gives your infinite value because it’s generating cards out of thin air, and Snow Chaser works along the same vein: recycling cards.

Glacial Elemental makes a surprising return, and with Bonechill Barriers, kill not only their minions but force them to stay on their home base. Afterwards, Wailing Overdrive any of the minions or Frostfire the Vespyrs to deliver 10 pounds of pain. If things get rough, use Frostburn to clear the board.

When the lategame hits, use Aspect of the Mountains and Snow Chaser or the tokens from Frostiva to clear the enemy formation. Frostiva also provides a source of Vespyrs (as if your deck isn’t 90% Vespyrs already).

Otherwise, use Hailstone Prison on things like Nimbus and Inquisitor Kron, while using Chromatic Cold to kill Obelysks and Abyssal Juggernauts. Finally, use Cryogenesis to seal the deal or to flat out kill smaller minions while refilling your hand.

Should the Vespyr train slow to a halt, use Spelljammer and fill right up.

Play super aggro. The party don’t stop until they concede!

Blizzard -- Control Kara

Kara Winterblade x1
Snow Chaser x2
Chromatic Cold x3
Crystal Cloaker x3
Hailstone Prison x3
Hearth-Sister x2
Bur x2
Cryogenesis x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Snow Rippler x3
Spelljammer x3
Arctic Displacer x2
Frostburn x2
Frostiva x2
Huldra x2
Inquisitor Kron x2
Aspect of the Mountains x2

While you have the standard buffed up Tiger to kill, you also have a very lethal 2 turn combo: Arctic Displacer into Huldra + Hearthsister. However, as with all combos, don’t focus too much on accomplishing solely that. You’re Kara! As you buff up your deadly minions like Snow Rippler or Frostiva, don’t forget that your deck is loaded to the brim with removal tools like Hailstone Prison, Frostburn, Chromatic Cold and Cryogenesis. Spelljammer is your main card draw once the train’s out of fuel, so be careful with it. If worst comes to worst, use Aspect of the Mountain for a fantastic clear. Lategame, you have things like a mega buffed up Kron and / or Frostiva to help you stay alive.


EDIT 1 (9/6/16): Added images to Subjugate and Malevolence.

EDIT 2 (9/7/16): Added Ardour, Betrayal, Legacy, Engulf, Overgrowth, Blizzard. Changed Subjugate.

EDIT 3 (9/8/16): Added analysis to Ardour, Betrayal, Legacy, Engulf, Overgrowth, Blizzard. Changed Subjugate (again).

EDIT 4 (9/20/16): Added Onslaught, a Cassyva Shadow Creep / Aggro deck in place of Malevolence.

I hope you all enjoyed these decks. Although they may not be the best, they are certainly the most Shim’zar! Post questions, comments, or compliments below and I will be swift to answer!

And remember: Good luck, stay civil, and have fun.


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I love the names, seriously, those are some epic deck names.

The best thing? They ALL use the alt general (aside from Faie)
Mostly non-meta generals too (aside Reva and Cassy), which is nice


> Stampede

Nice bait


Amazing Decks! Thank you for showing the decklists. :wink:


I can’t see why you use 2xFlash in the Stampede-Deck while you have no Minions to flash out (except Mandrake - but he should almost always be a 0-Mana-Card)?

Edit: Why not put in 2 Zukong for it - or 2 Hydrax?


Dope, gonna try out this Ziran deck and see if it works out :sunglasses:


So I have a question about the Sajj list. How do you deal with other control lists? I can’t put enough pressure on the enemy general in most matches and in the late game vetruvian’s lack of hard removal makes winning hard along with the fact that your BBS is pretty much dead in the late game if you don’t have a Falcius in hand.

Any tips?

Edit: I’m running the exact list with -1 Nimbus +1 Kron


You kinda rely on CoD in the late game to clear a heavy board on your opponents side.


These are all fairly optimized except for Starhorn (I honestly can’t wrap my head around some of the inclusions, though I feel like it may be a deck that requires piloting first). The only glaring inclusions are:

  • 3x Lightbenders for Sajj
  • 3 already seems unnecessary; add to that 2x Siphon Energy and it’s just ridiculous. You’re certainly going to suffer in every matchup that isn’t Structure Vet or Control Cassyva. Overall, not worth it. I’d much rather see 3x Siphon and 1x Lightbender, if at all (Zen’rui may even be better imo).
  • 2x Flash for Starhorn
  • This doesn’t seem necessary at all. At most you’re flashing out a Mandrake or a Makantor…? In which case, it’d probably be best to just play more low-drops to contest the board (e.g. Yun, Rex, Young Silithar, or Koi).
  • 3x Darkspire Elementals for Cassyva
  • As much as I wanted this card to work, it simply doesn’t do enough. It’s completely dead if you’re behind on board and/or don’t have that much creep, and it offers very little in the way of board control. Unless you are able to drop all 3 by T3, and your hand is full of Spheres, this just won’t do anything.

As for a deeper analysis of the decklists:

  • I actually despise the 1-dimensionality of Lyonar, so I have very little experience with them in constructed. That said, this list looks quite coherent and fun.
  • Why Solarius over Ruby Rifter? Solarius seems much easier to answer, and he’s thoroughly weaker on a neutral or losing board.
  • Why Sunwisp over Fiz? Fiz offers an extra layer of synergy for healing procs, while Sun Wisp just cycles.
  • Why Lightbender over Sunbloom? Sunbloom seems much more accessible, and Lightbenders body is hardly worth the extra 2 mana.
  • Why no Divine Bond? As much as I despise the 1-Dimensionality, the card is so strong. If you’re including Ironcliffe, this card seems to be an auto-include.
  • Why 3x Circle of Life? You’re already running 3x Sundrop Elixirs. Wouldn’t Martyrdom function a bit better?
  • Kron is busted, 3x is essentially auto-include.
  • Silhouette Tracer seems purely unnecessary (maybe as a 1 of, if at all).
  • Why no Lightchaser or Sunriser? This are the Zir’an cards. With all the healing, these appear to be an auto-include.
  • Why no Lucent Beam? Seems like relatively effective and efficient removal (or General damage).

  • Very little feedback on this, as it seems pretty optimized. I haven’t played Songhai at all since Shim’zar, so I don’t have any feel for Mirror Meld or Xho. It otherwise looks like good ol’ Aggro Reva.

  • Overall, this list also looks pretty optimized. However, I also have very little experience with Vetruvian post-Shim’zar.
  • I do like the Rasha’s over the Bloodtears.
  • I really like the Grove Lion here, but I wonder what your experience has been with it so far.
  • Again, Lightbenders seem frivolous (or too matchup specific).
  • I don’t have any feel for Circle of Dessication, but I instinctively prefer Dominate Will. Is it really all that impactful? You’re essentially paying 8-mana to remove all threats and give your opponent full tempo next turn. It just seems like the situations where Circle is useful are quite fringe, whereas Dominate Will can straight-up win or secure games.
  • Why Allomancer over Dioltas? Is a random Obelisk really better than a Tombstone?
  • Primus Fist overall feels meh (I only prefer him in heavy tempo/aggro decks). Why not Jaxi, Maw, or even Aethermaster?
  • Again, 3x Kron seems auto.
    Spinecleaver, while oppressive when it works, seems extremely conditional. Why not Ankh or Hexblade for heavier control?

  • Darkspire Elemental is just too conditional and has no effect on the board
  • Healing Mystic is fairly redundant with 3x Kelaino.
  • While I already don’t like Primus Fist, he’s even less fitting here. Why not Jaxi, Rust Crawler, or Aethermaster?
  • 3x Kron.
  • Rite of the Undervault is interesting, but I prefer 3x Sojourner personally (evens out early-game, draws dispels).
  • Nightfiend is just colossally bad, especially as a 1-of.
  • Reaper is interesting, but I’d prefer the consistency of 3x Klaxon and 3x Abyssal Juggernaut over the dependence on inconsistent rng. Perhaps even Zen’rui, Dioltas, or Sunset Paragon would round that slot out better.
  • Thoughts on Dark Transformation?

  • Again, this list seems the least optimized, though I’m having the hardest time wrapping my head around how this one plays out.
  • Why no Rex, Koi, or Young Silithar? If the objective it to vomit low-cost minions, those seem pretty fit for the task.
  • Never played with Sol because it just seems so instinctively bad/situational. Is that not the case?
  • Why Golden Mantella? The 2 health is just so bad, for a 3-drop. Is the random battlepet really worth it?
  • Why no Yun? Seems like an auto-include in a deck like this.
  • Earthsphere seems to run counter to the design of this deck. If you’re taking 4-mana to heal 8, you’re losing the board, ergo you’ve already lost.
  • 3x Thumping Wave, it’s just too good.
  • Plasma Storm makes no sense to me here. Your board will consist of 3> Attack minions. If you’ve lost board, Plasma Storm certainly won’t bring you back. Perhaps Metamorphosis would work better, idk.
  • Nature’s Confluence seems…interesting? Why not Chrysalis Burst?
  • Why no Elucidator, Flameblood Warlock, Zookong, Helix, Hydrax, Mirkblood Devourer, or Rawr? All of these seem like good fits.

  • Overall, this seems pretty optimized.
  • Frostburn seems out of place.
  • Bonechill Barrier is very gimmicky, and dependent on Glacial Elemental.
  • Frostiva seems too dependent on opponent having easy answers.
  • Why no Vespyric Call?
  • Why Chromatic Cold over Aspect or Altered Beast?
  • Is Snow Rippler really good enough?


Basically so far, I’ve only been using Flash for Warbeast, which can be useful but seems kinda limited. Maybe I’ll put in Taygete (even though it’s kinda crap now) so I can use Flash better?

Hydrax is mind numbingly slow. It has to live a full turn, and requires you to have a full board of oets. Yeesh.

Zukong I would play if it’s body wasn’t so bad compared to it’s effect. If it was like a 4 cost 3/5, I’d play it in a heartbeat.


Isn’t zukong a 3mana 3/4?? That lets you control your pets? Am I missing something?


…which brings us to our secondary point.

Zukong requires a full board of Battle Pets, which is very difficult to do when the pets have a mind of their own.


Why is 3 mana 3/4 worse than 4 mana 3/5?


Hello all!

Just wanted to say, I’ve added decks for every other General too! So now, truly, we have a deck for every single General!

Thanks everyone for the love!



Cool man, I had a lot of fun with the ziran deck. How have lionheart blessing and solarius worked out for you?


Lionheart Blessing by itself is a great card, but combo that with Afterblaze…

…my god.


Solarius is just a 2x must have because Lyonar has always had the problem of running out of steam lategame, and thus Solarius.


Is sky burial worth it? I just hit rank 10 and am using 2x martyrdom in my similar argeon deck :slight_smile:


The problem with Martydom (outside Zi’ran) is that it gives health back to the enemy General, which is obviously a problem. Play Sky Burial? Problem solved.


Ya, i was using 1 judgement n 1 martyrdom but i recently swapped for 2 martyrdom, got paranoid of not being able to answer big unit drops lol. Do you think second sun is ok running afterblazes n blessing too? Im using 2 right now n 1 icg n 2 kron. I have cards so thats not an issue, hes worked out good for me so far climbing the ladder but dunno if 2 more icg would be better overall but i hate magmar killing my icgs lol :slight_smile:


Second Sun is kinda bad because dispels / displacement render it useless. Although I suppose you can pull a surprise Divine Bond, why do that when you can just play Kron?