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Artifact Reva S rank Decklist


Good day, to keep it brief I haven’t exactly been playing much ladder lately (mostly been playing Gauntlet and catching up on other things) so my handle on the meta might be shaky at best. Regardless after sizing up that despite the prevalence of Ragnora, that the Format wasn’t as guarded against Artifacts as I would have thought and with Trail decks being very popular and very good matchups for the deck I decided to give the old girl a spin.

Eventually the deck went 21-2 through Diamond (thanks extra chevrons) and 8-2 in S for a combined run of 29-4 during the course of testing.

I wouldn’t rate the deck a meta slayer by any means but it has a very solid matchup against popular trail decks as well as being the more consistent, faster, and having more damage output over time than the bizarrely more popular Firestorm Mantra.

TLDR, good deck and does what i want a ladder deck to do which is boast a certain number of “free wins” matchups, even if you probably won’t see it on any tierlist (seriously how did Midrange Kaleos get on there again?)

As always, feel free to ask any questions and have fun.



Yeah, I think I suck at this game after all. It’s official everybody.

In any case, it’s obvious that artihai can be piloted to enormous success in the right hands, just takes a lot practice. Good work :smile:.


Don’t be hard on yourself ;P, different playstyles suit different players and even the very good ones (which I assure you I’m not) can play the same list very differently.

I will say that it wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that I have more games played with the archetype than anyone in the game today, so that’s something I guess.


That looks…usefull. I will Scroll Bandit Inner Focus that. Thanks Jay.


I have several issues/questions with your list.

  1. Twin Strike, how good is it? I tend to skip it in my lists.
  2. Which finisher is preferable/ used more often? Backstab or slowly chipping with Ranged/PF?
  3. 1 off OBS, is it enough?
  4. When to equip backstab Mask?

Either that or you just didn’t find variation that suits your needs. Artihai is my go to list for grinding, but I play different variation.

  1. Twin Strike is very good at controlling board early on and acts as draw while you set up later combo turns. When Spear rotated you’d be right to pass on it but being able to have board control/draw early is too good to pass up.

  2. Read your hand/situation. In general Mask is simply a means to generate value off of Cyclone as you chip away at them and is better the closer they are to you while Cyclone punishes them for staying away. Normally I’ll only really go for a backstab turn if I have Bangle equipped and/or I feel I have enough damage to close out on followup turns. It IS often correct just do do 8-10 damage to them with a strong backstab to put them on the backfoot.

  3. OBS is bad, the end.

  4. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ok to expand on the above the short of it is this, large minions arent seeing so much play that you need OBS to clear them, the only real exception being Ironcliffe, which’s increased presence would alter how I build the list. EMP was a issue pre nerf but as a 7/7 you can clear it with either damage or a single backstab and Wanderer in general is a muchup you can just run around them in circles while they play minions with too much testosterone that look at you funny.

  5. When not playing against Vet its always correct to equip MoS on your t1 as p1 IF you do not have a Spear instead, even better if you have a Cyclone to follow up with. Rarely will I pre equip a Bangle, that just seems actively bad unless I really need the movement boost.

Firestorm Mantra S rank, August update

Thanks for your detailed answer. Now I have some new stuff to think of.


I also played this deck recently, it’s good counter for wanderer.
But i run more mobility tools.
Combination of range and backstab are amazing. :heart:

Btw @eurasianjay why not using Zendo?
Zendo save my life a few times (Titan Lyonar, Ragnora, Brome), especially when i have MoS equipped.


Zendo was primarily only ever to counter Magmar and Vanar respectively and since the nerf both does less damage and is no longer immune to plasma storm and Vanar no longer plays Shroud so two of its biggest uses were curtailed to a degree.

Still a solid card but I’d possibly favour 4 Winds over it as my tech of choice against Titan and just doubling as artifact removal due to its much cheaper cost.


I agree with that completely LOL. I was playing with AlphaCentury’s Burnhorn list in Diamond and I had a ~50-60% winrate which obviously wasn’t good enough to get me anywhere. Making some of my own adjustments to the deck made me go 8-0 and I laddered to S-Rank pretty fast.

@phoenixtoasches don’t be hard on yourself man haha. I’m sure you’re not as “bad” as you think you are :slight_smile:


hmm, i think i’ll stay with Zendo.
Thanks btw. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kaleos is underrated asf…
The version on the tierlist isn,t that good…but a more aggresive version with wild tahr can make short work of many decks
It autowins against swarm unless very unlucky
It can rush wanderer down and zirix aswell with decent draw
It has no REALY bad matchups.Yes even heal zir,an…you just need to stop fighting her head on and insted SLOWLY grind her down with zendo and Bakezori
Heres my list

This is my climb to S from last month or the month before(not certain :confused: )


You’re just a pro at this specific deck, just as @epicflygon is the pro at Midrange Vanar or OP is the pro at Artihai. Your winrate proves that your deck is decent and you are piloting it like a boss, not that this deck is super duper powerful.

No offence. You may even find a compliment there.


I haven’t play Kaleos since the patch 1.96 nerfs, but I’ll give this or something similar a few games I think. List looks pretty tight, but I’d definitely want to run battle panddo. Additionally I’m curious what you disagree with on the DC decklists, I guess there’s two, but they both look sorta fine (I’d not play the Scarzig one, but whatever)

Also Jay, I’d say Kaleos is still on there because it’s just sort of slowly slipping down the rankings. Most people don’t have time to play every deck and if they don’t play it or vs it they just assume it was wherever about where they rated it last time. I have the same feeling about a couple of other decks.

I think also it’s partly to do with the current stagnation of the game and some of the top players drifting away. It’s currently pretty hard to tell how good or bad a deck is since ladder success doesn’t mean so much, sometimes all it takes for a deck to shoot up is for someone to really champion it and try and show it’s good.

Anyway good job on what looks like was an excellent climb.


What i realy disagree with is the lack of wild tahr…with all the synergy in the deck it can quite easyly break your opponents back even if he trys to play around it
I also think the list is a bit too lategame focused.Flameblood combined with phoenix fires kill so much for me.
Theres already very little space left and given that the 3drop spot would be very heavy with panddo too(fox and tahr are essensial for this aggresive version in my opinion) and that the deck already has acceptable AOE i just don,t go for him
Jaguar and eclipse are just too slow for my taste.Kron might be good

In my mind:kaleos stands no chance vs dedicated lategamelists.So why not cast any lategame aside and COMPLETELY focus on what he is best at:dominating the earlygame.

Sorry for the messed up wording,kinda tired right now


Speaking of which… While you use many Kaleos staples, the list should be qualified as Aggro Kaleos rather than Midrange Kaleos. I find this approach rather fresh and interesting. Nobody I know plays anything similar in concept, even while most of these cards I see often. It’s the specific combination of them that makes the list special.

I also prefer kiting vs removal, I’m interested to see your list if you don’t mind.


The differemce betweem me and Jay is that Jay still plays the game and is good at it.

I’m technically the best Mid Faie player right now but that’s because it’s such an underplayed archetype.

I have been seeing lots of success with it but if I make mistakes I get punished so hard, it’s why my 6-1 record went to 6-4 after week 3 in Meltdown League.


It’s @iceyfire95 's deck in July’18 Power Rankings.
I just replaced 1 Cobra Strike for 1 extra Flicker.


I still play Stabless version myself:


I never made a version with the Shadow Mask, which I would pilot better than this one. But now after Jay’s comments I think the reason is my conservative use of it, I should probably revisit my other drafts.

Currently I use -2 HE +2 Cobra strike or Barrage, I don’t remember.


Yeah Eclipse should be replaced.
Also if you go full kiting (+flicker), there is no reason to play OBS/Pandamonium imo.
Flicker is not only used for MoS.