Arcanyst Kara - Swarm


So, yes, this is my first deck post. Please be light on me as I am still a newbie at Duelyst (Even though have been playing for a few months now) and I’m still stuck around silver-gold.

First of all, this is a arcanyst Kara deck which I made under the impression that Kara could get insane value off of prismatic illusionist by using things like lady locke, duped BBS’s via Alcuin Loremaster, and owl sage in order to buff up the prismatic illusions to an insane amount. I’ve had some level of success with this deck, but that shouldn’t be taken seriously because I’m still in silver.

The two wincons are the one that I stated before and a polarized owl sage, both which are somewhat unreliable because of how you need everything to go right. However, this deck can recover from board clear fairly well, so it shouldn’t be hard producing more illusions.

Input? Thoughts? Criticism?


I like the concept. The only things I kinda question on it atm are how necessary Alcuin really is compared to what you maybe able to fill it in with as an alternative, and where your damage is coming from. Your methods to stall and/or get back into the game, and finisher, seem visible to me.

Really like the Kara BBS x2 and prismatic idea though. Unique. :slight_smile:


I like the idea, I’ve wanted to try something like this myself, but I don’t like how Illusionist has anti synergy with Kara’s BBS. Personally I think a nice buff to Kara’s BBS would be making it buff every minion you play this turn, even if you played it before the BBS was cast.


Alcuin is not fully neccessary; infact Lady Locke is straight up better if you have made it near 9 mana. I however think Alucin is a viable way to get an early trigger for the combo which the deck is based upon, and the fact that I was unable to craft another Lady Locke was a factor.

My main method to stall is to use Lady Locke to get tons of 2/4 provoke walls out, which are quite effective at doing whatever you need it to do unless of course it’s verses Magmar. You don’t usually need to worry though; most magmar players would waste a plasma storm once you get one or two illusions out from Prismatic Illusionist, which lowers the chance that they have another one.

Surprisingly enough the same way that I stall the game works as a come-back, since the sudden amassing amounts of provokes puts the game at a standstill and allows me to take a few turns to get my bearings and possibly get an Owl sage + Polarity combo off.


That’s what I figured, especially since only seeing 1 lady locke.

I’m uncertain as to what I’d suggest as a potential replacement, but I think if you ever look to a change, opting out of Alcuin would be a good replacement spot over other cards (with Snowchasers as a 2nd alternative).


I have a pretty similar list but with Faie instead. Aspect of the Drake is super fun, and lets you fly in your Polarity Owlbeasts in for surprise burst. Also lets you turn your weak illusions into a solid 4/4 while hopefully giving a few others flying. It is a very “win-more” card though. Only useful when you have a decent board built up.




I have tried Aspect of the Drake before in the deck, my issue though is that it’s super conditional. I might make a version which uses it, but I’m not sure if it’ll be as useful as the thing that I replace it with.


Yeah it is pretty inconsistent. I have either 1 or 2X in one of the variations. Just really fun when it works, like Decimate, Obliterate, and to a much much lesser extent Dancing Blades


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