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Are Prismatic Progression Cards Useless?


Is there anyone else who thinks Prismatic/“shiny” Progression Cards are empty rewards? Maybe someone want’s to have an “all shiny” collection (gratz), but, as a new player, why would you ever keep a Prismatic Card that you could Disenchant for a card you don’t have?

Hearthstone has them too (and even though Hearthstone sucks), “shiny” cards are desirable because they’re animated --but all Duelyst cards are already animated and a Prismatic Card that I can’t disenchant is just clutter!

As they are now, Prismatic Cards are nothing more than a Disenchanting bonus.

SUGGESTION: Either let me disenchant Progression Cards (so then I feel rewarded with dust) or (at least) stack them.


It’s fun to have some free shiny cards, and if you don’t like them just ignore them.

I do agree however; that we shouldn’t have basic cards in the crafting menu, as it can get annoying to have to filter through stuff you don’t need to see.

Also, allowing prismatics to be used on top of, not just with other cards would completely change how decks run so it would be a bad change without designing around it. Not to mention the F2P people who would get pissed as anything to that change. Please there’s already enough salt on the forums let’s not contribute.


I don’t mean players would have x6 of a card, just that, by stacking them, I would only see 3 and could then choose wether they would appear as Prismatic.


Ok fair enough, that’s not a bad UI improvement. It would however be a disconnect between the other cards, and overall having the basics not be in the crafting menu in my opinion is a better improvement.


You can disable prismatic viewing in the options, near the top of the collection screen. If you’re disenchanting all your non-basic prismatics from the way you make it sound, then you should be fine without them.


Thanks, I hadn’t noticed! Prismatics irk me less now; though I still believe they’re lackluster… they’re too similar to a regular card… maybe a more bedazzling texture or a spawn animation shimmer/sparkle?

But now that they’re off… will I have reenable them next time I open a new Prismatic so I can disenchant it?

Also what is “Prismatic Crafting”? I click it and it does nothing (I Disenchated my Prismatic Cards)


You’ll have to reenable prismatics to find any you pull, yeah.

Prismatic crafting is how you craft prismatics, it makes the prismatic version of every non-progression card show up next to the normal version of itself in the crafting menu.

As for the effect, I think they’re fine the way they are; they’re still noticeable when they’re played (except some spells) and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on not having them. It suits both types of people. I don’t know if there is a special spawn animation (I’ve forgotten momentarily), but if there isn’t, I think a small particle effect could be nice.


Shouldn’t I feel like I’m missing out?


They really need an UX/UI Designer :stuck_out_tongue:
There is a lot of room for improvement, at least for some badly implemented patterns at start … :frowning:

About managing prismatics, if it may help, my routine is, after opening an Orb :

  • go to Collection
  • type “new” in search bar
  • all new appear only, in each faction list (where you have red badges with numbers)
  • browsing each section, when I see a prismatic, for instance “Rook”
  • type “Rook” in search bar
  • all “Rook” appear
  • if needed, I click [Crafting] button and disenchant it
  • when every Prismatic is managed, click the :gear: then “Dismiss New” to get rid of the small red badges left

And my everyday setup on this menu is this one :

Post for opinions on User Interface
[UI] Interface Fix Compilation

Because some people like the way they look just like people like golden cards in HS? Just because you think prismatic cards aren’t looking good enough to be worth keeping them doesn’t mean everyone shares that opinion.

Personally, I like how prismatic cards look. They look different enough for it to be noticeable but it’s not too much in your face. And when it comes to prismatic progression cards, I love how they are kind of a status symbol and represent one’s gametime/experience with the faction.


I don’t think that they are uselss but they are a strategy to give us a bigger number of cards tha we don’t need(we can’t use more than 3 copy of the same card) to collect and a way to give us more time to collect all cards from a set


For me disabling prismatics doesn’t affect basic cards, which is incredibly annoying.

Also, when you disable prismatics, you lose cards you might need, they don’t stack the cards, they just disappear. Have 1 normal & 1 prismatic lantern fox, if you disable prismatics then your 2 lantern foxes become only 1. I just want to remove the clutter from the damn library.


I have to disagree.

The current design of prismatic is seriously underwhelming compared to other TCGs. Prismatics should be as fancy as possible to set them apart from normal cards and make players really want them as a cool status symbol. After all they are only cosmetic vanity items and the more money CPG makes with these cosmetics the less they have to rely on the income from selling game-relevant content. In a perfect world selling cosmetics would be enough for them to turn a profit so they could hand out booster packs for free.


How do you want them to be more apart than they already are ? ALL cards are already animated, card backs are different cosmetics and Prismatics already glow all the time, when they’re played and as long as they are on the board, can they really do better than this ?


That prismatic particle effect looks like arse.

Look at how other TCGs do it. They have completely different design for the card itself which at the first glance shows that is something special.

Custom pixel sprite art would be nice, but it is too much work to do it for all the cards. Maybe one can find a way to procedurally generate the special prismatic version from the normal sprites. Maybe make it faction specific. For example, prismatic Abyssian minions are generated by putting some violet smoke beneath their feet or some summoning circle while spells get an violet aura at the edges of the screen in addition to the actual spell animation.

Be creative. The current design of foil cards is the most underwhelming, laziest design I have ever seen in any card game and it does not surprise me that players do not care for them and disregard them as mere disenchantment fodder.


The other time you and I disagreed, I used hearthstone as an example, and you said it was an insufficient comparison. Now it seems the tables are turned.

For the most part, shiny cards (that’s what I’m gonna call alternate showy cards as a whole from now on) in tabletop games are undesirable except to pad your deck’s worth; in YuGiOh, they’re terribly gaudy and overdone; in Magic, they make the cards substantially less durable even if you take proper care of them.

The appeal isn’t in how they look; the appeal is in the fact that they mean your cards are worth more than your competitors’. No visual effect is going to entice players who aren’t already interested in shiny cards; there is no reason beyond that personal appeal to superiority to own them, especially when the same amount of money/crafting material/time that went into them is infinitely more efficient when used to make other cards.


That IS a good idea. But regarding the current particle effects, it all comes down to one’s taste. I know I like them for example.


No clue what discussion you are referring to but I am positive it was not a discussion about visual design or something similar. In that regard I see not harm in comparing Duelyst to other TCGs including HS.

Saying that the appeal is not how special foil cards look is just asinine. Here is a video of someone going through his HS collection and talking for 8 minutes about how great the cards look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJLXe6J6Qd0. I know that is only one guy but on the other hand can you find someone who has dumped a fortune on foil cards and stating he does not care about the visuals at all?

Words never uttered in the history of Duelyst: ‘Wow. That prismatic card looks awesome. I really want that.’


Your second paragraph reads: “your opinion is stupid, here’s some anecdotal evidence.” Thanks for that.

If the whole thing is a monetization scheme, as you’ve said in this thread already, then the point is to show off either the time or money you’ve spent on the game. The vehicle for delivery of this fact is wholly irrelevant, and the less it clashes with the rest of the game, the better.


There is no absolute proof. Anecdotal evidence from people who actually went through with it and spend that amount of money is the best we can hope for. Again, if you think you are right it should be no problem for you to find some anecdotal evidence from someone who says he does not care about the visuals.