Arcanyst (budget?) Vet



I was bored with my budget Vet and I still wanted to play Vet.
Now I’m still wondering if it’s possible to play a cheap, fun and efficient Vet.
Artivet seems very expensive, and as I’m a fresh player (only couple of monthes) I don’t have the money/cards.

I don’t want a flavourless/styleless deck (with the usual doctor, tigers, repulsor and stuff) so I’m giving a try to this Arcanyst Vet and I’ll be happy to have your feedbacks and advices.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I added puppy dragons because the curve was steep and I had to fill the lack of 2 mana minions.


You definitely want 3 Owlbeasts, since Arcanyst Vet basically completely relies on them. I personally also am not too fond of firestarters and replaced them with scarabs in my VetArcanyst Deck.
This is the List i ended up with, but its Pre-Skorn, so idk how good Jaxi is right now, and you might wanna run Aymaras over Oasis, Decay, and maybe one Manaforger or something, but i don’t have any.


Seems my dusty Astral Crapsader is going to disenchant :stuck_out_tongue:

I can afford a third Owlbeast and 2 manaforger but I can’t definitely build an Aymara, I don’t have the dust for that :frowning:

Maybe I’ll add some Siphon cause this deck seems to lack removal, too bad they don’t synergize with Scientist :confused:


Also, from Watabou’s Duelyst Disenchant Guide it’s written about Moebius :slight_smile:

This card is a win-con for Arcanist decks. If you’re not playing Arcanist then don’t bother.

Any advice ?


It can be a WinCon, Ive always wanted to try it, never got the chance to. Moebius is something youd summon further back, stack its hp with Owlbeast + spells and when that hp switches into attack, give it flying and go hit face.

Works best in ArcanystHai deck because they have the most mobility.


Change I would make:
-2 astral phasing : people usually run this card to counter lure/repulsor on aymara, if you want health oasis is better because it replaces itself and combos well with the illusionist.
-3 cosmic flesh : I don’t think the provoke is really helpful, also you run a lot a buffs already.
-2 Abjudicators : I don’t really see which spell would really benefit from a lower cost, maybe SF but you only have 1.I also don’t like it because it’s hit or miss, sometimes it’s amazing and sometimes it’s useless in your hand…
-1 archon,-1 scientist: they are good cards but by the time they hit the field you’re already winning or losing, and when losing they don’t really help against an established board.
-1 White widow: arcanyst deck.

+1 owlbeast (win condition).
+1 Oasis: combo with illusionist, replaces itself.
+2 Aethermaster: for more consistency.
+2 Siphon : 0 mana mana dispel, only 2 because you also have 2 lightbenders.
+X repulsor beast/decay , you need removal. You could even try sand trap since your goal is mostly to have something stick and then snowball the game in your favor with owl/illusionist.

Never tried mobieus so I can’t tell, he sounds like a winmore card though. Hopefully my suggestions makes sense.