Arcanyst Zir'an deck


Greetings, I am posting the Lyonar deck that I used in the RCS season 1 week 7. This deck performed beyond my expectations and I will explain the choices I’ve made in building this deck.


The deck dropped only one game during that week’s tournament, outperforming the other decks I brought. Its success might be attributed to the suprise factor but it’s quite a fun deck to play (at least for me), using cool synergies to gain a significant board advantage over your opponents and playing unusual cards.

The high amount of healing in the deck and strong defensive minions are well suited to defeat the aggressive decks brought to defeat the shadow nova decks. This deck behaves like a midrange: it gets incremental advantage through value trades and healing effects. Once you can get the board, it is very hard to take it back from you.


You might have already noticed that there is a lot of synergies going on in this deck but most minions used here do not require to have an optimal scenario to work in a given game. The sun seers can be used to proc both sunrisers and lightchasers easily by healing your general while being also a arcanyst that is buffed by the owl beast sages when spells are cast.

A strong combo to have in mind while playing the deck is Sunriser + Lionheart blessing which will allow you to draw cards everytime the Sunriser will deal damage through combat or through healing procs. If a War Talon is allowed to attack, remember that every ennemy that it damages through frenzy will give you a card with Lionheart blessing.

With the heavy amount of healing in the deck, you can be quite liberal with your general’s health against control and midrange decks. Remember, health is a ressource and this deck has plenty to play with.

Tech cards

While the deck is somewhat cheap, there are some cards that can be changed.

Ironcliffe guardian

While it’s a strong card by itself, it is not an auto-include. If there’s a lot of Hollow Grove Keepers in the meta, you can use Brightmoss Golems instead. Health is generally the main criteria for selecting high cost minions, while dancing blades may have a great opening gambit, the golem is harder to kill through damage. If you’re feeling adventurous (and are not limited by dust), you can use Sworn Protectors in place of the Ironcliffe. If you’re replacing the Ironcliffe, also consider replacing the War Talons.

Holy Immolation

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very powerful card, but if you’re strapped for dust or want to try something different, you can use tempests instead. Damaging your own minion can be an upside if you wish to proc sunrisers by healing your minions.

War Talon

Yes, I did put a War Talon… in the deck. If you play a 7 drop minion, it better do something when it hits the board. War Talon is a strong defensive minion that really can’t be ignored, it does 2 things for you: 1- It protects your general and other minions, 2- If it’s not dealt with, it will win the game for you. It’s very strong against agressive decks but if you’re expecting something else, you can use more value oriented 7 drops like red synja or pandora.

Lionheart Blessing

Since this deck really shines when it can pull off its combos, getting cards from your own deck is more important than getting a 2/4 body with L’kian. You could use Sojourners instead but lionheart blessings does have synergies with Owlbeast sage, The Scientist, War Talon and Sun Riser. In any case, this card is neat but replaceable.


This card might seem a tech choice, but it is much more than an answer to a specific meta. It’s a very flexible card that will help in almost all match-ups. I thought of putting this card into my Zir’an deck to help with a problem that I had: Lightchasers. The problem with Lightchasers is that they start small and vulnerable so you want to keep them in the back but when they’re strong enough, your opponent might just run from it. Magnetize could allow me to get these monsters back in the fray once the were strong enough.

While playing with the card, I saw it’s great potential: it greatly improves your mobility, can force weak ennemies in the fray, brings back your big minions after a repulsor beast or a juxtaposition and even bring opposing creatures in an aoe effect like holy immolation or sunriser.

Note on replacing provokes

If you decide to replace your provoke minions for other minions, consider adding more sources of healing to improve your aggro match up, you can swap one or both Martyrdoms for Circles of Life.


If you’re looking for something different to play or you really want to punish face decks then this is a deck for you. I think it’s been my strongest Zir’an deck yet but i’m still trying new stuff with the general and working on finding new ways to play her. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to post them. I hope you have as much fun as I have playing with this deck.


I really liked your ideia!
Ive being trying to make a Ziran deck that works for a very long time, but couldnt make it. Im a big fan of the defensive style of big minions, provoke and heal.

Just one question, what about Sun bloom? Isnt a better than Lightbender since you are running Owls ?

Thanks for sharing!


Lightbender is also a Arcanyst, so it gets buffed with the owl.


Hehehehe, I’ve been favoring the Lyonar class sister and Spellproof things as well though, this is pretty close to a deck I built a while back.
Good stuff!


Opss my bad! Totally forgot that :joy:


Thoughts on the sister? It might be too many 4 mana cards but I really like her concept.


I tried making a similar deck without the War Talons and using Sister Sterope instead. It can be really good because it allows you to have a lower curve and use the True Strikes as a mana sink in the late game instead of running more high cost minions.


I tend to play Healyonar a lot and I find that while Sterope sounds good on paper, she’s just not as useful as sunriser/suntide maiden or many other 4 drops that you could pick instead.


I really want to try this deck out, but I’m short on 1 Scientist and 2 Sunrisers. What would you recommend I replace them with until I’m able to craft them?


3 Sojourners. They’re a decent source of card draw for 3 mana, especially in a Zir’an deck where you can just heal them up.


Alright, I thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @brun, was looking to build a similar deck. Are there any updates on this one? While you mentioned that this is great against aggro / face match ups, will it do well against Spawn decks which are very popular nowadays?