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Artifact Reva S rank Decklist


My main issue with your version is the complete lack of Geomancer. I find it very useful and it suits my playstyle well.


the midrange kaleos lists on the august power rankings both look pretty derpy and not representative of what is being played on ladder. i’d run the one with scarzig over the one with a 1-of heaven’s eclipse and no killing edge.


Ah, that is true, I didn’t notice when i was just glancing over it, I actually always thought it was wrong for many of the past Kaleos (and Reva) midrange lists to be running Zendo but not KE, basically wins the game when it goes off and I always found it to be an exceptional way to win certain matchups. Plus with the backstab 2 drops it’s very nice. KE is just a fantastic card really.

Back on the the topic of Artifact Reva, I’m going to share what I think doesn’t seem to be a very popular opinion, and I’d like to hear people’s opinion on; if you are running Flicker/MoS as a win condition you should run Shidai. So I’d run Reva in Alplod’s list, but Shidai in Reignzu’s, for Jay’s I think either, leaning slightly to Reva.

I always thought that Shidai’s BBS was a pretty good fit for arti-hai, but Reva BBS sort of fits the control shell a little better, and then with Reva you run Geomancer anyway. But half of Shidai’s BBS interact very favourably with Bangle (kotesu/kiyomori), one is a great fill in for running draw spells (murasame) which let’s you dig for combo pieces (or removal), and the last (tanahashi) is great for avoiding attacks, but critically clears a backstab bodyguard for just 1 mana.

I think both generals have strengths and weaknesses in the deck, but everyone just runs Reva cause she’s ‘the better general’. I guess I’m oversimplifying it a lot. Though I find Shidai more fun to play, so I’m probably biased.

tldr; reva for better control, shidai for better combo.


I kinda agree on your Shidai remark. My MoS deck attempts were Shidai exclusively due to her superior mobility.

It’s also tempting to run BRM/4WM in any Shidai list, but Artihai is pretty tight in space, and BRM doesn’t synergize well with other artifacts sadly. But this approach may also be valid theoretically.


Funny story, we tested out a hyper list with the same general kit bit skimping slightly on mobility spells due to her own inherent maneuverability so we’d end up still playing Crypto and Geomancer but could double up on early pings with stuff like BRM and 4Winds.

Granted without going as extreme I still think 4Winds is decent tech, even if it’s severely tempo negative against Ragnora/non Titan Ziran.


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