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Archonis Boss battle feedback thread

you know the drill
thoughts? strategies? funny interactions?

warning spoilers ahead


That was a fun boss, I went in first with my eight gates reva deck played a bunch of spelljammers and comboed for the rest of the game, I did miss lethal at one point, immediatly followed by the boss also missing lethal, then I won. Deathstrike seal on battle panndo really put in a lot of work in this one.

Dying wish Vet built a wall that Trump would be proud of. Which paid out with 2 legendary cards from the orb. In other words, can’t complain.

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Maybe I will sound like repeating myself but … killed on first try with Undying Abyssian.

Was funny as I usually keep a Vorpal Reaver in hand on first turn to feed my Unseven but with this boss, it was a pleasure to chain cast Vorpal, SpecRev etc on early game :slight_smile:

It’s tempting to make a deck full of fatties with 8 and 9 mana cost minions and spells …

turn 1: juggernaut.
turn 3: win


Turn 1 juggernaut is OP. I actually repleced it in my first attempt because i mistakenly assumed that i would have a curve

You been lucky, I tried 4 times, Juggernaut turn 1 and every time he had a Martyrdom ready for it :wink:

Side-note for Magmar :
Very refreshing to start turn 1 with Decimus+Tectonic+Gaze :stuck_out_tongue: or … that

Edit : he also had a Martyrdom for my Turn 1 Valknu Twin :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2 : ok, finally on 6th try, I managed to get a Turn 1 Juggernaut stick \o/

Wow, he only used martyr once on me across several games and that was when i got one of his eclipse from… something… in my dying abyssian deck

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There are some funny combos with Vanar too : Embla T1, AotMountain T2 :slight_smile:

Really funny boss for goofy tests, I :heart: it

… make it double Mountain !

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This boss was absolutely beautiful. Went in with a vanar deck I was testing, realized that I started with 9 mana, conceded, then went back in with a janky vetruvian deck to win with Dank Nem


I Was looking throught that challenge thread and now i have to try this boss with arcane devourer and ALL of the high cost minions

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Did I do it mom?


No, you used a camera instead of screen capture.
Dat fractal meltdown tho


It is my belief, at least in part, that this boss was designed to allow us to play all of our beefcake super minions that really never get to see any action in the current meta (or any, as the game is designed to end quickly).



what makes it even better is i got lethal with freaking XHO


Opening hand:

End of the game:

I won this by pure skill alone XD.


33 mana play for 8! Seems legit.

How to be good 101.

im having too much fun with this boss

Forget those big minions. I beat this poor fellow in 2 turns with dance of memes :smile:

It could probably happen in 1 but I didn’t feel like trying again lol