Art book digital released, physical?


The digital version of the art book was released the other day, but the email from Counterplay had no information about the physical art book? When can we expect it to be delivered?


I’ve just got a mail saying that the physical artbook was cancelled… I was waiting so much for this I’m really really disappointed.


WTF? Did not get such a mail. Are they going to refund people having backed for it then? Cause some digital files does not make up for the lack of a physical product. Absolutely disappointing, the artwork of this game deserves a proper art book. Not to mention it could have been a driver for getting more players to the game as well.


I got an email about the artbook being scrapped as well. :persevere:

I backed the Dawn of the Duelysts thing to get one. I was informed that I would get a refund as well as a care package of some sort.


this is bullshit, the more time passes the more kickstarter backers are getting shatfed, to this day, backing the KS doesn’t mean sh*t anymore since everything either changed or was cancelled.
At the time I was disappointed I couldn’t back it but now, I think it’s reassuring when you witness the absolute mess backer rewards has become.


To be honest, they’re probably going to send people pins or what-have-you. But the logistics behind print are insane unless you’re in a large contract. At the studio I work for, we do our prints in-house because even though we love the local printshop, 24x36 prints are insanely expensive in any decent volume (A full set of plans is usually 18-27 pages) because otherwise the print shop would have to take a loss on materials or labor. Ken probably didn’t have much experience in the field of print when he set that as backer reward- thinking that because they are popular, it would be doable. But even a modest 50 page artbook would take atleast a week of editing to keep the margins tight, the art well placed etc. and then a massive cost for the physical print (pages, spines, covers, ink, vinyl, labor, fees that go towards repairing printers, etc. not even factoring the printer’s need to make a profit.)


This is life everything does go according to plan. From my experience physical art books are the first to go since it ends up costing more then they can afford. They kept the really flashy doghai and Lynor custom general skins. They couldn’t keep the exclusive factions cause they don’t want a select few player to have a faction and it be op and have to balance for that. But we did get 1 copy of each card at that time.


Hey guys, we apologize for the art book not having a physical print, it just turned out to be something we could not feasibly do. We are working on a replacement though for all the backers and Dawn of the Duelyst supporters. Once again we want to apologize that it didn’t work out, and we hope the alternative that we are working on will be a good replacement for the art book.

Kickstarter physical rewards question 2.2.2017

I appreciate the cost can be high for a decent book. But, and here is where you need to think outside just numbers, you have account for the hard to quantify value in a proper art book spreading word and prestige of your game. After all, the fantastic art work is the main immediate draw for people getting into Duelyst in the first instance. Add in the value of more players in the game, and the cost of the book is no longer that staggering.


If your choice is “develop the game” or “make the art book because the project lead didn’t understand the logistics of printing”, it’s better for the company and the community to continue game development full speed ahead.

Consider also, that CPG probably needs to actually hire more people who design and develop seimultaneously, they’re probably still hurting for sufficient staff for quality-of-life design, bug squashing, and other severely key things. Affording the art book probably would have required cutting staff, slowing development etc. So the digital version is just the proper compromise- because anything more ambitious would have actually made the game itself worse for it.


If the choice is between developing the game and printing an art book then CP really are in dire straits. Let’s hope they are not in that bad a situation. Also, no overlap between skill sets for doing a layout of an art book and bug squashing and UI design, no reason why you could not have people doing both unless you are almost broke.

Short term financial gain seems to be prioritised over brand image and credibility. Well, this is nothing new in kickstarter campaigns, but there is a cost to be paid for it.


Going to be really honest with you.

I saw the Duelyst kickstarter and decided to shy away simply on the basis that the incentives were too pie-in-the-sky. I didn’t think the game would get off of the ground (especially after becoming a card game.) The fact that they’ve made good on any of the incentives or stretch goals is sortof astounding- and the fact that they’ve picked up development staff in the last few months is a testament to the project keeping the interest of it’s playerbase.

And again, the issue comes from $35 ea. not actually covering the cost of what it takes to make such an artbook. Blizzard, for example- could do these for their titles, because they had already entered massive contracts with print companies for the WoW TCG. But actually producing 500 of these things at a loss would adversely effect CPG’s ability to continue building the game, and making effective outreach towards bringing in new players. The fact that they aren’t even running with the kickstarter money, and are trying to find suitable, reasonable substitutes with things that they have already have a grip on producing- also shows that they care about their brand.

Counterplay, what is the status of the backer rewards?

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