Artifact Hai. Shoot and Run


well he was position 33 or something like that on s rank. he shouldn’t be too bad.
but yeah i guess he did some mistakes.
its just that when he got surrounded he had to dump his hand to clear my board. as his deck didn’t have any removal apparently. i don’t know maybe he just got a horrible hand or something.
i think i did lose once to a songhai artefact deck, the guy topdecked 2 backstub artefacts for exact lethal (and juxta to remove the minion i put to block my back) on ~6 mana turn or something like that. it just feels more RNG based deck than meltdown from what i’ve seen so far.
my experience might change later into the patch.


If he used backstab artifacts, then you have seen a completely different deck, with different tools and wincon in spite of the fact he also used artifacts.

To be honest, the deck I present really struggles against Obelysk Vet and Control Vanar archetypes. It’s not perfect, sure, but it’s definitely playable.

EJ’s deck will probably have better time against Obelysk Vet, but Faie is still a harder matchup.

And also, as I already mentioned, the player piloting the deck should avoid situation where he has to dump his hand. It is usually possible by using teleportation, running and artifact based removal.

But as I don’t see many matches against control Hai, I assume that this archetype will never become popular, not because it’s hard to pilot, but mostly since it’s more fun to summon beefy and interesting minions to most players. I main Control Hai, cause I like being non mainstream)

EDIT. Sorry if I act too defensive of my idea. I hope you understand :slight_smile:


no worries man, i want to play songhai, they were my main before the last nerfs, i really enjoyed the burn reva playstyle as it forced you to think every turn as if it was a daily challenge. trying to find the best possible play and maybe even multiple steps lethal.

if you don’t mind i would like to have some friendly games with you, to see the deck’s potential it’s hard to judge based on rumors, or maybe watch some of your replays. add me if you don’t mind.


Sure. My IGN is the same as forum name.


I play similar deck with grincher which is great card in this deck. I believe you just need more creature and draw. So you should add spelljamer and some turn 2 drop. Also I added jux and Zendo. I also play ki beholder which is op in this deck with jux.

when you have celerity and discount artefact in hand + saberspine seal you can enjoy your OTK


Grincher is pure fun! However, if you get releaser or smth like that - it becomes slightly less fun)


a bit late to the party, but I figured I’d add my own list (apologies on the crappy format) following my climb:

basically a modified janky with dioltas.

This lil’ reaper works surprisingly well, with a 5 dmg swing often netting lethals in grindy games this list thrives on. Tombstone further helps with running shinanigans, pinning the opponent in place or enabling you to get in close for bangle lethals sans cyclone.

She’s also really nice vs vanar (usually baits a cold, freeing up charges and zendo turns lategame) and ESPECIALLY mag (pinned vaath is a sad vaath). Position around blood of air when playing against vet.


I think it should be said that these runhai lists differ from those which run BRM - something several s rankers were experimenting with this past week.

BRM lists usually run more minions (to maximize jux’s value) and play more aggressively from the start, whereas these lists are effectively control lists with burst potential in saberspine/ Phoenix Fire shinanigans.


not sure what BRM is, but this is definetely control deck.
however this seems harder to make work than artefact sajj at this point.

i’ve seen some potential in artefact songhai with this type of deck but i’m not yet convinced that it’s actually good. i feel llike if you run around the corners the opponent can catch you with positioning, if you run on near the border and opponent keeps closer to middle he can esentially catch you even if you move twice the distance most of the time, without proper removal he can just fill the board with minions and not leave a safe place to hide out of range.

other major weaknesses of this would be:

  1. fae, she with her bbs can conviniently remove artefacts even if you kite her she will catch up pretty fast, or just destroy them.
  2. artefact sajj with spinecleaver, she gets 1 totem and you will be pinged twice between each of your turns effectively making your artefacts die in 2 turns max, she gets 2 totems and your artefacts get destroyed after 1 turn of yours.

while sajj may be somewhat rare, fae is on top of the meta so not sure how good this deck for climbing.


BRM = BloodRage Mask.

Other than that, your analysis seems perfect, even if a bit too pessimistic.

I personally now have 2 pandamonium + 3 crescent spear+ 3 ghost lightning for that occasional but unrealiable full board clear.


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