Artifact Hai. Shoot and Run


Hi, buddies!

I’ve been a long time fan of CrankyHai aka SpearHai aka ControlHai. The decklist below has the same idea but with another sauce. Meet ArtifactHai! (Still in test period though).

I believe the list is selfexplanatory. Run and Shoot. With insane amounts of mobility you have the opponent just can’t catch you. Bangle+Mask equipped+Saberspine cast=10 dmg from anywhere on the map. Just piss your opponent off running like crazy, onyx bear his provokes, use ghost lightning on his swarms and shoot right into his face!

The serious part. You really really need to have you cyclone mask as soon as possible. You can wait 1-2 turns with all the control oriented spells, but you won’t be doing any face damage if you don’t have it. Also, your health is precious, act super defensively if you can’t shoot.

About cards. Ethereal blades are not super effective, since most of the time you only use it on heartseeker you just summoned to buff your genera.l However buffing your general with the full set of artifacts equipped is satisfying. I added them because you can have only so much saberspine seals.

Grincher is just for fun. I’d probably substitute it with something like 2*Geomancer + Calligrapher or even spiral, but I can’t since once I had Dawn’s Eye+Bangle+Cyclone and became personally attached to this guy.

That’s all folks! Any thoughts?

No minion Songhai burn deck
Banglehai anyone?

I’d change ethereal blades with artifact hunter for the sake of getting the artifacts up sooner. The deck falls too easily when it’s core cards, the ranged artifact, fails to appear. Pandamonium might see play due you’re running 3 spear and 3 lightnings.


The usual problem of artifact decks)

Artifact hunter is a nice option.


It seems like it has not enough draw. So many 1-2 mana spells yet barelly any draw. There are no minions so you will very likely lose in tempo very badly. If you can get the ranged artefacts on turn 1-2 it might be playable but otherwise not sure how this is supposed to win.

The teleporting can always be mitigated by positioning so you aren’t going to run in circles around the opponent.

If i was to try something like this i think i would get alot of neutral provoke minions. This isn’t a OTK deck, you can’t giveup on board. And privoke might let you kite the opponent more reliably.


Updated deck.

About the choices.

-3 Grincher - we had fun times and got to diamond, but now it’s farewell.
-2 Ethereal blades - just not good enough.
-3 lantern foxes - cause we actually have enough draw.
+1 pandamonium to search for in case of dreaded mech decks.
+2 Geomancer - to have an inevitable win condition. And for better control just in case.
+2 Spiral - Another win con.
+3 Artifact Hunter - cause you know… artifacts.

Just checked this version in diamond. 7 wins 3 losses. I guess, it’s ok, since tbh I’m not the best pilot. I like theorycrafting more than playing)

This deck has hard time against any Faie, obelysk Zirix and any mech. Lyonar and Magmar seemed like walk in the park. Or better to say - run in the park :wink:

Overall, less fun without Grincher, but more potency.

The state of the Songhai Empire

I can argue on all your points. At least if we are speaking about gold-diamond.

There is just enough draw. As you may see, I left even less draw in my second version, since I found out that I actually don’t have to waste all my mana or cards every turn. When I have artifacts equpped (more often than not) I just teleport away and go face. We do really have lots of teleports. Also, with geomancer added, we always have card independant removal. Also, twin strike is a nice cantrip. If only I had cantripping mana vortex)

2)[quote=“raviel1234, post:4, topic:9028”]
The teleporting can always be mitigated by positioning so you aren’t going to run in circles around the opponent.

Here I do agree. If only my opponents have spread their army over the battlefield, I’d have hard time. But in 10 games I played in Diamond and another plenty of games I played in gold nobody ever does this. Problems arise in obelysks, which are hard to remove via damage, and in Vanar which can just stun you. Otherwise army runs in circles after you. But Hai is faster.

3)[quote=“raviel1234, post:4, topic:9028”]
If i was to try something like this i think i would get alot of neutral provoke minions. This isn’t a OTK deck, you can’t giveup on board. And privoke might let you kite the opponent more reliably.

That is another option. However this almost solo deck means that:

  1. You are not afraid of Reaper of the 9 Moons.
  2. Any removal in your opponent’s deck has absolutely no use. And now people seem to take lots of removal.
  3. Your tactics is unpredictable at the first few turns of the match.
    4)Solo is fun.

    n) Profit


Really surprised, and would suggest, trying obscuring blows x2 in the deck (probably in place of the saberspine seals). No damage dealt back to you, artifacts stay in better condition, stacks, requires dispel on you to remove, longer lasting and poses more of a threat than saberspine.


Then I should use all the backstab-related stuff to raise consistency. It’ll be a OTK deck similar to the 3rd one here: Here are seven theorycrafted decks to try out once the expansion hits.

And I’m also going to try it a bit later))


I’ve been testing these archetypes for a very long time, so glad to see someone else taking up the mantle aside from Cranky and myself.

Here’s the latest update so far if you’re interested

He recently changed to

-1 vortex

  • 1Zendo

I favor Spiral over Pandemonium myself but there’s plenty of wiggle room imo.

Good luck!


I see you don’t rely on mobility and artifacts as much as I am. In this case, is bangle actually better than bloodrage mask? I agree that it is more fun, but did deck’s perfomance become better?

Thanks for kind words, BTW :slight_smile:


"There’s a new version of Jankyhai (Jay Cranky) brewing"
This was said in an article written by Myw. Would this happen to be that deck?


I think I played Against you or someone with a similar deck… I like how he would move around so much… I can’t wait for the cross faction game to Come out. Being able to have celerity, time, autruch gift, maelstrom and tears on the same deck.



if only i had bangle


Me and Cranky haven’t so much of been collaborating as simply sharing ideas. The core of the deck was never really in question compared to the original list from September although the departure from Blood Rage would be the biggest difference compared to our older lists.

Originally the idea was to still include BRM and as a result keep Mana Vortex with a heavy HE/Twin Strike package but BRM is clunky and hard to fit into the decklist as all 9 other masks are very much the core now imo.

Vortex might seem out of place when you cut BRM but in actuality it is a enabler to a lot of your more powerful Twin Strike or Eclipse turns and even discounting Saberspines are very valuable.

The 3rd Vortex eventually made way for the second Zendo as that improves the Faie matchup immensely, especially with the addition of Geomancer, which only further strengthen that matchup, granted since the deck’s inception we were always high on Zendo anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Best Artifact based Reva list atm, though plenty of room for experimentation and tech options as we’re still in early testing phase and this type of list tends to do vastly better once you have a more clear idea of the meta at large.


Bloodrage has a place over Spear in a more OTK focused list but those are much harder to pilot and my results with those havent nearly been as good. That said I’ve been getting S for 6 months with the same basic shell so I haven’t really explored the freedom offered to you by cutting the Spear and AoE package, though i’d imagine you’d go a more mobility focused route. My only concern is that in such a list you’d be at the mercy of your draws as we really do not have good card draw alternatives at lower mana points anymore.

For such a list my advice would be the Vortex/HE package with Juxtaposition as you really are looking to simply be the faster deck, I’d have to test the variations out myself though.



because I have bangle :>


Congrats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m too lazy…:stuck_out_tongue:


That is only for time being. I’ve played against someone with similar deck to yours today (he was s rank ~33). He played all his cards early and by 5 mana turn he was topdecking while i had ~5 cards in hand and big tempo advantage. I guess he was just trying that deck, maybe he didn’t get the cards he wanted but overall it feels like it’s very draw dependant, you need particular artefacts to do anything. And since draw options are few you could end up topdecking really fast while having almost no removal. If opponent is strong against artefacts, like fae or vetruvians you may have even harder time trying to compete.

If it works for you, great, maybe i’ll give it a try at some point, songhai were my main before they got double nerfed in the last patch…


In other words a bad Songhai player hand dumped against you and expected to not lose?