Armory, Mobile, and Google Playstore


I’ve been waiting for the mobile version a while now. Google gave me some playstore credits a while back and I want to spend them on some orbs but its getting harder and harder to fight the urge not to use them for some other games. So,

  1. Anyway to turn playstore credits into money for my Steam wallet (even at a slight loss)?
  2. Anyway to directly pay Duelyst w/ said credits?
  3. Any firm dates on android launch?

Fairly certain I’ll get No, No, No. as an answer but thought maybe someones found a loop hole


I did some searching for you:

There’s this and that’s about it; everything else says “no.”

No, for the same reason as above; companies make their own wallet functions so you HAVE to commit the money to their service. It’s similar to the reason you can’t use Paypal on Amazon; they’re competitors.

Well, if Q1 2017 is firm to you, then boy, have I got a surprise…

It’s sometime in Q1 2017 :stuck_out_tongue: so like 2 months at max.


Thx for the reply… No new info unfortunately :frowning:

I guess it’ll just have to be an exercise in patience. This Boss Crate is not helping.


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