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Arcanyst Vanar deck for silver

So, I’ve been playing this game for few months and came back recently. I’ve been trying this deck so far and got to silver 16 on the ladder. What do you guys think about it ? What can I improve? Which legendary/epic cards should I look forward to for arcanyst Vanar? The main problems I had so far were not good turn one plays and net decks. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Gravity well, is an awesome sustain tool, that doubles up as a spell and good T1 play for your arcana guys.

More cheap spells are needed IMO if you go arcanyst. Consider polarity as a finisher.

3 hunts are too much. Go 1 or 2.

Circulus is a must in arcanyst build.

Kindred hunter and especially loreweaver are arguable. You may want to get rid of them to include more spells.

Fire Starter is a minion to consider. With BBS his rush sparks become twice as effective.


Reserving this post for the full run down. (Arcanyst Kara is my fav archetype so it will be brutal.)

Thanks :blue_heart:. Will get those cards as soon as I can.

You’d better also wait to @epicflygon finishing his epic. I’m an arcanyst enthusiast, but he is a Vanar professional, he may also give a couple of options for you.

BTW, @redbott, in case you’re interested I’m trying to optimise the following list now:

It’s still a work in progress, so you shouldn’t consider it an ideal, I present it here just for he sake of reference. I mean “what could be done with Kara”.

So, here I’m trying to cast a couple/triple of BBS a turn to get amazing effects. Cards allowing additional BBS usages are Cryptographer and Mentor. E.G. Illusionist + 2 BBS gets you 4/5 and two 4/3 for 5 mana. More BBS the merrier.

Finisher is Firestarter with a couple of BBS. I mean Firestarter +3xBBS (if you saved them) is a 6/8 body + 3 rush 4/4 for 8 mana.

Very fun, though unoptimised atm.

It’s just one way to play arcanyst Kara, your approach seems more controlly and is still OK, I believe.

Not playing Mana Death Grip.
Not playing Circulus.
Not playing Hailstone Prison.
Not playing Malicious Wisp.
Not playing Cloud Caller.
Not playing Seraphim.
Not playing Embla.
Playing Loreweaver
Playing Lightbender in a meta where dispel isn’t that particularly strong.
Playing 3 Hunt.
Playing Blinding Snowstorm in a meta without Ragnora.

That was just a quick rundown but I’m willing to talk about why on specific choices.

I personally hate Kindred Hunter but that is personal preference.

I have to argue on seraphim. It’s a good card for an average Vanar deck, but not really necessary for an arcanyst deck, where you may want to avoid playing expensive spells at all.

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Playing 0 cost spells is still really powerful and sometimes it’s just too big for your opponent.

But playing a faster build is fine.

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The only problem is… it’s not meta deck and all I want to do with it is get to gold and learn, get better. I am still grateful for advice as it gave me some cards I should look forward to crafting.
I changed 1 endless hunt and 2 loreweaver for 3 polarize and will probably change blind snowstorm for mana deathgrip. The first card I’m looking forward crafting will be circulus as everyone told me that it is must have. Then will work for others. One question though, is Owlbeast Sage better than aspect of ravager ?

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Owlbeast sage is staple.
Circulus isn’t needed as much as Mana Death Grip.

This is an almost budget version of arcanyst kara and this is what I would do, Malicious Wisp > Circulus, that card is your priority.

OK. Thanks again :blue_heart:

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