Are you also sad to see the daily challenge go?


This is something I’ve been meaning to suggest for a while now, and I suppose now is as a good a time as any since the daily challenge is officially on hold.

Would it be possible to add an in-game interface for everyone to create their own challenges like the daily challenge? Essentially, each of them would be the same “find the lethal” challenge. We could also have challenges of varying difficulty made by the community.

The game already has a very small section of solo challenges similar to this, but if we anyone could make challenges, it would be essentially infinite content for people who like to problem solve.

Let me know what you think about the idea or if you’d change anything. I certainly have looked forward to the daily challenge for as long as I’ve been playing Duelyst, so I’d love to see it expanded upon if at all possible!


Not even a little. Headache with a paltry, irrelevant reward that was not worth the time or aggravation. I never bothered doing them.


i liked them, they were fun and interesting. they also make me learn more about the cards :smile:


I would love to have that system, I’ve seen it asked for before. I doubt it would be high on CPG’s priority list as it would take a lot of time and effort to create something that only furthers the community and not the game, but it would be super fun to play around with. Daily challenges are actually what got me back into this game, the solo challenges were one of my favorite parts. But they said they have plans to implement them in a new way, so I’m not too upset to see them go :slight_smile:


Yes very much so. I like puzzles. I like Duelyst. I especially like Duelyst puzzles.


Daily Challenge was the primary reason why I kept logging in each night.

I play a LOT of different games across different genres and styles, and Duelyst is my card game of choice. Each night after work, I go through my list of games on Steam (note: I add non-Steam games to the list as well) to see which jump out as a game I wish to devote my limited time.

Duelyst became my quick go-to because of the Daily Challenge. I love puzzles, and this game is visually, audibly, and functionally satisfying for me.

Before starting a Daily Challenge, I would replace the faction quest if it’s not a faction I’m [currently] interested in playing. If it’s the faction I’m playing (was Magmar until last weekend and is now Lyonar; I’m ribbon hunting), I’m more enticed to continue playing. I’ll do the Daily Challenge and see how I feel afterwards.

Now that the Daily Challenge is not available, Duelyst became another game in my list I may play. This week has already seen to me skipping Duelyst in favor of other games. I’ll pop back in at some point before the end of the month as I’m just one game from Gold, and then I’ll likely hibernate again until next season as climbing to Diamond just isn’t incentive enough for me to continue playing.

Here’s to hoping they have Daily Challenges again and even expand into player-created content or at least randomly generated challenges or other single/casual player game modes.


Daily Challenges: If you could, would you make them and bring them back?

Challengers aren’t gone forever yet. Think of it being on hiatus instead. To be fair the challenges had been repeating for a while, so having them be gone for a bit will hopefully be a good thing since people can create a bunch of them. So the challenges won’t repeat.

Also in case anyone missed it, you can sign up to show interest in creating daily challenges.
The original link to the form is in the patch notes as well. Just before the monthly cards section.


Daily Challenges were fun little things. I liked them. Am I sad to see them go? Probably not, they’ll return one day.


Really? I’m not sad, tbh.
I’m so hyped about boss battles and continuous draft - so I forgot was “daily challange” once was! :sunglasses:


I only login to play the daily challenge QQ


Yes, it was a good way to learn mechanics and think about complex strategies for plays. It was a good way to improve, too bad they were repeated so much lately


Not really in a way the daily challenge was keeping a “story mode” type thing from happening imagine if they used all the Vaath challenges add dash of story between each one then add boss encounter at the end.Puzzles are cool but they could be used way better and it looks like they are going to do something better with the resources.

Plus the puzzles were often not challenging as well.Now they can release more solo challenge with really hard well crafted puzzles.


Was the favorite part of my day.


Yes I am a bit sad, but hopefully they’ll return in some form.


I hope it returns soon. It was a nice incentive to log in if I didn’t have much time on my hands to play real games, plus it acts as a tutorial of sorts.


They were a little fun, and a good way to learn card interactions, but with a lot of them the difficulty was not worth the reward.


Presumably, Counterplay have access to the game logs of every game that’s ever been played.

To find more daily challenges, all they need to do* is search all the logs for winning turns where all or nearly all of the winning general’s mana and cards were used, and where a large number of minions (preferably with taunt) were destroyed. Some of them will just be showing off, but some of them will be people finding creative ways to get lethal.

* “All you need to do” is what you say to a programmer when you have absolutely no idea how to accomplish the task you’re about to describe.


Oh, and, I’ve another concept that builds on top of your suggestion. It’s one that’s been knocking around in my head for a while without a game to bolt it to: about how to encourage people to create this content other than for the fun of it.


When a user creates a challenge, they can set it up with a prize in gold, and a total prize pot. Each attempt costs 5g, the first successful attempt per person wins the prize (up to the prize pot limit to the creator isn’t bankrupted). The entry fee is paid into the creator’s account, and the prize taken from it.

This means that if you’re creating a challenge, you want to create one that will take many attempts before someone figures it out. If you’re confident your challenge is hard, a high prize might attract more people to attempt it. You might set your prize pot to allow 3 or 4 winners before the prize is exhausted and the puzzle is withdrawn. The ratio between the prize and the remaining pot controls how many people can attempt it at once. The ratio between the 5g entry fee and the prize establishes a “par” for how many attempts you think it should take someone.

Challenges and attempts should be limited by cards available in people’s collections - so if your puzzle requires the friendly general to have a Dark Seed and a Sphynx and the enemy general to have an Eclipse, then you’re only allowed to attempt if your collection contains a Dark Seed and a Sphynx, and you’re only allowed to create that challenge if YOUR collection includes a Dark Seed and a Sphynx and an Eclipse. That keeps the element of progression.

Challenges will also need the normal turn timer, so you can’t just stare at it all day to solve in one attempt.

And you add a challenge search facility, that shows currently active challenges, and allows you to search / sort by the prize and other stats.

Of course, it would be possible to cheat a bit, to solve it and then give the solution to your friends, to publish solutions and screenshot boards. But if it’s of the order of 5 gold as per the old challenges, then the incentive to cheat for profit vs have fun is reasonably low.


Would there be a max attempt limit?
Because without one you could trade gold :confused:

Also what about random effects? Like spawns of certain things, and things like meltdown. And what about drawing cards?


Personally I could care less about daily challenge and boss seems pretty meh. …

BUT, all this trying out new PVE modes and income from boss crates is good stuff for the future of the game :slight_smile: