Are servers down?


Can’t do anything in the game and log in, and looks like I’m not the only one.


Also can’t login.


Unable to login, players who were already logged in can’t queue. Also are unable to disenchant any cards or do anything meaningful in game.

@yaviey @stormshade


Also can’t login.


All in the same boat


… Is this Q4? (Sorry bad joke, sounded more humorous in my head, but just looks cynical on paper. Humor intended.)

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Yeah servers are down or not working, started about 20ish mins ago as I was streaming while it went down.


ded servers is q4 content confirmed


Can’t login either…




leeked dooly mobile screenshots beta gameplay


And we are back.


Can confirm servers are alive again.


Hi Folks,

Sorry about the delay, I was in a meeting and not watching email.

It looks like one of our providers went down and sadly brought down the game for a short time. Both the provider, and the game are now back up and operating as normal.



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