Are Bloodborn packs worth the price?


I was saving up for one, then I realized it was 300, rather than 100. Is it worth it?


It’s 3 copies of three different cards, no repeats guaranteed. If you aren’t lacking lots of the core cards, it’s definitely worth it.


Definitely worth it. Most of the cards are staple now in all decks anyway.


thing is, you really can’t build a deck only with the blood born cards.

yes it’s good but prioritize core pack until you have enough staple cards.
though in my opinion in terms of price to content the bloodborn pack value is way above core.


Personally, I would get it even if I were on 0 core/Shim’zar orbs. =S

I mean, there are only a very few craftable cards which put you at as big a disadvantage not to have as not having RotB. 39 orbs don’t give you nearly enough of them to be worth not having RotB IMO. I mean, it’s not quite as steep a power boost as disenchanting whatever the heck you pull out of your first core orb to craft 3x Falcius, but it’s up there.


It’s pretty decent since you get three full sets of three, but I’d say only after you’ve got a few solid decks from the core set put together, as you’re going to have to spend a helluva long time grinding out the full expansion with no Spirit coming in to craft other things. I guess you could buy one core pack then go for one RotB pack and alternate that way.

I know from experience that spending a few days saving up for a RotB pack and getting no good cards out of it is pretty heartbreaking but as someone said you won’t get duplicates so it’s still worth in the long run.

It’s also slightly faction dependent, if you’re a Songhai enthusiast they didn’t get many great cards from the expansion whereas I don’t think I’ve seen any recent Vanar decks that don’t make strong use of their new cards


I would say that Bloodborn packs are worth the cash, not the gold.

I had been FTP, but

  1. Whilst I don’t like spending money on packs (gambling) or cosmetics, I don’t mind spending money if I’m getting a fixed known quantity in return.
  2. I’ve been enjoying the game and I though I’d like to give Counterplay some money.

I’d bought about half the set for gold, and I have to say, the “If you buy the whole set for cash you get your gold refunded” was a very smart move. It meant that I could put it off and not decide and open another pack and wait to see if the **** cryptographer was in it, and when it wasn’t AGAIN I could decide to buy the rest without feeling like I had wasted anything. And all the gold I got back went into Shim’zar orbs.

(I have basically the same policy with Hearthstone: will buy adventures for money, will not buy expansion packs. )


I didnt know you can get your gold back. I decided not to spend any money on the expansion, slowly grinding gold to get the orbs. It is taking too long thou and cards I want keep avoiding me. Will I get my gold back if I buy the expansion now even if I didn’t spend any real money?


“If you open 3 orbs for GOLD or for $2.99 and then decide to buy the whole set for $19.99 USD you will receive a 300G refund per purchased orb for a total of 900G. TLDR: we refund you any Gold you spent.”

You (and I) are exactly who this is for. At first we thought “We’ll grind the gold”, and now we’ve sunk a couple of thousand gold into it and still don’t have the cards we want and $20 is pretty good value and we’re feeling warmly towards the developers. At this point, you can say “I’m going to spend $20 on this” and you get back all the gold you’d spent.

What they’ve done is make it easy to give up the grind, and you don’t lose out.


Thanks guys. I’ve decided to just keep buying Core and Shim’Zar, as I don’t have enough of those yet. Thanks for the advice!


Perfect, thanks very much for reading patch notes properly and sharing :blush:


Honestly, I just spent the $20. It’s solid value. Good cards in every faction that stabilize the relative power level of every faction (even if contextual to the total set, it pushes Magmar far too hard.) That said, if you were going full f2p- the first thing you should do is buy bloodborn packs. In 13 packs, you are guaranteed viable cards in every faction- fairly viable, if also techy neutrals (even if Meltdown is crap,) and the peak gold cost is 3900. With all of the gold boosts given early, the overhauled quest system etc. This is very achievable.


300 gold is 2 gauntlet runs, so to me, they are way expensive.

For actual dollars, the $20 pack is the best value cause you get ALL the cards (3 copies each). Assuming they dont give repeats in the $1.99 orbs, youd still have to buy 13 of them to get all the cards and end up spending $6 more.

Its only $6, but thats $6 you arent wasting on cards when the $20 pack is the obvious best value.


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