Argeon Tempo/Aggro Deck (Open to advice)


EDIT: Deck has been updated. Differences: -2 Skorn, -2 Sun Wisp, -2 Healing Mystic, +2 Afterblaze, +1 Slo, +1 Holy Immolation, +2 Primus Fist. Works much better now, managed to get to rank 7 in a few matches.

Hey guys! So I have this deck of mine that I’ve been using for the past few weeks to climb ladder (with the limited options I had) and got to rank 9 with it. Now I dropped two Krons from orbs so I decided to dust them for 1800, and crafted one regalia, leaving me at 1300 with the spirit I had before. And now, I have no idea how to improve this deck anymore or what to spend my spirit on.

FOR NEWER PLAYERS: This deck is fine if you just aim to get to gold (rank 10), but if you aim higher you might want to look elsewhere, as I’m far from perfect at deck building.

Here it is:

Win Condition: Divine bond.
Secondary win condition: Holy immolation + BBS + sheer minion damage.

Card Choices:
Slo: This is a recent addition, I just crafted it to experiment, and so far it seems rather nice! I use it for turn 1 plays, or slap it on when I spawn a very expensive minion I want to protect, works quite well in both cases, I’d say. An additional provoke never hurts. Plus it’s adorable, lol.
Afterblaze: Works well with divine bond, pretty much +6 divine bond damage. Can also be used to create efficient trades.
Primus Fist: +2 damage and a decent body, also a turn 1 play if nothing else is available.
Repulsor Beast: Kinda makes up for the lack of removal, chose this over martyrdom as I don’t want to heal the opponent.
Sojourner+Spelljammer: Much needed card draw. Sojourners seemed a bit slow so I added a Spelljammer.
Dioltas+Ironcliffe: Divine bond targets, win condition.
Holy Immolation: Secondary win condition, or helps to clear minions, or just push towards lethal.
Other cards are kinda obvious choices imo.

Why I didn’t choose:
Solarius: Feels like it’s too expensive and easily removed. Plus I don’t want to spend most of my spirit on it.
Grandmaster Z’ir: Was thinking about this, but honestly I’d rather have something more offensive than a last resort card. Not to mention it can get dispelled or removed.
Healing Mystic: This one has been included in my deck before, but has been replaced by Primus Fist, which works better.
Ephemeral Shroud: Feels underwhelming after the nerf. I need to lock down and trade with my opponent, and a 1/1 body isn’t that great. Not to mention Sun Bloom does a 2x2 dispel.
Lightbender: This card is good, but I have quite a few 4 drops I’d rather play already, and also it can get a bit tricky to position this guy correctly when locking down the opponent with provokes.

Any feedback is welcomed, and sorry for any mistakes, these happen when you try to type at 3AM. xD

Is Holy Immolation balanced?
  1. Yes
  2. Slo is a one turn general lock, a free mana tile, and a great HI target. 3 of em, every deck. Sun Wisp is decent but with Bloodtear and Cass it’s hard to find room for him.
  3. I always run 2 Skorn, not sure about Tempest.
  4. 2 Shrouds and 2 Repulsors is enough, drop the Sun Blooms

With the spirit make another Regalia and a HI


Btw this a tempo (aggro) Argeon, not really a control deck.


Alright, looks good. Gonna remove the sun wisps and get the third slo and HI in. Thanks for the feedback.
Gonna try out the Shrouds instead of Sun Bloom, not very sure about it though.


It was supposed to be a control deck, but kinda changed over time. I meant control as in locking the opponent down with provokes to limit his options.

You’re right, changed the title to prevent misleads.


I would take out the 2 sun wisps for Tempest, Healing Mystic for Primus Fists, and I’d try to find room for 2 Afterblazes, probably in the spot of Skorn. 3 Holy Immolations are definitely worth having, I feel like you have enough draw between sojourner and spelljammer you dont need wisps to cycle, I feel like 3 sunblooms are enough, this is a tempo deck, you use buffs like your BBS and Afterblaze and Primus Fists to buff things and to remove things in order to gain tempo.