Artifact Vetruvian Post-Shimzar

Hey guys and gals! Pylons is back at it again with Artifact Vetruvian. This is one of my favorite decks to play in the entire game, and we got a couple tools in Shim’zar to play with.
Falcius is really really good. I’m sure you know this already; however, in this deck we’re playing Time Maelstrom, which is now good even without artifacts on (not a great play, but its pretty good)!
The deck has a lot of the core concepts you need in a combo deck: the combo, the disruption, and the stall. New to the deck but not the game is boneswarm. This replaced maw for me when I realized that the deck can win by just going face with ankh for 1-2 turns, then combo. Remember that 6 mana is where you start looking for it: staff, tears, maelstrom is 12 damage for 6 mana.
Some other tech choices:

  • Spinecleaver is one most won’t get at first, but hexblade isn’t there except to deal some solid damage as they clear it, and spinecleaver does that + gives you a positioning tool.

  • Hollow Grovekeeper is for the overabundance of Kron in the game atm.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you guys might have, just ask :slight_smile:

Decks working exactly how they're supposed to

How consistent is the combo? I tried several versions of an artifact build but I seem to fail to get to lethal alot of times.


I find the deck more consistent than most give it credit for. There is some luck involved, and if you get salty when the deck doesn’t work I would not recommend it. But the wins are /very/ satisfying.


Ahem, what’s the use of Zirix over Sajj? Sajj leads to a lot more removal of big end game units.
Plus Falcius + Sajj BBS is literally a hex-blades worth of value.


I believe it’s a case of personal preference. Zirix BBS allows him to always have a 1st wish target. Sajj does a better job of obliterating minions.


Zirix also has the surprise factor. From my experience playing a similar deck, your chances of winning are affected astronomically by whether or not your opponent realises what you’re really trying to pull.

…hence my reticence to post anything about Artifact Vet. Keep it hush y’all.


Mainly because Sajj’s BBS doesn’t actually do as much as a 2/2. Most Scenarios where Sajj is better than Zirix is because you’re against Lyonar or someone misplayed. Dispel is better removal than damage. A 2/2 gives you consistent First Wish targets and allows better positioning.


Personally, Sajj seems fundamentally different from most other generals in that her BBS, while unable to be spammed, generates more value than any other if the situation is right. Getting to Falcius + BBS or Artifact + BBS once during an entire game is well worth having a sub par ability on the other turns.

I find her a bit similar to Kaleos; their BBS are weak on average but devastating when they work.


Exactly, situational but more valuable when they do go off.


Today a Sajj crushed my dreams of reaching rank 4 in the most savage way. If she gets to pull a time maelstrom, like this one did … oh boy, and there is no other BBS that can do that., literally cleared my board


Exactly, interesting though, a Sajj used TM to clear board? hmm…


well, she had an anhk equipped, so she cleared 2 straight lines which was pretty much my board jajaja